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Do you want to compile some of the videos that you recorded on your last trip into a proper travel video so show off just how amazing it was and share it with your friends and family? With the right approach your travel video could showcase your trip and capture the full range of emotions involved too.

Of course to accomplish that you’ll need to be able to compile and edit the video. For those who use Macs the ‘go to’ software is normally iMovie as it makes it easy to edit and improve videos while also providing a range of powerful features. However for PC users there is an equivalent iMovie for Windows that can be used as well in the form of Movavi Video Editor.

Compile and Process Video Footage

Right from the minute you first start to use Movavi Video Editor its simplicity will be evident. To get started you can just upload the videos that you want to use to the software and drag them into the working area in the order that you desire.

After that, you can begin to process the video footage by cutting it into pieces, trimming out the parts you don’t want, and improving the overall video quality. If you want, you can even add travel photos to Movavi Video Editor and use them in the form of a slideshow. If you’re unsure about which tools to use or need additional tips, offers some comprehensive guides on video editing.

Add Flair and Polish to the Travel Video

Once you are satisfied with the video you can then tap into the powerful features of Movavi Video Editor to give your travel video some flair and polish. That can be done through several means, such as by:

  • Placing stylish animated transitions between segments of video and link them together so that they flow seamlessly into one another.
  • Apply different types of filters and special effects to give your video a unique visual appearance or atmosphere.
  • Add text that can be customized to create captions, titles, subtitles and watermarks in different styles.
  • Insert audio tracks to add background music or voiceovers.

If you’re familiar with iMovie then it should be clear that Movavi Video Editor is really toe-to-toe with it across the board. The powerful features that it provides along with its intuitive nature will make using it feel similar, which is why it is really the best iMovie alternative for Windows when you want to create a travel video.

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