Fun Filled Spring Break

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Believe it or not, spring break is just around the corner. If you’re anything like other families in the US, you use the kid’s vacation days as the perfect time to plan a vacation. Not wanting them to sit home all week long, you want to take them somewhere to burn up all that pent-up energy. With so many cool destinations and attractions across the country, however, choosing where to go can take some time.

Why California

If you’re not sure where to take the kids for spring or summer break this year, you should give the great state of California a try. The sunshine state is not only known for the Hollywood glitz and glam or white sand beaches, there’s actually a lot to see, do, and explore as a family. California is home to many popular family attractions and would be the perfect vacation destination for children of any age. Here are some hotspots you might visit.


One of the first locations worth visiting with your kids is Carlsbad, CA. There you’ll discover the ever-popular Legoland. The park has more than 60 rides, live shows, and exhibits made completely from legos for your children to explore. Children can let their imaginations run wild in the world of princesses, knights, and dragons. They can get behind the wheel and drive their own cars at Driving School and even make new friends at Heartlake City. There are so many different sites to see and things to do that your family will love every minute of it. You can learn more about accommodations and fun things for adults to do while they’re there.

San Diego Zoo

Located in San Diego, CA, the San Diego Zoo is an awesome place to take the kids for spring break. Just in time for the season, you’ll find a ton of exhibits and new creatures for you to learn about. Take a bus tour and view the entire area filled with animals like pandas, elephants, tigers, reptiles, and more. Then head on over to one of the play areas for some more interactive fun. Take photos with the pandas, crawl into the den of polar bears, and even solve puzzles and run through a maze at the elephant play yard. There’s also fine dining and shopping which is a plus.

Seaworld – San Diego

If your children love life under the sea then they’ll have a blast at San Diego’s SeaWorld. Equipped with cool rides, interactive shows, and breathtaking exhibits, your little ones will have the experience of a lifetime. Influenced by the sea, take a ride on some of the theme park’s most popular rides including the Sea Star Spin or the Electric Eel. Next, head on over to the daily family-friendly shows and presentations. You can see everything from Chinese acrobats to seals and dolphins perform.

The perfect spring break is one where the kids get to let loose and have fun. As you can see, California is filled with attractions that fit the bill. Whether your children love to play with their imagination, explore land animals, or travel under the sea, these three destinations are sure to be enjoyed from start to finish. So, let your inner child come out this year, let your hair down, and enjoy one of the above-mentioned attractions in sunny California.

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