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When we’re young, we usually feel invulnerable. We’ll plan and go on a trip or holiday and try to make it as inexpensive as we possibly can. Most often, young people in this situation opt not to pay for travel insurance. But there are some very good reasons to pay for travel insurance even when we think that nothing bad could happen.

The General Importance of Travel Insurance for Everyone

It’s likely not something most people think about when they’re planning for a big trip. After all, it takes a lot of time and money to get everything scheduled and organised with a travel agent, let alone having to organise travel insurance as well. But what if things go wrong on your holiday? What are the main advantages of travel insurance for everyone? Here are some benefits to seriously consider next time you’re planning your big holiday:

  • If you’re overseas, and far away from home, anything can happen. You could become ill or have an accident. In this case, you might need to see a doctor or even go to the hospital. Travel insurance can cover you for these types of incidents and provide you peace of mind that you’ll be cared for, even in another country.
  • Sometimes your well-planned trip is delayed or interrupted for some reason that is outside of your control. It could be something as simple as your flight being delayed, or something as serious as political unrest in another country that forces you to board a plane and go back home. In either case, travel insurance can cover your monetary losses should your trip be delayed or cut short due to emergencies or other issues outside of your control.
  • It’s not something we give much thought to, but luggage is often damaged, lost or even stolen. But what would you do if this occurred? You’d certainly be inconvenienced and need to pay extra money to replace certain items. Travel insurance can cover you if your luggage is stolen, lost or is damaged.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Seniors

There are certainly some excellent reasons for paying for travel insurance that apply to everyone equally, but did you know that a lot of travel is done by those over the age of 65 and retirees? If you’re a senior, travel insurance is a very wise option, which is why travel insurance over 65 is offered by many agencies and travel agents.

But how does travel insurance for seniors differ from travel insurance for those who are younger? Senior citizens are often in a state of generally poorer physical health than their younger counterparts, so it makes good sense to seek travel insurance just for peace of mind. Apart from covering all of the normal risks, such as luggage, sickness and travel delays, travel insurance for the over-65s also covers death and repatriation of remains, should the worst ever happen. Good travel insurance for those over 65 should also include the following:

  • Death and the repatriation of remains so that a loved one can be buried or cremated back home
  • Ambulance cover
  • Hospital room or board if a stay due to illness is warranted

Insure Yourself against Problems and Have a Great Holiday

Even though we should all seek travel insurance when travelling, it’s especially important for those over the age of 65 to consider paying for it. If you’re retired and have been planning the trip of a lifetime, consider travel insurance to put your mind at ease.

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