5 Popular Underwater Creatures on Maui

Hawaii is an incredible place to go scuba diving. With its turquoise waters and awe-inspiring marine life, it’s a wonder how this island state can offer a safe and fun experience for all of its visitors. And no matter how many times you visit, you’ll always find something new and exciting to see. From the playful dolphin to the sight of the elusive squid, you’ll never be bored in Hawaii. With so many magnificent creatures to see, there’s no shortage of marine life in Maui. If you’re interested in exploring the ocean in a more active way, here are five underwater creatures that are plentiful in the waters of Maui for you to dive and discover:

1. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle:

These turtles are common all over the island, but they are usually found near the shoreline of shallow sandy areas. They can grow to be about a foot long and have been living in Hawaii for about 60 million years. Sea turtles are classified as endangered, so if you see one it’s important to keep your distance and avoid disturbing it. Their shells are covered in a special type of algae that helps with its buoyancy, but this algae also gives the turtle a green color. You can spot these turtles on most Maui diving tours, so you’ll have a chance to see them in their natural habitat and experience the ancient Hawaiian culture that surrounds them.

2. Hawaiian Monk Seal:

The Hawaiian monk seal is the only seal native to Hawaii, and it can only be found in a few remote parts of the island. These seals are endangered due to overhunting, habitat destruction, and marine pollution. They can grow to be about seven feet long and are common in shallow water and sandy beaches. Like most seals, they tend to be solitary creatures and are very elusive. If you want to see one of these seals, you’ll need to take a guided tour in a place like the Big Island or Maui. If you spot one, it’s important to keep your distance and never try to touch it. Hawaiian monk seals are protected by the federal government and are seen as a sign of good luck in Hawaii.

3. Spotted Moray Eel:

These eels are typically found in the reefs off of the coast of Maui. They usually only grow to be about two feet long, but they are no less ferocious. They can strike extremely quickly and have been known to attack underwater photographers. While most species of moray eels are dangerous, the spotted moray is the most feared. But they’re just a part of the amazing ocean life on Maui, and they help keep other creatures at bay. Even though these eels are dangerous, they’re also beautiful, with bright markings on their scales. If you’re a passionate underwater photographer, you can’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with these creatures.

4. Hawaiian Day Octopus:

These octopuses are typically found in the lava rock areas of Maui. They’re not considered to be dangerous, and they spend most of their time hiding. Because they spend so much time blending in with their environment, it’s hard to tell if you’re looking at one of these creatures or just part of the rock formations. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding these octopuses because they’re so well camouflaged and hard to spot. If you can get close enough to one of these creatures, it’s easy to get a photograph that will blow your mind.

5. Spinner Dolphin:

Spinner dolphins are named for their signature behavior of leaping out of the water and spinning in circles. They’re common in the Maui waters and can be found in larger groups. You might be able to spot these creatures as you snorkel near the surface. But if you’re on a dive tour, they’re easy to spot because they spend most of their time closer to the surface. Dolphins are one of the most well-known creatures in Hawaii, and they’re also one of the most friendly. If you get the chance to take a picture with one of these dolphins, don’t pass it up!


Diving in Maui is an experience you won’t soon forget. You’ll have the chance to see some of the most beautiful marine life in the world, and you’ll learn a little bit about Hawaii’s history. Whether you’re going on a guided tour or venturing out on your own, there’s no shortage of fantastic creatures to discover in Maui. You’ll find creatures you’ve never seen before and experiences that will live with you forever.


In the footsteps of World War II in Warszawa

Warsaw has a difficult history behind it. During World War II, it was destroyed four times. To this day, you will find hundreds of places and monuments commemorating the fight for freedom and independence. Together with our Polish travel agency, we will help you find these places. Get ready to travel back in time!

Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is a unique place that helps to understand contemporary Warsaw. It commemorates the uprising from 1944 – the biggest underground military action in German-occupied Europe during World War II. The exhibition shows everyday life and fights during Nazi occupation and the fate of the insurgents during communist regime in People’s Republic of Poland (PRL). The museum has gathered 30 000 exhibits. The exhibition is very modern and uses the newest audio-visual technologies to successfully reach nowadays audience. It is located at 3 stories and it has more than 3000 m2. Ending the tour, it is worth going to the Freedom Park, located right next to the museum. There is a Remembrance Wall with nearly 11,000 names of soldiers killed in the Uprising. What is more, you can admire the insurgent murals, made by famous Polish artists on the “Wall of Art”.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a monument commemorating the nameless soldiers who gave their lives for the country. It symbolizes the greatest sacrifice. In the centre of the monument there is a grey stone slab with the inscription “Here lies a Polish soldier who died for the Homeland”. In front of the monument, soldiers from the Representative Battalion of the Polish Army are on guard around the clock. Every Sunday at 12.00 in front of the Tomb there is a ceremonial changing of the guard. Significant state ceremonies are also held here. Behind the Tomb lies the picturesque Saxon Garden, which was the first park in Warsaw opened to the public. The park is also one of the oldest parks in Poland.

Museum of Pawiak Prison

The Pawiak Prison Museum is a special place in history Warsaw. It commemorates the activity of the Pawiak prison during the German occupation in 1939–1944. Located in the very centre of the city, the prison was witness to mass murders. It is estimated that about 100,000 prisoners passed through Pawiak, of whom nearly 37,000 were shot, and about 60,000 sent to concentration camps and forced labour. During the tour you will see five cells, including quarantine and death cells, reconstructed according to drawings, descriptions and accounts of prisoners, as also original equipment, poems, diaries, secret messages, calendars as well as various small items made by prisoners. In the courtyard of the Pawiak Prison Museum, there is the Pawiacki Tree Monument. Around the tree, the victims’ families placed plaques commemorating the victims of the Pawiak prison during the German occupation.

Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom

The Mausoleum is a branch of the Pawiak Prison Museum. It is one of the best-preserved sites of the German Nazi execution of Poles in Warsaw. People were brought here from the Pawiak prison or arrested by the Gestapo during actions against the Polish underground or in street round-ups. Every day, up to 100 people were interrogated here. In order to extract a confession, inmates were interrogated using sophisticated torture. For dozens of prisoners, the interrogations in Szucha ended with permanent disability, and many were tortured to death. During the Warsaw Uprising, the Germans carried out mass executions of Poles here, whose bodies were then burnt in nearby buildings and in the square at the intersection of Aleje Ujazdowskie and Aleje Szucha. The museum was established by the initiative of former prisoners and residents of Warsaw as a place of national remembrance. The most valuable exhibition in the museum are the premises of the Gestapo detention centre located here during World War II, corridors, collective cells, isolation rooms and the room of the Gestapo officer on duty, where interrogations took place.

Warsaw Citadel

The Warsaw Citadel occupies a special place in the history of Poland, being one of the most important testimonies of the struggles and suffering of the Polish nation in the era of partitions. It was a control and pacification point for the whole of Warsaw, which was the centre of the Polish independence movement. It also served as an investigative prison and the execution site of Polish national activists and revolutionaries. Several hundred of them were executed, and thousands were deported to heavy labour in Siberia. The Katyn Museum is located in the Citadel. The museum is dedicated to the memory of over 21,000 Polish officers and prisoners murdered in the spring of 1940 by the Soviet political police of the NKVD.

A trip into the past

Of all the wars that swept through Polish lands for a thousand years, the last one – World War II – had the most destructive character, both in terms of material and population. A tour in the footsteps of World War II in Warsaw is a living history lesson. Our trusted travel partner, ITS Poland – Polish travel agency will help you plan such a trip. It is an ideal proposition for schools and history lovers.


Holiday Destinations For Your Retirement

After you retire from your work, it is time for you to enjoy your life by travelling and exploring various parts of the world. It is a treat that you can certainly give to you for the hard work that you did for the past years in your life. So, from where you should start your journey?

How about starting your holiday after your retirement with a Nile cruise? Oh! It will surely be an experience that you will remember for a long time. There are so many incredible places that you can visit while cruising on the Nile River. Here are some of those destinations.

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is one of the iconic sites to visit after retirement and while cruising on the Nile River, you will be able to do that. It is among the largest religious sites when it comes to the ancient world and it will surely be a once in a lifetime experience when you visit here.

Luxor Temple

It is the ancient temple built by Pharoah Amenophis III. Within the vicinity of Luxor, there are 6 ancient temples which are found. Amenophis III built this temple to worship three Gods; Mut, Chons, Amun.

Giza Pyramids

When you are on a Nile cruise, the one place that you just cannot afford to miss is the iconic Giza Pyramids. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it represents the ancient Egyptian civilization which is a massive reason to witness this iconic place.

Djoser Step Pyramid

Egypt is the home to many pyramids and Djoser Step Pyramid is one of the more important sites of the pyramid that you should visit. Built during the 27th BC, it is situated in Memphis which is also remembered as the capital city of the Old Kingdom.

The Egyptian Museum

Egypt is a country that can make you overwhelmed with its rich history and culture. If you want to know about Egypt and its history, then visiting The Egyptian Museum is a must. You can witness that largest collection of Egyptian artefacts here.

Dahshur Pyramids

Another important Pyramid site in Egypt is Dahshur Pyramids. The Pyramids here was built from 2613 BC to 2589 BC. It is one of the must-visit locations in your Nile trip. It is a major tourist attraction in Egypt and so, you must witness this unique pyramid once.

Finally, these are some of the destinations you should look to visit after your retirement with Nile cruise. You can rest assured it will be a fulfilling experience that will be rich in history and memorable encounters. You will be delighted to take the trip and will not regret to witness some of the greatest creation of human civilization.


5 Best Cheap Beach Destinations in the World

You can fulfil your dream of an exotic vacation by choosing to go to cheap beach vacations. This means it has budget accommodations and food nearby and the air ticket to that place is also affordable. Scenery view is the same breathtaking as the expensive beaches. It also gives you more privacy since lesser people visit it.

The following is the 5 best cheap beach destinations in the world.

1. BarceloBavaro Beach

BarceloBavaro Beach is a long light colored sandy beach that you can stroll for hours in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The beach is lined with palm trees that can provide shade for you. Along the beach, you will find a lot of flea market vendors. It has clear and calm water with no seaweed, pebble and rock. The seaside is also clean and well maintained. If you want, you can take a photo of the monkeys and parrots. Lots of beach chairs are available. There are also security guards watching over the visitors at the beach.

2. Tubkaak Beach

Tubkaak Beach, also known as TupKaek Beach, is a beach with turquoise water and surrounded by a rocky cliff in Krabi Town. You can visit the Tubkaak Beach through a small path on the north. The beach is featured in the movie Hangover 2. The beautiful scenery and quiet atmosphere make it an idyllic location for couples to spend time together. On the wet sand, you can see hundreds of crabs crawling but they hide when you walk towards them. While strolling, you can spot sea birds. The hotel buildings can be seen behind the trees.

3. Isla Coiba

Isla Coiba is a large island situated off the Pacific Coast in Veraguas, Panama. The water of the island houses a lot of exotic marine species which makes it the ideal spot for snorkelling and diving. You can expect to see various sorts of marine lives through snorkelling underwaters such as octopus, reef sharks, and turtles. There is a small hill which you can climb. Along the trail, you can observe some lizards. When you reach the hill, you can get a good view of the national park.

3. Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is a big lake about 130 square km and 340 meters deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains. The lake is said to be the belly button of the world with special energy running in the area. While at Lake Atitlan, you can spend a few hours to hike San Pedro volcano. On top of San Pedro, you can enjoy a thermal soak to soothe your muscles. The water of the lake in the morning is choppy so you should go later in the day if you want to go kayaking. There are also other places to explore such as the town of Jailabalito, Panajachel, and Indian’s Nose.

4. Baga Beach

Baga Beach is a huge beach that offers a good view of sunset in Goa, India. On this beach, you will find water sports facilities such as Jet Ski, banana boat, water scooter, and parasailing. A variety of boards are available for rentals such as kneeboard, bumper board, and wakeboard. The shacks convert to restaurants at sunset. The beach has strong currents so don’t take your watersport vehicle too far. The beach is full until early in the morning during the weekends. At night, you can hear loud music being blasted at the shacks.


5 Tourist Places to Visit in Agra

Agra is one of the most popular destinations and it is an important place in history. People think that Agra is just for Taj Mahal. But it is an enthusiast place. There are lot of architectural structures to enjoy. Agra is a colour full place. Agra is situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh and gets the most amounts of tourist every year. If you want to look at the real colour of India, visit Agra during any festival.

There are some tourist places to visit in Agra which we mentioned below.

  1. Taj Mahal

Undoubtedly Taj Mahal is of the most popular Historical monument in the world. And it is counted in one of the seven wonders in the world. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his third wife, Mumtaj Mahal, who died in 1630. The construction of Taj Mahal begins from 1632 and end in 1648. It took over 16 years to complete. It is made up of white marble. Million of people visit to see the Taj Mahal from all over the world. Its beauty attracts the tourists. So everyone must visit in this historical monument.

  1. Agra Fort

Agra Fort is a historical fort and it is situated at Agra, India. This fort is spread over 94 acres and it was constructed by the great emperor Ashoka in 1565. This fort is listed among the world heritage site by UNESCO and the fort is made up of red sandstone. There are more than 500 buildings inside the fort. and it was close to Taj Mahal. There are some well known sites within the Agra fort are Diam-i-Am, Diwan-i-Khas, Anguri Bagh, Khas Mahal, Pearl Mosque, Naubat khana, Golden Pavilions and Jahangiri Mahal. Everyday thousand of tourists visit and its beauty attracts the tourists. So everyone must visit in this historical monument.

  1. Fatehpuri Sikri

Fatehpuri Sikri is one of the most popular historical place in India and it is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It was built in 1571-1573. Many womens would come to tomb of the Sufi Saint Salim Chisti to pray for children. It is 54 metre tall. Buland Darwaaza that was built here to commemorate the victory. The attracted thing of this historical monument is Buland Darwaaza. This Fatehpuri Sikri is also known as a ghost town . The visiting hours of this monument are between the sunrise and sunset and it open on all days of the week. Entry fees for Indian is Rs 35 and entry fees for foreigners is Rs 550. So everone must visit in this monument.

  1. Itimad-ud-Daulah Tomb

Itimad-ud-Daulah Tomb is situated at Agra, Uttar Pradesh and it is also known as Baby Taj. It is made up of white marble, which influenced the design of Taj Mahal. This tomb was built under Nur Jahan. Every surface of the structure is decorated with motifs of flora and Geometric structure. This tomb was constructed in 1622 and it is located on the western bank of Yamuna river. Everyday thousand of tourist like to visit in this tomb and Agra is one of the most beautiful attraction among tourists and the timings are 6.00Am to 5.30 Pm so plan according to time.

  1. Akbar’s Tomb

Akbar’s Tomb is located at Sikandra, Agra. This tomb is spread over 119 acres and it was constructed in 1605-1613. In this tomb you can find monkeys and peacocks here. The walls of this tomb were covered. This tomb is 14km away from Taj Mahal. The construction of this tomb was completed by a his son Salim. This tomb is shaped like a Pyramid. Opening time of this tomb from 6.00 AM to 6.30 Pm everyday. But mostly people prefer to visit in winter because in summer the weather is hot so you must visit in winter and you can enjoy easily.

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5 Most Popular Festivals of India

India is a land of rich culture and the beauty of it is magnified with festivals. It had hundreds of religions, customs and festivals. Many national, seasonal and religious festivals will be celebrated throughout the year. National festivals will be celebrated with pride and super-patriotic feeling. Religious festivals show the religious affiliation of people with festivals. Seasonal and Harvesting festivals are celebrated to mark harvests and seasonal changes.

Here are the 5 most popular festivals in India:

  1. Diwali:

Hindus all over India celebrate Diwali which is otherwise pronounced as Deepawali. It is well known for lighting up the lives of the people and it sends a powerful message of good wins over evil. The festival of lights is celebrated by beginning the day with an auspicious Lakshmi pooja. The night will be followed by new clothes, diyas and sweets. Colourful rangolis, electric lights and garlands are used to decorate the house.

The significance of this festival marks the return of Rama to Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana after a long exile of 14 years in the forest. There was another story behind the celebration of this festive, Satyabhama along with Lord Sri Krishna killed the demon Narakasura. It will be celebrated during the darkest new moonlight of karateka Masam that is in the month of October or November. The lights were on all night, and the doors were left open as long as possible to greet Devi Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) who was said to be visiting residents’ houses in Diwali, bringing financial prosperity and luck to the New Year.

  1. Holi:

Holi is well known as the “Festival of colours”. This festival is now gaining popularity even in western countries. The significance of this festival is the win of prince Prahlad over the demon Holika. Almost every part of the country will celebrate this beautiful festival. It is usually celebrated on full moon day of Phalguna month which comes in the month of March.

On the night of Holi, people made a large Holika bonfire and sang and danced around it. On Holi day, people gather in open spaces and apply dry and wet colours to each other, with some carrying water guns and coloured water balloons. The best places to celebrate Holi in India are Mathura, Goa, Rajasthan and Delhi while travelling through the India’s Palace on Wheels.

  1. Dussehra:

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami, which is followed after the nine days of Navaratri. The significance of this festival is the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. West Bengal will celebrate Durga puja jubilantly. Drama, dances and cultural performances will be performed and pandals are to be decorated beautifully with a large gathering of people to enjoy this festival. This lively festival lasted for ten days, from nine days spent worshipping, and on the tenth day, the huge statues of Dewi drowned in the Ganges.

Nava means ‘nine’, which means the festival will be celebrated for nine days. Lord shakti will be worshipped during this festival. Lively Garba dance is famous during this festival in Gujarat. And in Tamil Nadu, the first three days of Navaratri were dedicated to Goddesses Lakshmi, three other days to Goddesses Durga and the last three days to Goddesses Saraswati.

  1. Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as ‘Vinayaka Chavithi’ is another famous Hindu festival in India. The significance of this festival is the birthday of Lord Ganesha, an elephant-headed God. The major attractions of this festival are the beautifully crafted life size idols of Ganesha and immerse ceremony.It is usually celebrated on the 4th day of first fortnight during the month of Bhadrapada and usually in the months of August or September.

Ganesh Chaturthi is famous in Maharastra. Modak is the special sweet prepared and offered to Lord Ganesh on the festival day. At the end of the celebration, statues are paraded in the streets and set in the sea. Mandaps and Pandal are arranged with idol Ganesha. Many cultural activities such as singing, dancing, theatre, and orchestral performances take place.

  1. Pongal:

Pongal is a 3-day harvest festival which is majorly celebrated in south India. It is well known as ‘Makar Sankranthi’. It will be celebrated with dances, traditional customs, bonfires and songs. People used to decorate their homes with rangolis and rice and power petals are used for colouring which is a symbol of the nurturing harvest farmers produced. The significance of this festival is the food grains will be reached home after the harvest of the crop. It will be most celebrated in the month of January.

Houses will be cleaned on the first day of the festival. The 3 days are bhogi, Sankranthi and kanuma.On the day of bhogi, all the old items in the home will be thrown in the fire and danced around it. In Surya Pongal, South India prepared a sweet Pongal and thanked the Sun God for the abundant harvest. On the last day of the festival sun god(Surya) will enter into Makara Raasi, hence it is also called as Makara Sankranthi.

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8 Interesting Facts About Bali You Should Know Before You Go

So, for your next vacation, you’ve decided to go to Bali. Amazing! You are sure to have a great time in this tropical paradise. However, you have to make sure you are well prepared for this trip. That is why we are here to provide you with some interesting and useful facts which you should be aware of before you visit the Island of Gods. Take a look.

The Island of Gods

If you were wondering why this is Bali’s nickname, it is because of the Balinese belief that gods and spirits live among people. Do not be surprised when you see small offerings, such as gifts and food, in front of houses as this is what the locals do to receive protection from the gods. While this might seem odd to an outsider, everyone has their traditions, and there is probably something you do that they find strange.

Temple behavior

While on the subject of traditions, if you decide to visit some temples, you should keep certain things in mind. Customary sarong and sash should be worn when entering a temple. You can either buy these or rent them in front of the temple. Being loud as well as having the soles of your feet pointing at the altar and pointing to things with your fingers are big no-nos. Remember to never stand higher than the priest and always leave a donation before leaving.

Day of Silence

In Bali, Nyepi is a public holiday reserved for self-reflection. On this day, people meditate and fast. There are some restrictions included. For example, no one works or travels. Entertainment and pleasures are prohibited and the lights must be kept low or turned off. Some people decide not to talk or eat the entire day. This results in the usually busy Bali streets being empty, stores and beaches being closed and almost no signs of activity. The following day is celebrated as New Year’s Day. In 2019, Nyepi falls on March 7.

Top-notch accommodation

In case you are worried about finding the right accommodation which suits your needs, it’s good to know that there is a wide range of offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on your honeymoon or on a family vacation, renting a place will be no problem. For example, BVE villas come equipped with flat-screen TVs, fast Wi-Fi and air conditioning and they offer private chefs and security as well. You will also have access to a concierge 24/7. There is plenty of different luxurious pool villas to choose from and you cannot make a mistake whatever you do.

Balinese names

You will probably be quite confused when you keep hearing only a few names over and over again. Don’t worry, it’s not you. People in Bali are names according to their birth order. Most names apply to both girls and boys. The eldest child is named Wayan, Putu, Gede (only for boys) and Luh (only for girls). Second-born children can be named Made, Kadek or Nengah. Nyoman or Komang is used for third-borns, and children that are born fourth are named Ketut. In case there is a fifth child, they would be called Wayan Balik (“Wayan again”). Before male names, you will see an I and before female ones, Ni.

Traffic rules

The streets of Bali can be a nightmare if you travel by car. You will mostly just sit and wait for the cars to move. That is why most locals and tourists use a motorbike. If you opt for this mode of transportation, make sure you’re always wearing a helmet. It seems as if the locals do not pay much attention to traffic rules, so be very careful. Moreover, chances are quite high that you will get stopped by the police, even if you did nothing wrong. They might be looking for a bribe, so make sure you don’t let them see how much money you have on you. Taking the bus is only an option.

Leave food on your plate

If you find yourself invited to a family home, make sure to leave some food on your plate. This will tell your host that you are done. If you eat everything that is on the plate, they will think that you are still hungry. Moreover, follow their traditions, whether it’s sitting on the floor or eating with your hands. Keep in mind that you should only use your right hand, as the left hand is considered unclean.

Take your shoes off

When visiting a temple or someone’s home, you might notice a lot of shoes outside. If you encounter this, it is a sign that you should take your shoes off as well before entering.

There are many other things that make Bali an interesting destination to visit, such as its black sand beaches and the two active volcanoes. However, there are also other precautions you should take; for example, remember to always drink bottled water, as tap water will most certainly result in stomach problems. That is why doing some research on the location you are visiting is a must, and Bali is no different. Now, go and have fun!


Best London Thames River Cruise Tours

If you visit London, then you must not miss out going on a Thames River cruise. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the land, while cruising on the river. Many of the James Bond always have been shot on these cruise ships.

Land parties are common and almost everyone of us might have experience them. Partying in the cruises is a different experience and thrill altogether. It is also an excellent way to spend great time with friends, for even for celebrating birthdays with near and dear ones.

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty from the river:

River Thames flows through the southern part of the country, and the cruise ships will take you across some of the historical towns like Reading, Windsor, and Oxford. You get the experience of taking a mesmerising journey through the history of London, while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the places, right from your dining tables.

These waters are also very popular among tourists for different types of water-sports like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, rowing, and swimming. There are many companies offering all different types of cruise services to the tourists. You will need to choose one of the best Thames River Cruise dinner according to your preferences and requirements.

These cruises offer you an amazing experience, while checking out the spectacular grandeur of Millennium bridge and the Tower Bridge. The beautiful reflections of lights on water is something that cannot be explained in mere words. You will have to be there and experience it yourself, from your own perspective. Those memories will simply never fade away from your memories, and you will cherish them for many years.

These cruise packages are inclusive of drinks, dinner, and entertainment. Some of them also have live cabaret, dancing, and live music for entertainment. These cruises last for about 3 hours, where you will be sailing across many of the best tourist attractions of London, like the cannery war, O2 arena, and lots more.

Different cruise choices for enjoying dinner on River Thames:

Some of the cruises are well known for the dinners they serve, which is usually a 4 course meal. When you enter the cruise ship, you will be welcomed with sparkling champagne or wine. By the time you finish your drink, the night will simply turn magical. The cool river breeze, music in the air, and the ambience of the cruise will give you the kind of feel that you can never experience anywhere else.

You can choose showboat cruises, sightseeing cruises, or the high speed cruises depending on what you like. Also, you can choose the cruises depending on the areas that they cover. These cruises are also available with different types of dinner options like the 2 course meal, or the 4 course meals, etc.

If you are not a night person, then you could probably opt for the day cruises like the afternoon tea tours, or the sunset cruises. If you want to make it more thrilling, then you could also try the Airline cable car tours.

Make sure you check out the ratings of these cruises, so that you are able to make the right choices that perfectly suit your requirements and tastes.


Best Places To Visit in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama is a historic place with beautiful squares, lovely old homes, and a cultural scene that is so vibrant. You can also find the USS Alabama Battleship, one of the main attractions of the port city. Tourists can visit and wander to many places like museums, beaches or the historic districts of Mobile. If you are located abroad and plans to check Alabama, then prepare your ESTA Visa and check out these places in Mobile!

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

If you are looking for an interactive science display, then the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center is the place for you. It also has an IMAX theater intended to educate and entertain young minds. If you are traveling with your kids, they can enjoy the interactive life science lab where they can do their experiments while learning about health and biology.

There are also topics about the Gulf of Mexico which includes human interaction with nature and the ocean life, where they can go on boating or fishing. Toddlers can also safely explore for there’s a play-learning area set aside for them. If you want to relax and watch, you can enjoy science-based films in their IMAX theaters throughout the day.

Fort Conde

The fort built by the French on 1702 to defend their colony, and rebuilt after the flood on 1723, serving as the primary defense point in the area until 1820. By 1823, they removed all the fort’s building making way for downtown Mobile, which includes Royal street, present-day Theater street, and Government Boulevard.

Tourists can get a glimpse of life during the 18th century in the fort which opened in the celebration of the nation’s bicentennial in 1976. You can enjoy many fun activities here like a shooting gallery, colonial-themed photo gallery, and a photo set complete with props and colonial costumes.

What are you waiting for, prepare your USA VISA and head to Fort Conde? If you stop by the Trading Post, you can get a free self-guided tour of the museum and grounds.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

The USS Alabama Battleship nicknamed the “Mighty A,” is a BB-60 Battleship launched in 1942 and after World War II, was decommissioned, making it the new veteran’s memorial park in 1965, the centerpiece of Mobile.

You can tour the USS Alabama’s decks, mess, berth compartments, turrets, and the captain’s cabin to name a few. You can also check the USS Drum, a historic submarine, which you can take a tour too. If you are a fan of aircraft, then you’d like to visit the park for it contains WWII-era craft like the Boeing B-52 bomber and a Red-Tail P-51, and A-12 Black Bird, a Cold-war spy plane.

The park is a dedication for the Alabama veterans who served from World War II to Operation Desert Storm. You can also check other historic military equipment in the area which includes weapons, tanks, and other stuff from this era.

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

GulfQuest is the home for a wide variation of educational and interactive exhibits, which explores every facet of the Gulf of Mexico, from weather and natural habitats to its reputation as a maritime trade center. For the young tourists, they can enjoy the Junior Mariners play area, which inspires imagination with props, costumes, and gears that your kids can use to turn that kid-sized ship into any vessel.

You and your kids can also enjoy Mobile Bay’s full mural, featuring movable boats and sea life, which they can create their scene. Your family can also enjoy numerous interactive displays like navigation game, steamboat station, and even get a chance to operate a container ship.

Get your ESTA to visit GulfQuest, and enjoy discovering shipwrecks and coral reefs in a submersible simulator and the Take the Helm exhibition, which allows a visitor to pilot a boat via simulation to navigate Mobile Bay. The museum provides multimedia presentations on the history and marine life of the area.


There are many places that you can visit in Mobile, Alabama. If you are looking for a place full of history with a mix of modern technology, then Mobile, Alabama is the place that you’ll surely enjoy. You and your family will get to enjoy the sights and the story behind it. If you don’t have a USA ESTA, you can visit to help you get one.


Exciting Broome Tours by InStyle Adventures

Broome is a tropical destination famous for its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Broome tours will take you on an adventure of a lifetime while you experience some of the best attractions this area has to offer. There is something for everyone to enjoy on a Broome holiday, and here are a few of the most popular activities you can experience with tours from Broome.

Sunset Camel Ride

A sunset camel ride along Cable Beach is one of Broome’s most popular tourist experiences, and definitely one to enjoy during any Broome to Broome tours. Enjoy the iconic Broome camel train along the beautiful white sands of Cable Beach. Soak in the stunning sunset over the Indian Ocean and relax in the fresh sea air while riding on one of the friendly well-trained camels. It’s an experience suitable for all ages.

Broome Historical Museum

Set in a former 1890’s general store, the Broome Historical Museum offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the local history and cultural heritage. Tourists will gain knowledge about Broome’s pearling history, shipwrecks, Aboriginal artefacts and the air raid attacks during World War 2. The Broome Historical Society and Museum have been preserving the history and heritage of Broome for more than 40 years. The museum is run by dedicated volunteers and has a collection which spans across three buildings.

The Sun Pictures Cinema

Sun Pictures Cinema is another extremely popular attraction in Broome. It not only attracts tourists, but many locals enjoy relaxing under the stars to see the latest film. The Sun Pictures Cinema is the world’s oldest picture garden still in operation. Located in Chinatown, multiple films are screened per night. The first movie was shown at Sun Pictures in 1906 and has continued until today.

Horizontal Falls Adventure

One of the most amazing natural attractions included in many Kimberley tours. The Horizontal Falls is located at Talbot Bay and is an amazing demonstration of the powerful Kimberley tides. The Horizontal Falls is created by massive tidal movements through two narrow gorges. As the water banks up against the narrow gap it creates a horizontal waterfall as the water rushes through. This process is repeated in reverse on the returning tide. The Horizontal Falls tours can be appreciated from air, or for the more adventurous, on an adrenalin fuelled speed boat ride through the narrow gorges.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Willie Creek Pearl Farm is located on the spectacular tidal estuary of Willie Creek about 38km from Broome. Tourists can visit the farm to see how the most valuable pearls in the world are made and learn about cultured Pearl Farming processes. Not only is the Pearl Farm worth a visit, the surrounds are breathtaking with pristine waters and mangrove lined banks which is home to an abundance of wildlife, including salt water crocodiles!

Broome is a town unlike anywhere else in the world and a great central point for many exciting Kimberley tours. Tours from Broome are a great way to experience the above attractions along with so many more. Broome is a unique and adventurous place to soak up the pristine beaches, local culture, abundant wildlife, breathtaking colours and a warm tropical climate.