A Guide to a Stress Free Foreign Holiday

We all love to jet off to a tropical paradise for a few weeks, yet long haul flying can certainly take its toll on the holidaymaker, so much so, that you might need a couple of days to recover. Flying can be stressful at the best of times, and here are a few tips to ensure that you arrive at your chose resort refreshed and ready to enjoy your much-needed annual holiday.

  • Book an Airport Transfer – It is very often the case that the most stressful part of travelling is actually getting to the airport, and by using the best airport transfer services in Plymouth, you will arrive at the check in desk fresh and ready for the coming flight. It makes sense to book for the return leg, which will ensure that you arrive home in good shape.
  • Fly Business Class – If at all possible, book business class for your long haul flight, which offers you a completely different experience than flying in economy. If you have ever sat for 12 hours in a restrictive seat, then you will know how tiring this is, and you don’t want to waste the first few days of your holiday recovering from the after effects of a long flight.
  • Be Prepared – If it is the first time you have visited a particular country, then spend a few hours online learning about the strange customs and culture that await you. This will prepare you well for the experience, and by packing all the essentials, you won’t be lacking anything during your stay.

The airport transfers will see you arrive for your flight in good time, and with the right planning and a little local research, your holiday will be memorable for all the right reasons.


The Magic of Sailing in The Solent

If you have never experienced a day’s yachting in the stunning Solent, but would like to try your hand at sailing, there are special yachting schools with courses from beginner level right up to Yacht Master. Alternatively, you may already have a degree of sailing experience and would like to pick up again where you left off. A short refresher course would be needed to review your yachting capabilities, then, with the right vessel and supervision, you can continue your mastery of sailing.

Advanced Sailing Courses

With expert RYA sailing courses in Gosport, you can tailor the tuition to your current skill levels, and with a personal one-on-one learning environment, your sailing ability will improve. After a short exploratory sailing session, the Yacht Master would assess your skills and then prepare a course that is based on your current level.

RYA Competent Crew Courses

Designed to help you attain a level when you can become an integral member of a yachting crew, RYA Competent Crew courses are ideal for the person who has a little sailing experience and would like to take it to the next level.

RYA Day Skipper Courses

Once you have completed the competent crewing course, you can learn valuable skills for skippering a yacht, which includes:

  • Navigation
  • Crew Delegation
  • Interpreting weather forecasts

Whatever your current sailing skills, book a sailing course today and take your sailing abilities to the next level. Courses are always available, and after an introductory session to evaluate your abilities, the Yacht Master can recommend the right course for you.


Khaolak, Family Vacation Destination In Phuket

Great experience for your family member

Escape from your busy day and spend quality time with your family in KhaoLak, Phuket. The name might not be familiar, but it is one of the top destinations in the world. It has the beautiful beach scenery of Andaman Sea coastline. This place could be reached by car from the International Airport in Phuket about 75 minutes driving. Bring your family to KhaoLak and stay in Luxury Resort by Devasom is a good way for family vacation.

  1. Family Pool Villa

This is a favorite choice of family resort with two bedrooms, located exactly in front of the beach. You can have a quality time while enjoy a beautiful sunset from the outdoor deck. This villa also has an infinity pool with spa jets, and sun loungers, your children must love this area.

The overall living area in this Luxury Resort by Devasom is about 200 m2 that include living room with premium minibar, coffee and tea maker, Internet Wi-Fi, LED TV, and Blu-Ray player. Private bathroom equipped with bathtub and separate shower. All rooms have individual air condition setting for acozier environment.

  1. Beachfront Pool Villa

If you only have a small member of a family, you might choose a smaller one, a Beachfront Pool Villa. This villa has only one bedroom. Meanwhile, other facilities are almost the same as the previous villa. You will also have a private beach access, an infinity pool, and outdoor deck area. The outdoor area might become a perfect place for a special dinner with your couple.

  1. Sky Villa Penthouse

Another option for a family vacation is a penthouse. It is located on the top of the hotel with a bigger living area. This Penthouse has a special outdoor pavilion, a private pool surrounded bya garden. A private dining room and separate living area are an interesting place for a family party.

Devasom facilities serve you with a dining experience and interesting activities. Your family will be served with a delicious food from traditional Thai cuisine and Western food. A special menu of seafood such as barbeque grill and a dinner party is favorite stuff.

Your family member could also enjoy great adventure activities such as exploring the surrounding village, mangrove forest, coconut plantation and kayak. There is a track for bicycle where you and your family can gather around and visit exciting places.

Next thing you could have in Devasom is cooking class for traditional main Thai cuisine or snack. You could also attend the handicraft making class and other cool activities such as yoga or even a cocktail party. Check more detail information and book in advance might help you to arrange your time effectively. For example, in a cooking class, you could bring your family together to learn from the best chef and taste the fresh food with happy and fun activity.


Are You Ready to Take a Short Holiday?

One of the best ways to get away from the stress of everyday life is to take a short city break. Short city breaks can be taken at luxury resorts or at budget accommodations. They make it possible for you to regroup and get a new lease on life.

City Break Destinations

Travel agents in SO41 often suggest short city breaks for their clients, as it gives travellers an opportunity, for instance, to further explore some of the interesting sites of Europe. For example, you can see cultural attractions and enjoy shopping or dining in major destinations, which can include the following:

  • Paris
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Dublin
  • Edinburgh

See Europe by Train

You can book a flight from major airports in the UK. You can also enjoy a city break by taking advantage of train travel. You can either choose to enjoy a break in a UK city or journey to a city, such as Brussels, Bruges, or Paris.

Other Interesting Destinations

When you contact a travel agent about your city break, you can select from bespoke packages or group tours. Other travel destinations you may want to consider include the following:

  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Cyprus
  • Albania
  • Turkey

Therefore, you can choose to take a break and explore an area yourself, or elect to take a tour and learn more about a city’s history or architecture. A city break is the ideal way to travel, one that will allow you to relax and become culturally enlightened at the same time. Travel agents are familiar with the features of a specific region. Therefore, depend on their expertise to assist you in picking just the right locale for your next short holiday.


Family Attractions In California For A Fun-Filled Spring Break

Believe it or not, spring break is just around the corner. If you’re anything like other families in the US, you use the kid’s vacation days as the perfect time to plan a vacation. Not wanting them to sit home all week long, you want to take them somewhere to burn up all that pent-up energy. With so many cool destinations and attractions across the country, however, choosing where to go can take some time.

Why California

If you’re not sure where to take the kids for spring or summer break this year, you should give the great state of California a try. The sunshine state is not only known for the Hollywood glitz and glam or white sand beaches, there’s actually a lot to see, do, and explore as a family. California is home to many popular family attractions and would be the perfect vacation destination for children of any age. Here are some hotspots you might visit.


One of the first locations worth visiting with your kids is Carlsbad, CA. There you’ll discover the ever-popular Legoland. The park has more than 60 rides, live shows, and exhibits made completely from legos for your children to explore. Children can let their imaginations run wild in the world of princesses, knights, and dragons. They can get behind the wheel and drive their own cars at Driving School and even make new friends at Heartlake City. There are so many different sites to see and things to do that your family will love every minute of it. You can learn more about accommodations and fun things for adults to do while they’re there.

San Diego Zoo

Located in San Diego, CA, the San Diego Zoo is an awesome place to take the kids for spring break. Just in time for the season, you’ll find a ton of exhibits and new creatures for you to learn about. Take a bus tour and view the entire area filled with animals like pandas, elephants, tigers, reptiles, and more. Then head on over to one of the play areas for some more interactive fun. Take photos with the pandas, crawl into the den of polar bears, and even solve puzzles and run through a maze at the elephant play yard. There’s also fine dining and shopping which is a plus.

Seaworld – San Diego

If your children love life under the sea then they’ll have a blast at San Diego’s SeaWorld. Equipped with cool rides, interactive shows, and breathtaking exhibits, your little ones will have the experience of a lifetime. Influenced by the sea, take a ride on some of the theme park’s most popular rides including the Sea Star Spin or the Electric Eel. Next, head on over to the daily family-friendly shows and presentations. You can see everything from Chinese acrobats to seals and dolphins perform.

The perfect spring break is one where the kids get to let loose and have fun. As you can see, California is filled with attractions that fit the bill. Whether your children love to play with their imagination, explore land animals, or travel under the sea, these three destinations are sure to be enjoyed from start to finish. So, let your inner child come out this year, let your hair down, and enjoy one of the above-mentioned attractions in sunny California.


What Makes Barbados an AwesomeVacation Spot

Looking to have a Caribbean adventure but aren’t sure which island to visit? You should consider holidaying in Barbados. Visitors will have a piece of their own tropical paradise enriched with colonial history and traditions. If you’re still sitting on the fence, here are a few reasons to choose this island for your next vacation.


Few places in the Caribbean present luxury as well as Barbados. From the high-end resorts lining the tropical coastline to the charming barbados rental homes around the island, you’re sure to get the best travel experience ever. Expect large swimming pools surrounded by sun loungers under the shady palm trees and banana plants. Not only will you feel like you’re in a paradise, but the staff will also always give you a five-star treatment. This makes Barbados a prime location for luxury retreats and honeymooners.

The Weather

Barbados experiences endless summers with temperatures always suitable for wearing t-shirts and shorts. Regardless of the time of year, you’re almost guaranteed to have excellent weather. Visit in the dry season between November and May,and you can expect cloudless skies against the white sand beach and theazure Caribbean Sea. And if you come in the wet season, downpours tend to come in short bursts before quickly drying up again.

Swimming with Turtles

Just imagine going out into the warm Caribbean Sea and swimming among the turtles. Can there be anything more magical than this experience? This is a once in a lifetime for anyone regardless of their interests and ability in diving. You can join a tour group that provides all the equipment and takes you out to the water. Just remember to bring a waterproof camera to capture the magic on film.

Free Access to the Beaches

Unlike other countries around the world and some of its Caribbean neighbourhoods, all the beaches on this island are free and accessible to the public. Under Barbadian law, private companies aren’t allowed to buy up stretches on the beach. What this means for tourists (and locals) is that every centimetre of the coastline is freely available for tourists. And with more than 100 kilometres of beaches stretching around the island, there’s always going to be a few perfect places to unwind.

The Snorkelling and Deep Sea Diving

After relaxing on the beach, you can head out onto the water to enjoy snorkelling and diving. The abundance of marine life swimming underneath the surface includes turtles, tropical fish of all colours of the rainbow and untouched coral reefs. If you’re a licenced diver, you can head a little further away from the shore and explore one of Barbados’s many shipwrecks. Rental equipment and tour guides are widely available.

Bajan Food

Caribbean foodin general is delicious with a blend of different flavours, spices and cuisine. Head to Barbados,and you’ll find a mouth-watering fusion of Caribbean, West Indies and African flavours to create a unique style located only on this island. European influences are slowly beginning to gain more popularity here too. And not to mention theabundance of seafood and lobsters freshly caught in the Caribbean Sea. No matter what type of meal you’re looking for, it will be readily available in Barbados. One of the must-try snacks is the fish balls. Vendors often roam around selling these tasty snacks,and they’re worth trying at least once.


Did you know that Barbados is the birthplace of Rum? Almost four hundred years ago, the Caribbean’s favourite drink was born in the Mount Gay Rum distillery. From then onwards, the golden liquid made from sugar cane has gainedpopularity around the globe. If you visit Barbados, you can find the cheap drink sold in almost every bar, restaurant and hangout along the beach. Connoisseurs can head to Mount Gay and sample some of the island’s oldest and most exclusive types. Whether you’re a fan of the drink or not, be sure to taste the local Bajan rum punch at least once on your trip to Barbados.

Crop Over

Barbados’s most famous festival takes place every summer and attracts thousands of partygoers. Dating back the late 18th-century, the festival signals the end of harvest. Street parades and a Carnival-type atmosphere similar to those in Brazil and Trinidad are the norm. Local Bajans of all ages don their finest costumes and parade down the street as the truck blasts out the latest Soca music. Different parties are held around the island,and Rihanna usually makes an appearance at some of the events. Everyone from all walks of life and nationalities are welcome to take part in the festivities and attending this event is a great way to experience theBajan culture.

The Natural Beauty

The Island of Barbados is a tropical paradise. White-sand beaches surround the hilly centre filled with lush tropical rainforests and jungle. Within an hour of the capital Bridgetown, you’ll be out in the midst of nature with a range of hiking trails to choose from. Some lead up to impressiveviewpoints whereas others take hikers to hidden waterfalls. The good news is that unlike other islands, Barbados is free from poisonous snakes and other nasty critters. Visitors have two choices: Either you can rent a car or take the bus to the trails or join a guided tour. The first gives you more flexibility whereas the second provides a context for what you’re seeing and experiencing.

Why Should You Visit Barbados this Year?

Barbados makes the ideal vacation spot for its beaches, weather, snorkelling and diving opportunities combined with a relaxed culture. The luxury, natural beauty and festivals are other reasons that give holidaymakers an incredible experience in this small Caribbean Island nation.

Hotels & Accommodations Vacation

Visit Five Star Vacation Rentals for Well-equipped Places & Most-modern Amenities

Maria Cobb offers the service of Five Star Vacation Rentals, which is a part of luxury vacation rental properties business run by Maria Cobb and Kevin Cobb for nearly 20 years. The exceptional services offer five star experiences to the customers with the help of well-planned operations and high quality services. Maria while travelling with Kevin, visited many locations and stayed at various places during their journey. She had faced many different situations and she had practically experienced many difficulties as a traveler. With the help of Kevin, she decided to offer better travelling and staying opportunities to people who love to travel and visit various places during vacations.

Enjoy Vacation at Five Star Vacation Rentals

Maria decided to offer high quality rentals at the New Port beach. The rental services offers five star experience to the customers who come and stay at the places offering outstanding experiences. Most of the people love to go to different places with friends and families during vacations, to celebrate New Year during Christmas vacation. It is the time when people like to begin the New Year with lots of excitement, which includes celebrations, parties and even greeting each other with new resolutions. Maria knew that people always love to celebrate even by booking a romantic weekend online. The company offers various easy-to-use customized apps, which encourage the guests while making plans for exciting vacations.

Well-equipped Places & Most-modern Amenities

The luxurious rental properties offered are well-equipped with most modern amenities and well-structured designs. The relaxing and chilly atmosphere always bring smile on the faces of the travelers and make them enjoy the moments of life forgetting all their worries. Mostly the services are offered to the group of people who travel with friends and families. There are various estates to choose from, while deciding the destinations. The guests can choose the activities which they want to enjoy the most. The outdoor activities such as golf courses, ski slopes, green mountains allow the visitors to have fun and offer hot water tub in the evening, which diminish all the body pain making them hale and hearty again.

Most Luxurious Accommodations for the Guests

Before starting to invest in the luxurious property and the condos on the New Port beach, Maria along with Kevin have travelled and lived as guest at various locations exploring the destinations. Both of them decided and planned to offer most luxurious accommodations to the guests. The well-designed estates have private spa, well-resourced kitchen, relaxing open areas, fireplaces and can easily accommodate about 15 guests at a time. The arrangement can be used on sharing basis, which helps in splitting the expenses between the families. The properties that Maria offers to the customers include seaside villas, palatial resorts and award winning restaurants. The accommodations also offer night life, bars, eateries, live musical shows, dancing floors and intimate spots. Even world-class spas offer choice of massage which helps in releasing stress and getting back in action.

Maria Cobb has a dream of making the visitors happy and to have best of services, which they will remember for long. Five Star Vacation Rentals makes her dream come true by offering excellent rental properties and amazing experience.


Pack Your Bags To Enjoy A Fun Full Tour To Thailand

If you are planning for a holiday tour of more number of days with family or friends, then visiting Thailand is going to be the best option for you. You get the option for performing a number of activities and places to roam that you enjoy doing in Phuket which is one of the famous cities of Thailand. Phuket evidences a number of beaches where you can have well spent time and can enjoy activities like boat riding, fishing tours, more. Listed below are some of the best things to do in Phuket.

Spend a day in Phi Phi Island: It is one of the famous islands in Thailand which will surely give you a memorable experience if visited here. This island has been in most movies and is the topic for conversation for many travelers and local residents.

Roam across bangla road: If you want to enjoy drinking cheap bears and have a fun night, then bangla road should be your first stoppage. This 400m long road is restricted for the entry of vehicles and the road is decorated with neon lights, cheap bear and with loud music. The entire bar and club owners compete with each other for customers.

Big Buddha in Phuket: Make sure to see the fine architecture of the Phuket engineers from very close in the form of big Buddha statue. Tourists from different nations visit the place to enjoy spending the peaceful time here. It is admired as the important landmark in Phuket. The Buddha statue is constructed of 45m of height that can easily be seen from Phuket towns and beaches.

Visit best night markets: If you love shopping then surely visit the night market which starts during night time. Chillva market, Phuket weekend market, and malin plaza Patong are some best markets where you can visit doing shopping for local clothing of Phuket. Enjoy having delicious foods sold along the streets.


Green Places to Go on Vacation

Travelling Green

There are numerous ideologies when it comes to being green, but at the end of the day, what’s really important is reducing waste and promoting healthy practices. If you are an eco-geek or a green freak, there is a vacation that is right for you. You may have to do some extra research, but in the end, it is so worth it.


Ecotourism can be described as “form of sustainable travel that supports the local environment instead of putting more pressure on it and exploiting its resources” and ZME Science feels that it is important for numerous reasons. Protecting nature is becoming more important as human decisions continue to have a negative impact on the world around us. Helping out with indigenous cultures and eco-systems can also make a major difference, both in those regions, but also for expanding your mind and mentality.

Hoang Lien National Park

Located in the Sa Pa District of Lao Cai, Vietnam are larger than life stairs that sprawl up the mountain range in giant, chartreuse steps. This may be a strangely literal take on the idea, but you can’t deny the beauty of it and hiking is a practice that leaves a fairly low carbon footprint, so it really works both ways.

Manzanillo-Gandoca Wildlife Refuge

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for eco-tourism and sustainable traveling, but few places are cooler to visit than the wildlife refuges where you have the chance to peek some cool and endangered species in their natural habitats. Protected tapirs and zen sloths await amongst birds of every color. This vast range contains a collection of rainforest and wetland habitat complete with a coral reef.

Boston, MA

It may sound surprising to have a big city on this list, but Boston has made huge strides in becoming more green in recent years, right down to the infrastructure of their business energy. Boston energy benchmarking has helped to reduce energy waste. For tourists, there are numerous low-waste things to do, as well. The city is very friendly for bikers and has many outdoor activities and shows to go to.

Chaa Creek

This infamously glass-like creek situated in Belize has become one of the world’s most prolific Eco-tourism stops. This destination is located in the middle of where the Mayan civilization thrived, so you can take in the history and local culture while having a true jungle experience. Chaa Creek has even won awards for being “one of the Caribbean region’s best examples of sustainable, Green tourism.” Blend the comforts of having excellent resorts nearby all of the natural wonders of the jungle.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve

This South African sustainable reserve practices organic farming and protects endangered species, such as the Cape Mountain zebra, which was saved from the brink of extinction. Participation in community support, such as with schools, clinics, and museum refurbishment, is also an option. There are even numerous rock-art sites that are more than 10,000 years old that you can visit. You will rarely find art more historic than that.


Why You Should Try Golfing This Year in Mission Hills

Golf is a game enjoyed by millions all over the world, and this long-lived sport is as exciting for young children in the United States as it is for 90-year-olds in Australia. Golf is a global sport that absolutely anyone can pick up and enjoy, and there are few reasons why you should give it a try on your own this year. You could very well improve your quality of life on multiple levels just by playing casually, and any professional play could earn you serious awards including cash prizes.


Fewer and fewer people spend significant time outdoors as new and improved technologies give people more reasons to stay inside. Golfing could be your chance to get away from that and experience some of the world’s beauty while enjoying an exciting game with friends, family, or alone. Golf courses are well kept and often created by famous artists and architects to ensure each game is a challenge to overcome, although there are many courses designed to help beginners hone their skills.

Many new courses are designed to utilise the surrounding landscape to create unique natural elements, leaving you with the feeling that you are walking through a beautiful meadow in the middle of a forest, desert, or a beach. Fresh air, warm sunshine, and beautiful greens make this a sport worth enjoying at any skill level. You should see a significant improvement to your enjoyment when spending time away from the home, and there are many opportunities to enjoy unique courses.


Mission Hills golf tours are just one of the opportunities available to you. You could utilise this option to enjoy some truly unique and exciting holidays around the world. Visit China with its hundreds of courses and many other places as you grow your skills. There are even resorts specifically designed with golfing enthusiasts in mind, with many amenities and luxuries included in those resorts.

No matter if you love to play for fun or competitively, this is your chance to travel and meet people with similar interests. You could very well come home having made life-long friends and connections that will benefit your life in the long run. You should also see your game improve significantly by the time you arrive home.

Get Fit

Although this is more of a side effect of golfing than a direct reason to play, you do not often see overweight professionals in the golfing world. The mere act of golfing and walking the course can burn more than 1,000 calories! The more you play, the more you should see your lean muscles becoming stronger and more capable of driving the ball further down the course and closer to the green.

You deserve to have a great time while enjoying a game that is good for the mind and body. Spending time outdoors could also significantly increase your quality of life, which is another great benefit of playing golf. Whatever your reason to start playing, you are unlikely to want to stop after you return from that first golfing tour.