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Planning a Holiday in Jordan

Planning a Holiday in Jordan

Ever consider visiting Jordan for a holiday trip, but you don’t know where to go, what to eat, and what to do in Jordan in general? With all these questions in mind, here is a compilation of a full holiday plan in Jordan.

Best time to visit?

Every country has specific months or seasons during when they have the perfect weather; Jordan is no different. The months of April and October see the most amount of tourists in their country as the weather is just right during that time. During October the temperature is usually in the north of 20-degree Celsius. The nights however, are not as cold as it is in other Middle Eastern countries. So if you are planning to visit Jordan, it’s a good idea to book your flight during these months.

What to pack?

For starters, you will be needing any forms of hats or caps because the sun is always out. Make sure to pack sunscreen as well because, without it, you may return home with an unwanted tan. Take a pair of sunglasses too. Since Jordan is a Muslim country, it is wise to not wear anything that exposes too much skin. This applies for both the male and female. Wear full sleeved linen clothes and pants instead of the shorts that you’d normally wear on vacations during summer.

Where to go?

There are many amazing places to visit in Jordan. Listed below are just some of the places that are a must visit for first-time travelers.

  • Petra – Visit this ancient city that had been carved out in the mountains around 2000 years ago. To this day, Petra remains one of the most fascinating places to visit in Jordan and once you go there, you will understand all the hype around it. There are some great hiking paths in Petra so make sure you wear your hiking boots.
  • The Dead Sea – How many times have you heard about the Dead Sea and wondered what it really is? Well, if you visit Jordan then you can find out first hand. You will literally float all the time in the Dead Sea and tourists have been known to come to this place and spend an entire day here.
  • Wadi Rum – Moving away from the sea, we head to the deserts. You can travel across this amazing place via jeeps, camels or even hot air balloons. People can stay for a night at the Bedouin Camp and if you can, you should too. The sunrise and the sunset are the best things about the Wadi Rum as the entire region, including the mountains and dunes engulf into an orange blanket.

What to eat?

With all that running and exploring that you will be doing in Jordan, you will be building up quite an appetite. And this is where Jordan once again caters to their tourist’s needs. Jordan has a wide variety of delicious food that is bound to make you want more. Listed below are some of their top foods:

  • Falafel – This is the ultimate vegetarian’s food dream! Falafel is basically a fried ball of vegetable paste and they are usually eaten with sandwiches or with hummus. Trust me, it tastes much better than it sounds.
  • Shawarma – By now you might have tasted or at least heard about shawarma, no matter where you live. But in Jordan, you get the real authentic taste of this delicious food. Tons of meat chunks wrapped in flatbread pieces and covered with various spices.
  • Fattoush – Looking for something light? Maybe as a snack or as an appetizer? Try out the fattoush. It is an Arabic salad made up of lettuce mixed with different kinds of vegetables and pita.
  • Maqlooba – If you are really hungry and looking to stuff your face then try the Maqlooba. It is an Arabian word which literally translates to “upside down”. The dish is prepared by stuffing a big pot with layers of rice chicken along with lots of spicy vegetables. Once it is done the cooking, you flip it upside down to serve a mountain of food!

There are many things to do in Jordan, amazing places to visit and an array of delicious food to eat. So the next time you are planning your holiday, consider going to Jordan.

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3 Ideas For Starting a Travel Business

The whole travel industry is truly a strong force and not matter how difficult the situation is with the economy at certain moments, the whole industry barely takes any hits. There aren’t even any weather conditions that might be able to create serious problems for the travel industry either.

In spite of the economic crisis and side effects still lingering today affecting various countries and business organizations, the travel industry hasn’t felt that many consequences. On the contrary, this whole industry simply continues to have robust activity. All of the obstacles that made it difficult to various other industries almost had no effect here.

The reason for this is that people want to travel more than ever and they will always look to save money just for this purpose, because they understand how uplifting traveling can be. It’s very popular to travel nowadays and even older people have a strong adventurous spirit and this is why starting a travel business can be a fruitful investment.

1. Franchise travel agency

If you want to create an agency right away and start working in no time, the best way to go is to create a franchise that offers travelling services. With this business model you will basically buy your own rights to do something which works well if done properly and you will also get the right to perform business procedures that follow.

However, it’s not just upsides; you will also have to follow all of the rules your franchisor has set when you made the deal. To some extent, this might limit you in doing business the way you want to. In a way, you are the extension of another travel agency and you must meet their standards of work.

Running a franchise traveling agency is easier in some ways, given the fact that the main company with whom you work will take care of reports, documentation etc. On the other hand, you will have a smaller profit margin and you will have to invest less into starting your travel agency.

2. Home based travel business

In case you are going for low overhead and high profits that starting a home-based agency might be suitable or you. Given the fact that everyone is online today, travel agencies have made the most out of internet technologies in order to give their customers excellent experience and attract more people to their business.

There are a lot of advantages the internet offers, for example there is no longer the need for you to have an office in the physical world and be limited with your location. You can just find a suitable card processing provider and allow people to pay for you arrangements online, no need for anyone to bother on both sides. Finding a good card processing company can be difficults, so visit to see some reviews.

3. Be a standalone contractor

If you want to operate as a standard and “traditional travel agency”, but you still want to be on your own and answer to nobody, then the best option for you is to become a standalone contractor. When you are independent like this, you will have the option of setting your own work hours, making your own client base, and taking care of all the paperwork on your own.

At the same time, this type of business model has a lot of benefits from its physical presence where they can make direct deals and keep in touch with clients personally. At the same time, they also look to make connections with big agencies and follow up on any leads or simply make blind calls and offer arrangements.

When you combine all of these things, you will realize that independent contractors have the biggest freedom and the most potential, however they require a lot of work and a bit more investment in order to push through the first couple of years.

In the end, it’s important to know that starting a travel agency business requires a lot of work and although it might be a bit easier than some other types of business organizations, it still has a lot of challenges, so don’t take it lightly. You must always offer good, popular destinations, keep in touch with transport providers and accomodation objects and make deals with them, and in the end, market your business as much as possible.

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Make use of the most excellent ski transfers in airport by booking through online

People who are in a plan of going out for a vacation may definitely look for the traveling facilities to reach the tourist place. If you are planning for the holiday, look for the most excellent transfer service in the online site. The attractive tourist place to enjoy the winter climate is to move for the Avoriaz. There are many ski transfers available nowadays to make your travel from the Geneva to the Avoriaz. This is the smartest way of traveling to the destination place by using the ski transfer service. You can book the cab by using the online sites as per the pick-up and drop-off location. Confirm your transfer service by referring the online site to travel from geneva airport to avoriaz.

Facilities of the ski transfer

Most of the people are looking for the ski transfer service to make their journey more comfortable by booking the transfer service with a package. You can book the transfer service from geneva airport to avoriaz to get the service at the airport. The online site will ensure you book the cab either for a single trip or return booking. The single booking term will ask the information like the pick-up location and the drop-off location. The pick-up location denotes the place where the passenger has to be picked up. And the drop-off location is used to reach the desired location.

Enter the date and time of the need in ski transfer service and this will help the passenger to get this service at the exact time and date that have been entered. To make you comfortable, you have to give the information about the number of the person who will travel with this service. There are a variety of discounts and offers available on the online site than by choosing the traditional way of searching the car in the airport.

Services and benefits

These ski transferring services are offered all over the place that makes the passenger choose the starting location as well as the destination place. Many business people are in stress in traveling and this service will make them have pleasant trips that make them get relief from the stress. This is one of the main advantages of using the ski transfer services. There are collections of ski transfer that are available in the online site that offers different services like listed below as follows.

  • Online booking facilities
  • Optional car rentals
  • Low fares
  • Different vehicles offered as per the number of passengers
  • Can be rescheduled easily in case of any delays in the flight

Booking through the online service will avoid you from the excess payment which means it does not require any additional charges. As per the time and date mentioned while booking, the service will be provided without any delay. This makes many passengers comfortable to get the cab exactly after the flight has arrived. Thus, this is the best way to book a cab without any stress and make you reach the place more safely.

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What Is Special About Savannah Ghost Tours?


In the year 2002, the city Savannah received the one-time award from The American Institute of Parapsychology as the ‘most haunted” city across America. This city is being awarded by this title as it has some of the real ghost incidents and some places that are seriously scary. Though, there are various cities like the New Orleans, Salem, Gettysburg and the St. Augustine are some of the other horror places but Savannah owns the crown as being the top haunted among all. It is popular in the world also for the multi-million dollar industry on the sector of tourism.

There are various tour agencies that offer the ghost tours in Savannah, GA for groups of people. These family oriented ghost trips are designed as to combine the historical trips from the haunted regions of Savannah along with the interactive conversation from various ages. While choosing the walking tours, the tourists will feel amazed, entertained and thrilled in each of the step when experiencing the entire trip. You just imagine of the walking shows and the mobile theatres when all the people are walking to explore the city while getting in touch with the spooky situations. Each of the tourist location being served as the fascinating tale for the travelers when going for the tours.

More than 14 million of tourists travel to the city of Savannah each year and the number is still growing. Families play an important part in the vacation to this city. They look for the ways to explore the historic downtown and the Tybee island are very famous. The tourists also search for the Savannah ghost tours from the reputed trip organizer. It is really difficult to find the right tour operator who will be providing all the facilities to the kids, teenagers and the parents in the tours. Almost all the ghost tours are designed keeping the priorities of the families in mind.

Most of these tours start after 7.30pm in the evening when all the members of the trip have completed the dinner or will be going to the dinner in late night. Tourists can also customize their trips as suitable. You can check savannah ghost tour reviews and book your trip now!

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Top 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Backpacking Tent

Camping outdoors for days or even weeks requires having the right tools and items in order for the activity to be engaging and as safe as you had premeditated. Backpacking tents are some of the important camping items that should be picked with great care when buying for a fruitful night camping event. Here are the top 5 tips on how to choose the best backpacking tent.

  1. Check the Tent’s Capacity

The number of people that the backpacking tent can accommodate without damaging its fabrics is an important factor to consider before buying. Most tents can only accommodate two people on a maximum, while there are others that can take in up to six or seven people at once. The capacity of the tent and the number of people you will be camping out with are two important things that you should have in mind when purchasing the best backpacking tents in 2017. Remember that the bigger the tent, the more comfortable it will feel if you will be out with friends who do not have tents of their own and will be depending entirely on you to accommodate them. However, if you will be alone, then a small tent can do.

  1. Pick Tents with Suitable Design and Features

A lot of backpacking tents are designed to withstand fierce winds and substantial snow loads. Some are also designed with waterproof covers and heavy fabrics fit for places that experience torrential rains. However, such tents might feel uncomfortable in places with mild weather. The design of the tent can either make or break your camping activity. Tent features such as number of poles and availability of mesh panels can also help you realize the best to pick for your outdoor activities. More poles are usually good for places with mountainous terrain where the tent needs to be more stable for a successful night out.

  1. Check the Tent’s Seasonality Details

Tents are usually designed to fit specific local weather details. Some tents are specifically designed for winter outings while others cannot be any helpful if not used in the hot summer days. The manufacturer will provide you with details of the best weather seasons for the tents after which you will make the decision on whether the tent will be helpful to you or not. It is always good to check the local weather conditions of the places you are planning to visit before buying your tents. If, for example, you are planning to camp out in the cold polar regions of the extreme north or south of the globe, ensure that your tents have heavy fabrics and are specifically designed for cold weathered places.

  1. Verify the Backpacking Tent’s Weight

The weight of the backpacking tent is significant for the camper given that you will be spending much time carrying your tent during the day as you trek around. It is only at night when you will be relieved of carrying the tent. The best backpacking tent should be easy to lift and carry. It should not be too heavy for you to move around comfortably. Otherwise you will not enjoy your camping day out. If possible, insist on tents that are designed with light materials such as aluminum poles instead of heavy iron or stainless steel.

  1. Consider the Backpacking Tent Prices

The cost of buying a backpacking tent should not be too high. The cost should be affordable to you or anyone else needing a suitable tent for camping. There are a number of proven ways that can help you get the best deals on backpacking tents and other camping items online. First, you need to compare the prices of the tents from at least two reputable vendors before choosing one with fairly reasonable prices. By comparing the costs, you will get the best deals online and save some cash. Another way of getting the best deals on backpacking tents online is by only buying from shops that offer discounted prices for camping items. Promotional discounts will leave you with some extra cash that can be used for other purposes.

Hopefully these tips will be useful as you look for the best backpacking tents online. Remember to buy your tent from a vendor with good reputation. Also, insist on getting only genuine camping tent products that are tough and long-lasting.