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Backpacking Tent

Camping outdoors for days or even weeks requires having the right tools and items in order for the activity to be engaging and as safe as you had premeditated. Backpacking tents are some of the important camping items that should be picked with great care when buying for a fruitful night camping event. Here are the top 5 tips on how to choose the best backpacking tent.

  1. Check the Tent’s Capacity

The number of people that the backpacking tent can accommodate without damaging its fabrics is an important factor to consider before buying. Most tents can only accommodate two people on a maximum, while there are others that can take in up to six or seven people at once. The capacity of the tent and the number of people you will be camping out with are two important things that you should have in mind when purchasing the best backpacking tents in 2017. Remember that the bigger the tent, the more comfortable it will feel if you will be out with friends who do not have tents of their own and will be depending entirely on you to accommodate them. However, if you will be alone, then a small tent can do.

  1. Pick Tents with Suitable Design and Features

A lot of backpacking tents are designed to withstand fierce winds and substantial snow loads. Some are also designed with waterproof covers and heavy fabrics fit for places that experience torrential rains. However, such tents might feel uncomfortable in places with mild weather. The design of the tent can either make or break your camping activity. Tent features such as number of poles and availability of mesh panels can also help you realize the best to pick for your outdoor activities. More poles are usually good for places with mountainous terrain where the tent needs to be more stable for a successful night out.

  1. Check the Tent’s Seasonality Details

Tents are usually designed to fit specific local weather details. Some tents are specifically designed for winter outings while others cannot be any helpful if not used in the hot summer days. The manufacturer will provide you with details of the best weather seasons for the tents after which you will make the decision on whether the tent will be helpful to you or not. It is always good to check the local weather conditions of the places you are planning to visit before buying your tents. If, for example, you are planning to camp out in the cold polar regions of the extreme north or south of the globe, ensure that your tents have heavy fabrics and are specifically designed for cold weathered places.

  1. Verify the Backpacking Tent’s Weight

The weight of the backpacking tent is significant for the camper given that you will be spending much time carrying your tent during the day as you trek around. It is only at night when you will be relieved of carrying the tent. The best backpacking tent should be easy to lift and carry. It should not be too heavy for you to move around comfortably. Otherwise you will not enjoy your camping day out. If possible, insist on tents that are designed with light materials such as aluminum poles instead of heavy iron or stainless steel.

  1. Consider the Backpacking Tent Prices

The cost of buying a backpacking tent should not be too high. The cost should be affordable to you or anyone else needing a suitable tent for camping. There are a number of proven ways that can help you get the best deals on backpacking tents and other camping items online. First, you need to compare the prices of the tents from at least two reputable vendors before choosing one with fairly reasonable prices. By comparing the costs, you will get the best deals online and save some cash. Another way of getting the best deals on backpacking tents online is by only buying from shops that offer discounted prices for camping items. Promotional discounts will leave you with some extra cash that can be used for other purposes.

Hopefully these tips will be useful as you look for the best backpacking tents online. Remember to buy your tent from a vendor with good reputation. Also, insist on getting only genuine camping tent products that are tough and long-lasting.


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