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Do You Really Need Professional Assistance In Applying For A Ehic

With the world becoming smaller and travel becoming easier, it is not surprising that an increasing number of persons are considering foreign travel as part of their family vacation, or for solo travel. The thrill and excitement of visiting a new country and experiencing its culture is such an overwhelming feeling that travellers often miss the importance of having a financial cushion to take care of medical interventions and emergencies when they are abroad. This is why applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is highly recommended.

Other than direct EHIC application portals that are made by the Government for this process, there are several websites that claim to offer assistance in applying for EHIC. Whether to use their services for this purpose or not, is a matter of debate among individuals. Here is a list of pros and cons of hiring an application assistant for EHIC:


  • Saving time

When an assistant is hired for taking care of the EHIC, all aspects of processing this card are covered by this person. Right from downloading all relevant forms to collecting all documents that are needed for filling these forms. This saves a lot of time, especially for applicants who have a full-time job and those who are travelling a lot.

  • Through checking

Professionals hired for EHIC application process will make sure that all the required details are correctly and completely filled. This is especially relevant for applicants who are old or those who need assistance in filling up online forms and accessing online material. This is a crucial step because if there is an incomplete or incorrect information filled in these forms, it may result in a delay of issuance of EHIC. This can hamper the travels plans.

  • Hassle-free paperwork

Hiring a professional for EHIC related work saves the applicant form the hassles related to minor changes that may be required, for example, change of name after marriage, change in family status in case of divorce or separation, the birth of a child etc. The professionals who deal with EHIC processing help in updating all these details. Also, in case someone misplaces the EHIC or it gets stolen while travelling, these professionals offer full support for reporting the loss and re-applying for a new EHIC.


The only downside of availing the services of an external party for EHIC related help is that they charge money for their services. This factor can be important for many applicants, and not-so-important for others. Therefore, this service is availed by applicants who really need assistance and are unable to apply online themselves.

EHIC is a free card that can be issued after EHIC application by individuals who are covered by a social security system of any of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Having this card assures the applicants that any urgent medical treatment is provided to them for free in public healthcare system while they are abroad. Individuals who have an EHIC will still need to apply for travel insurance because EHIC doesn’t cover flight cancellation and repatriation.

Travel Insurance

Overview of Future Generali Insurance – Travel Insurance

Future Generali Insurance Company is a joint venture between Generali Group and the Future Group. This Company commenced its operations in the year 2007. There is a host of insurance plans offered by Future Generali Insurance Company. It provides you a sense of security and the freedom to lead your life tension-free. Besides, the plans offered are customized as per your requirement.

Besides, the travel insurance plans offered by Future Generali Insurance are customized as per your requirements. The plans are available online at the click of the mouse.

Types of Future Generali Travel Insurance

  1. Overseas Travel Insurance
  2. Schengen and Worldwide
  3. Student Travel Plan

Let’s have a look at the detailed coverages offered by these plans:

  1. Overseas Travel Insurance Plan


  • The minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum age is 70 years for individual & multi-trip policies, 65 years for Asia Travel family floater plan
  • This plan covers any medical expenses caused due to sickness while you travel and due to accident
  • If you lose your passport while you travel abroad, then the entire expenses to get a duplicate passport would be covered under this Future Generali Travel Insurance plan
  • Offers coverage for baggage delay and baggage loss up to a maximum limit. Also compensates for the amount utilized for buying stuff that is delayed due to delay of baggage
  • Offers personal accident cover against permanent disability and accidental death while travelling in any part of the world
  1. Schengen & Worldwide Travel Insurance


  • The minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum age is 70
  • If you lose your passport while you travel abroad, then the entire expenses to get a duplicate passport would be covered under this Future Generali Travel Insurance plan
  • Offers coverage for baggage delay and baggage loss up to a maximum limit. Also compensates for the amount utilized for buying stuff that is delayed due to delay of baggage
  • Offers personal accident cover against permanent disability and accidental death while travelling in any part of the world
  • Offers financial emergency assistance for coordinating with the insured’s family back in India
  • Offers compensation for travel inconvenience due to trip cancellation, trip delay, hijack, trip curtailment and any missed connection
  • Offers compensation for legal liability to pay third party claims for accidental injury or accidental property damage
  • Schengen travel insurance is mandatory if you travel to countries such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Iceland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.
  1. Student Travel Insurance


  • The minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum age is 35
  • The entire expenses to get a duplicate passport are reimbursed in case you lose your passport during your travel abroad.
  • The student travel insurance compensates for baggage delay and baggage loss up to a maximum limit. It also offers coverage for buying stuff that is delayed due to delay of baggage
  • This type of travel insurance provides personal accident cover against permanent disability and accidental death while travelling in any part of the world
  • Offers reimbursement of unused tuition fees in the conditions: a.) if the student insured is hospitalized for more than a month for any covered injury/sickness. b.) if the student is suffering from any terminal illness c.) accidental death of an immediate family member
  • In case of death of the sponsor due to accident or permanent disablement, the tuition fees incurred for the balance period is reimbursed up to a specific limit


  • This plan doesn’t cover any pre-existing diseases and any complications arising due to the same
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injury
  • Issues caused because of consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Loss or damage of passport due to detention by police, customs or any other authority
  • Participation in any foreign or any civil war
  • Terrorism
  • Treatment of mental or nervous problems
  • AIDS or HIV

Claim Process

Under Future Generali Travel Insurance, claims can be made in two ways:

  1. Cashless Claim Process

The cashless claim process under the Future Generali Insurance is mentioned below:

  • Medical emergency/ hospitalization
  • Contact the medical service provider in the foreign country and produce the Future Generali Travel Insurance policy if you wish to avail the cashless claim
  • Immediately inform the “Europ Assistance” for intimating the claim
  • Europ Assistance is a worldwide emergency help services organized by Future Generali Travel Insurance
  • This Europ Assistance then places the guarantee letter and then directly settles the bill with provider
  1. Reimbursement Claim Process

The process for reimbursement of the claim under the Future Generali Insurance is as below:

  • This happens during baggage claim, delay baggage lost, trip cancellation etc.
  • Immediately inform the “Europ Assistance” for intimating the claim
  • Ensure to submit the documents to Europ Assistance on your arrival to India
  • Later your claim would be validated by Europ Assistance as per the policy coverage
  • Europ Assistance would make the payment to the insured
Travel Insurance

Five Ways to Save Money on Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessity for all travellers regardless of age, gender, travel experience, destination, travelling plans or length of time travelling. There are just too many risks associated with travel whether domestic or international, which isn’t to put anyone off the idea of travelling, but it is necessary to be aware of the potential risks involved and take the necessary precautions, i.e. take out travel insurance.

There are many insurers to choose from these days, but there are also different levels of cover to consider and so much more if you’re to arrange the ideal travel insurance policy for your next exciting holiday abroad. ‘Ideal’ here not only means a travel insurance policy that provides you with the right level of cover and assistance, but is also cost-effective. That’s very important to bear in mind, as you don’t want to pay more than you need to for a travel insurance policy to cover you on your holiday. What follows are five ways to save money on your next travel insurance policy.

Speak to Family and Friends

If you’re a young traveller and your parents have taken overseas holidays in the past, ask them for advice. Chances are a friend or a family member can provide you with invaluable advice based on first-hand experience, so take advantage of this golden opportunity to save yourself a lot of time and money.

While they may have been very pleased with their experiences with a particular insurer, still make the most of the opportunity to compare insurance quotes on Travel Insurance Expert or another leading travel insurance comparison website as there are many benefits to using these websites to compare quotes, including getting the very best travel insurance premiums on offer and saving yourself money.

Research Travel Insurance Policies

If you’ve travelled abroad and have taken out travel insurance policies over the years, you can skip this and the following step and start looking for a top travel insurance comparison website. However, if you’re relatively new to travel insurance policies, it’s a good idea to research some of the policies on offer to get a good idea of what’s covered and what isn’t. Moreover, you also need to know about:

  • Excess – Most policies have what is known as an ‘excess’ which means that the insured party also needs to make a payment. For example, if your laptop was stolen overseas and you put in a claim for $1000 and the excess was $200, you would need to pay $200 and the insurance company would cover the rest. This is a common feature on many policies.
  • Repatriation – If you were injured overseas and needed to be repatriated back to your country of origin to seek expert medical assistance, this would cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is a conservative estimate. Consequently, you need to ensure the policy covers repatriation.
  • Assistance – What assistance will you receive when you find yourself in need of assistance overseas? Most insurers provide a toll-free hotline that travellers can call 24 hours a day when they need help. It’s a good idea to read a few customer reviews to get a good idea of the assistance that travel insurance companies provide as some are much more helpful than others.

You need to know what’s covered in a travel insurance policy if you’re to accurately determine the level of cover you require when travelling abroad.

Determine Your Level of Cover

What level of cover do you require? Different travellers have different travel requirements, so what you need when travelling may not be the same as what another traveller would require. A good example of this would be to compare what an adventurous young person like yourself needs when travelling and what your parents require. As you can imagine, they can be two very different things.

There are many things that you need to consider when determining your level of cover, including:

  • Destination – Where are you travelling to? Some destinations are riskier than others and premiums may be higher, moreover, you may also require additional insurance.
  • Your situation – Everyone’s situation is different, so consider your age, your medical history and current health situation (some travellers are more likely to require medical assistance abroad due to having a pre-existing medical condition) and how long you’re travelling for.
  • Your plans – What are you doing on your holiday? If you’re planning on partaking in adventure activities, like diving or skiing, you will find that you need to take out additional insurance.

There are many things that you need to consider when determining the level of travel insurance cover you require. It’s essential to determine the right level of cover required if you are to save money on travel insurance.

Find a Travel Insurance Comparison Website

Travel insurance comparison websites enable travellers to compare travel insurance quotes from multiple insurers at the same time. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain and procure quotes from the best travel insurers simultaneously, saving you time and money as well. There are quite a few of these websites about these days, so look at a few, read a few customer reviews online to make sure you’re using the best ones available, and then get to work sourcing the best policy for your holiday.

Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

Once you’ve found a great travel insurance comparison website that enables you to compare quotes from multiple insurers, the next step is to start comparing quotes, find the best one for your personal situation and travel plans, and then purchase it! This is a simple process that not only saves you time, but also empowers you to get the very best deal on travel insurance possible.

In conclusion, these five steps are essential to saving money on travel insurance when travelling abroad. By speaking to family and friends you’ll get some invaluable first-hand advice, by researching travel insurance policies you’ll know what to expect, by determining your level of cover you’ll know what to look for, and once you’ve found a great travel insurance comparison website the rest will fall into place!

Travel Insurance

What Does Aircraft Insurance Cover?

All plane owners must purchase aircraft insurance, but not all aircraft insurance is created equal. It is important to understand what your policy covers – and what it doesn’t – so that you can be prepared if anything happens that requires you to use the insurance. If you have any questions, an aviation insurance agent can help you to understand. However, knowing where your aircraft insurance stands on covering the following issues before a situation occurs may be very helpful.

Aircraft Insurance

Damage to Third Party Property

If a collision occurs that damages property belonging to someone else, public liability insurance is the portion of aircraft insurance that will pay for the costs of repairs. This insurance is mandatory for all aircraft owners in most places. The amount of coverage that must be purchased to comply with laws may vary by country and even by state.

Injuries to Passengers

Accidents and incidents that cause injuries to passengers fall under passenger liability insurance. This type of insurance is required for large commercial aircraft, but is generally not required by law for small personal aircraft. If a situation occurs that causes injuries to passengers, however, passenger liability insurance can be very good to have. This insurance may help with covering medical costs that you may otherwise be liable for.

Damage to the Aircraft

When the aircraft is damaged, the type of coverage that kicks in – if any – can be tricky to identify. Aircraft insurance policies differentiate between covering costs of damage if a plane is in various stages of motion or not in motion. If the correct coverage is not in place, damage to the aircraft that occurs may not be covered and the pilot may need to pay for repairs or even replacement of the aircraft out of pocket.

Ground risk hull insurance that covers incidents while the plane is not in motion will cover damage from acts of vandalism, natural disasters, hangar collapses, and in-motion vehicles striking the craft. Ground risk hull insurance that covers incidents while the plane is in motion covers only damages that occur while the plane is taxiing, not while still, in-flight, taking off, or landing.

Combination Policies

Some aircraft insurance policies may cover more than one type of issue or incident, which can save hassles and provide peace of mind. These policies are generally a bit pricier, but may be worth the additional cost. Combined single limit insurance bundles both public liability and passenger liability, paying out a set amount per accident. In-flight insurance covers any damage to the plane, whether it is in-flight, in motion, or on the ground.

Speak to an insurance agency in your area to find out what type of insurance would best meet your specific needs and address your concerns.

Travel Insurance

Travel Talk: Flying with Broken Bones

Sometimes life throws you so many things at once that you’re almost incapable of handling it. If you have an emergency in which you must fly, but you unfortunately have a broken leg, flying isn’t as easy as getting seated and putting your foot up. There are measures that must be taken long before the flight to ensure that your travelling will be safe and easy.

Travelling with a Broken Leg

It may seem weird that you have to get the ‘okay’ before travelling when it’s your body, but flying can actually harm your broken bone even more. Before anything is done, call your primary physician or orthopaedic to make sure flying with your specific injury is okay. The reason is that pressure at high altitudes can prevent your broken bone from healing. Sitting for extended periods of time can also cause issues with your healing, and infection may arise.

Already present infections can also lead to blood clots when travelling, especially flying, which is why it’s important to ask your doctor beforehand. If you can’t put off travelling, medical travel insurance can help ease your frustrations in case you have to go to the hospital in another country. It’s important to look into travel insurance, as your normal health insurance most likely won’t cover anything outside of country borders.

Flying with a Cast

Depending on the type of cast you have on and the airline you’re travelling with, you’ll have to call the airline and speak to them about travelling with your cast on. They may need to make additional room for you, and if they don’t have the room for it, you may not be able to fly with them. They may also have to move you around to a bulkhead seat so that you have more room for reclining. The reason you won’t be able to sit in the large emergency exit aisle is because those who sit there have to help those getting out of the plane if that situation arises.

Security and Safety

Those who are injured do not get a lucky pass when it comes to airport security. Most crutches and wheelchairs have metal components, so security agents will have to assist you as support while your walking support is being inspected. This is the primary reason to arrive extremely early before your flight when nursing a broken bone. You will also have to be prepared for showing your pain medications and having them inspected.

The cast that you show up wearing will have to be inspected by security agents as well, so don’t be alarmed when they start searching. Their job is to make it as smooth and painless as possible for those with injuries. You may be able to board the plane before anyone else as an accommodation because of your injury. Make sure to ask for assistance to get settled, so you aren’t rushing around and potentially harming yourself even further if you’re flying alone.

Always arrive early and board ahead of time if you have an injury. If you don’t have an injury and you’re prone to getting hurt when travelling, look into traveller’s insurance for medical purposes abroad. This will allow you to have a great time without denying yourself treatment if you get hurt.

Travel Insurance

Pre-Existing Cover for Asthma Is an Important Addition to a Travel Insurance Plan

If you are planning a holiday, it is important to obtain travel insurance cover, including cover for a pre-existing condition. Doing so will enable you to enjoy your trip more and give you the peace of mind that comes with buying the adequate protection.

Pre-Existing Conditions Covered by Travel Plans

Pre-existing conditions can take several forms, with the following conditions frequently included in travel plan cover:

  • Asthma travel cover
  • Cholesterol travel insurance
  • COPD cover
  • Diabetes travel insurance
  • Heart attack cover
  • Hernia cover
  • High blood pressure travel cover
  • Joint replacement cover
  • Stroke travel insurance

An Annual Policy Is an Ideal Choice for People Who Like to Travel

Declaring a pre-existing medical condition or conditions on your travel insurance and taking special precautions whilst on holiday will give you the assurance that only travel cover can bring. In fact, when you include the extra cover, you may be able to save even more money if you travel more than once a year. For example, if you plan on taking several trips within a 12-month period, an annual multi-trip policy can reduce your insurance cost. An annual policy also gives you more travel flexibility.

Other Forms of Cover

Besides regular travel insurance cover and cover for a pre-existing condition, travel insurance can also be purchased that extends the protection to golf travel, business travel, and winter sports. If you purchase the golf cover, the protection will extend to golf equipment, golf fees, golf equipment hire, and hole-in-one protection. Business travel cover safeguards your business equipment, the hiring of business equipment, a business equipment delay, business money, or an additional baggage delay. Winter sports cover includes plan protection for winter sports equipment, ski hire, ski pack, and piste closure. Avalanche cover can also be included in a policy.

Travel insurance is a low-cost cover that is needed whether you are taking a short trip or plan to travel for several weeks. Travelling opens up the possibility for liability. Therefore, it is unwise to travel unprotected.

Asthma Travel Insurance Protection

Most people appreciate an insurance plan that allows them to travel with a pre-existing condition and also offers other protection, such as golf or winter sports cover. One of the pre-existing conditions that is regularly covered in the UK is asthma. In fact, asthma is extremely common in the UK population as approximately 5.4 million people currently receive treatment for the condition.

Asthma is thought to be a hereditary ailment and is caused by inflamed bronchi, the main passageways that are used to transport air to and from the lungs. When an asthma sufferer comes into contact with anything that is irritating to the lungs, the muscles surrounding the lungs become constricted and increase phlegm production.

Meeting the Criteria

When taking out travel insurance for a pre-existing condition such as asthma, you need to meet specific requirements for the condition. For asthma, the criteria may include specific age restrictions and a specified time period in which you have experienced no worsening of your asthma, no change in medicine, no hospital admission, or no change in your treatment regimen.

If you cannot meet the above requirements and conditions, you will generally need to undergo a medical assessment and/or pay an additional premium. Review your policy carefully as the criteria do vary among different insurers. Insurers such as Now Travel Insurance can guide you toward what you need to provide when getting cover for a pre-existing condition.

Besides obtaining travel insurance cover, you also need to be cognizant about changing weather conditions, especially when you are travelling. For example, weather extremes can bring on asthmatic symptoms, particularly when the air is cold and dry. Also, pillows and beds can harbour dust mites. Therefore, it is important to arrange an accommodation that is known to be notably clean.

A Dangerous Activity

Scuba diving is considered to be a dangerous activity for anyone who suffers from asthma. If you are going to spend time in the water, choose snorkelling instead. Also, be aware that different cities and locales have different allergens in their environments, any of which can trigger an allergic or asthmatic response.

If you are planning to travel to a high altitude, it is usually okay as long as the asthma is well-managed at a lower altitude. If you currently control your asthma and bring a sufficient amount of asthma medicine, you should experience a problem-free trip. It does not matter whether you plan to swim, ski or sightsee.

Before you embark on any kind of travelling, schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure that your asthma is well-managed and under control. You will also need to ask your doctor about any strategies you can use to manage your asthma if it happens to become worse whilst travelling.

Ask your healthcare provider to provide a report on your condition which also includes your medical history, your current medicines, and the severity of the asthma. It should also include what treatment will be needed in the event you need medical care. Carry the medical report with you at all times whilst travelling. You may also have to show the report at customs if they enquire about your medicines.

Carry Additional Medications

When travelling, it is always a good plan to carry more medicine with you than you believe you will need. Therefore, always travel with a supply of medicine in your carry-on bag in case you require it. In addition, take copies of your prescriptions with you, just in case you need to prove that the medications are for your use and your use alone.

If you need to use a nebuliser, make allowances for various power points and voltages if you are travelling overseas. You may have to buy a power-point adapter for convenience and safety. Also, make sure your nebuliser pump can be used when you are travelling on a plane. You should familiarise yourself with all the equipment you may need before you leave for your holiday.

It is essential that your daily asthma management is under control before you set out travelling. Check your travel insurance plan and make sure you can meet its requirements and that the policy offers the exact protection you need.

Travel Insurance

Combating Travel Misfortune with Insurance

Going on holiday and traveling to exotic countries is a great way to experience new things and satisfy your adventuring spirit. The fun and exciting part of traveling is getting out of your comfort zone, which can be a scary thing for some people. Unfortunately, accidents and misfortunes sometimes occur when traveling, so it is always better to be prepared for these costly misadventures.

Many people combat these possible unfortunate situations by purchasing travel insurance. This helps give them peace of mind throughout their travels because they know that if something goes wrong, they will be taken care of financially. This can be especially true for older individuals who have worked their whole lives saving money to travel the world, but have pre-existing conditions, which make these travels medically risky. You simply never know when a medical emergency may arise—and doctor, hospital and emergency room visits can be quite expensive in some countries. Thankfully, there are great travel insurance websites where you can find coverage even with a pre-existing condition. So before heading off on an adventure of a lifetime, take a look at the benefits of travel insurance, because it can certainly be quite useful.

Medical Treatment

Perhaps the most important benefit of travel insurance is coverage in the case of an illness or accident while traveling. Having medical travel insurance will protect you from the monetary costs of treating any and all medical mishaps while on holiday. Whether it is food poisoning, a fall or an allergic reaction, you will be covered. Also, there are some medical travel insurance plans that will not only cover your hospital bills, but transportation costs as well if you need transport to a different hospital or even back home. Some of the more high-quality plans will also cover expenses for a loved one to travel to visit a sick or injured person, and sometimes even a few days at a hotel too. This protection makes traveling a little less worrisome for people because they know they will be taken care of.

Though most medical travel insurance packages will only cover new injuries or illnesses, there are some sites, such as Medical Travel Compared, where you can find travel insurance that will cover certain pre-existing conditions, such as epilepsy, high blood pressure and asthma. Coverage for some of these conditions may not always be available, but insurance providers will work with you in order to get the coverage you need.

Another great benefit of medical travel insurance is that some plans will cover prescription drugs. Usually, as long as the condition you are taking medication for is covered by your travel insurance plan, then your prescriptions will be covered as well. This is helpful because sometimes luggage will get lost during a trip, and if your medication is with that luggage, you may be forced to pay full price for your prescription if it is not covered.

travel insurance

Unexpected Cancellations

Planning a holiday is often a costly venture, so if your plans abruptly change while on holiday, more often than not, the hard-earned money you spent is simply lost. For example, you are in the middle of a fantastic cruise, when all of a sudden there is a terrorist attack on one of the ports you were supposed to visit. The rest of the cruise is therefore cancelled and there will be no refunds. This is just one of the endless examples of a holiday being ended prematurely and you being stuck with the bill. Travel insurance will protect you from these types of situations because most plans will cover many non-refundable holiday costs.

Also, travel insurance will cover hotel room costs and other fees if there is a delay in your travels. For example, if your flight to catch a cruise ship is delayed due to weather or whatever other reason, travel insurance will cover the costs to get you on a new cruise ship, or pay for the transportation expenses to meet up with your already departed cruise.

Miscellaneous Coverage

Other types of coverage, which are usually included in most travel insurance packages, can be helpful as well. One of these includes coverage in the case of death while travelling; this type of coverage will pay for the cost of transporting the body back home and will provide monetary compensation as laid out in the insurance plan.

Another common point of coverage is for lost luggage and other travel services. Luggage is lost all the time, after all, and people traveling without insurance are simply out of luck in many instances. Travellers with insurance, on the other hand, will receive full compensation for their luggage. Insurance for travel services such as credit card replacements, translators, glasses repair and lost or stolen prescription drugs is also provided through most of these plans. Some will also offer twenty-four-hour emergency services to their customers. This can be incredibly helpful if you are caught in a natural disaster or some other unforeseen event. Having your insurance company helping you out in these types of circumstances can literally be a life saver, especially when you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language.

Lastly, travel insurance can help individuals who have lost their passports. They will work quickly and judiciously to get you replacement documents and some will even pay for hotels and transportation during this sometimes lengthy waiting process.

The Only Way to Travel

Nothing in life is guaranteed. You can plan the most spectacular holiday known to man, and believe that everything will go according to plan, only to have it unravel due to a series of unfortunate events. Of course, holidays usually do go according to plan, but it is certainly advisable to at least prepare for the worst even while you hope for the best. Travel insurance gives people the protection they need for all sorts of travel mishaps. Don’t let your dream holiday become a financial nightmare due to outlandish hospital bills or any one of the other costly mishaps that can not only ruin your holiday, but set you back financially as well.

Travel Insurance

Why You Should Be Getting Travel Insurance as a Senior

When we’re young, we usually feel invulnerable. We’ll plan and go on a trip or holiday and try to make it as inexpensive as we possibly can. Most often, young people in this situation opt not to pay for travel insurance. But there are some very good reasons to pay for travel insurance even when we think that nothing bad could happen.

The General Importance of Travel Insurance for Everyone

It’s likely not something most people think about when they’re planning for a big trip. After all, it takes a lot of time and money to get everything scheduled and organised with a travel agent, let alone having to organise travel insurance as well. But what if things go wrong on your holiday? What are the main advantages of travel insurance for everyone? Here are some benefits to seriously consider next time you’re planning your big holiday:

  • If you’re overseas, and far away from home, anything can happen. You could become ill or have an accident. In this case, you might need to see a doctor or even go to the hospital. Travel insurance can cover you for these types of incidents and provide you peace of mind that you’ll be cared for, even in another country.
  • Sometimes your well-planned trip is delayed or interrupted for some reason that is outside of your control. It could be something as simple as your flight being delayed, or something as serious as political unrest in another country that forces you to board a plane and go back home. In either case, travel insurance can cover your monetary losses should your trip be delayed or cut short due to emergencies or other issues outside of your control.
  • It’s not something we give much thought to, but luggage is often damaged, lost or even stolen. But what would you do if this occurred? You’d certainly be inconvenienced and need to pay extra money to replace certain items. Travel insurance can cover you if your luggage is stolen, lost or is damaged.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Seniors

There are certainly some excellent reasons for paying for travel insurance that apply to everyone equally, but did you know that a lot of travel is done by those over the age of 65 and retirees? If you’re a senior, travel insurance is a very wise option, which is why travel insurance over 65 is offered by many agencies and travel agents.

But how does travel insurance for seniors differ from travel insurance for those who are younger? Senior citizens are often in a state of generally poorer physical health than their younger counterparts, so it makes good sense to seek travel insurance just for peace of mind. Apart from covering all of the normal risks, such as luggage, sickness and travel delays, travel insurance for the over-65s also covers death and repatriation of remains, should the worst ever happen. Good travel insurance for those over 65 should also include the following:

  • Death and the repatriation of remains so that a loved one can be buried or cremated back home
  • Ambulance cover
  • Hospital room or board if a stay due to illness is warranted

Insure Yourself against Problems and Have a Great Holiday

Even though we should all seek travel insurance when travelling, it’s especially important for those over the age of 65 to consider paying for it. If you’re retired and have been planning the trip of a lifetime, consider travel insurance to put your mind at ease.

Travel Insurance

Qualities Of A Good UK Travel Insurance Provider

Planning a trip with your loved ones demands a lot of preparation, from making hotel reservations to booking flights in advance, to ensure a secure and enjoyable travel experience. However, not many people pay attention to getting travel insurance, which is equally crucial for the safety of travellers. By offering you financial cover in case of any mishap, travel insurance can prove life saving and thus, finding a good travel insurance provider is necessary. Mentioned below are a few prime qualities that a good UK travel insurance provider must have.

The type of cover needed can vary from one traveller and destination to another. One insurance cover that seems perfect for one tourist might not suffice the needs of another. Therefore, a good insurance provider must have a variety of choices. He should be able to suggest the type of insurance cover most suitable for you by analysing various factors, such as the destinations you are travelling to and the activities you need to indulge in there.

Understanding the terms and conditions of insurance can prove quite confusing for first time customers and it can spell hassles for them when making a claim or refund due to any reason. That is why transparency is of prime importance, as the insurance provider should make sure that the terms are listed out in a comprehensible form and understood clearly by the customer, so that any inconvenience can be avoided later on.

Travel insurance providers can vary a lot depending upon the level of dedication they show while serving their customers. Selling insurance cover is part of their job. However, they should be committed to provide their customers with the best service possible. Therefore, you should trust someone who is ready to go an extra mile to ensure your convenience. Emergencies can occur at any time and he should be available around the clock to provide assistance as and when required.

Limited insurance cover is a common problem that a lot of tourists face. It means that many insurance covers do not include additional losses. For example, you should be able to get a refund for a hotel room you booked but were unable to use because of a flight that got delayed or you were unable to board it due to any unavoidable reason. Usually such incidents are not covered in insurance policies and can become a matter of inconvenience for customers when it is time to make a claim.

Peace of mind is the prime reason for opting for travel insurance and this is possible only if you have a consistent and reliable UK travel insurance provider by your side. The market is flooded with insurance providers; however, not everyone can be termed trustworthy. It is worth spending some time going through the services and offers being provided by various insurance providers and carry out a diligent comparison among them. You should look for adequate insurance cover, along with additional perks, if any, which can ensure a pleasant experience for you and your family, without having to worry about additional expenses which can come up at any time and ruin your trip.

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This is where the road to buying travel insurance starts, but it does not have to end here, as Travel Insurance Planet presents a lot of additional options, for those, who like to be sure that they choose the best among available insurance policies. You can check travel insurance reviews left by other customers and choose the most reliable and customer-friendly travel insurance company. This can save you a lot of trouble when trying to receive payment for medical costs from the travel insurance company.If you want to travel life insurance can sometimes be not enough – it might not cover medical costs if you happen to have an accident abroad. That is why you should always make sure that you have the right insurance policy for your needs, especially if you want to travel abroad. The offer at Travel Insurance Planet includes also international travel insurance, so take a look at your options and prices.
Accidents and illness can happen to you everywhere and you should always be prepared and protected. Luckily, buying travel insurance is now easier than ever and you do not have to stop your packing and leave your house to get the policy. Choose the one that appeals to you the most and buy travel insurance online, in few simple and safe steps.