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Sometimes life throws you so many things at once that you’re almost incapable of handling it. If you have an emergency in which you must fly, but you unfortunately have a broken leg, flying isn’t as easy as getting seated and putting your foot up. There are measures that must be taken long before the flight to ensure that your travelling will be safe and easy.

Travelling with a Broken Leg

It may seem weird that you have to get the ‘okay’ before travelling when it’s your body, but flying can actually harm your broken bone even more. Before anything is done, call your primary physician or orthopaedic to make sure flying with your specific injury is okay. The reason is that pressure at high altitudes can prevent your broken bone from healing. Sitting for extended periods of time can also cause issues with your healing, and infection may arise.

Already present infections can also lead to blood clots when travelling, especially flying, which is why it’s important to ask your doctor beforehand. If you can’t put off travelling, medical travel insurance can help ease your frustrations in case you have to go to the hospital in another country. It’s important to look into travel insurance, as your normal health insurance most likely won’t cover anything outside of country borders.

Flying with a Cast

Depending on the type of cast you have on and the airline you’re travelling with, you’ll have to call the airline and speak to them about travelling with your cast on. They may need to make additional room for you, and if they don’t have the room for it, you may not be able to fly with them. They may also have to move you around to a bulkhead seat so that you have more room for reclining. The reason you won’t be able to sit in the large emergency exit aisle is because those who sit there have to help those getting out of the plane if that situation arises.

Security and Safety

Those who are injured do not get a lucky pass when it comes to airport security. Most crutches and wheelchairs have metal components, so security agents will have to assist you as support while your walking support is being inspected. This is the primary reason to arrive extremely early before your flight when nursing a broken bone. You will also have to be prepared for showing your pain medications and having them inspected.

The cast that you show up wearing will have to be inspected by security agents as well, so don’t be alarmed when they start searching. Their job is to make it as smooth and painless as possible for those with injuries. You may be able to board the plane before anyone else as an accommodation because of your injury. Make sure to ask for assistance to get settled, so you aren’t rushing around and potentially harming yourself even further if you’re flying alone.

Always arrive early and board ahead of time if you have an injury. If you don’t have an injury and you’re prone to getting hurt when travelling, look into traveller’s insurance for medical purposes abroad. This will allow you to have a great time without denying yourself treatment if you get hurt.

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