North Indian dishes

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If you have always associated Chennai with South Indian cuisines, well, then you are not the only one. After all, there is no place like this city that serves amazing South Indian dishes in every nook and corner. But did you know that it also hosts plenty of eateries that serve the best mouth-watering North Indian delicacies too? Well, that’s right. Chennai has always taken great care of each of its guests and therefore, it has various outlets that serve delicious Makai ki roti, butter chicken and creamy lassi for all the guests visiting here from Delhi, Jaipur, Kanpur or any other North Indian cities. You will also get many more varieties and savour them all at economical prices. So, if you want to try something different than South Indian delicacies in Chennai, I suggest, try their lip-smacking North Indian dishes and you will remember the taste forever. Not convinced yet? Then, make your Spicejet flight booking or any other flight booking that you prefer and embark on a food sojourn to these remarkable North Indian restaurants and get convinced yourself.

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This rooftop restaurant in Chennai is quite popular among tourists as well as the locals. Rajputana, in Chennai, has a plush interior with wooden floorings and modern well-fitted lights that makes the place cosy and comfortable. This restaurant is frequented by youngsters, families and especially couples for the appealing vibe. You can even watch live cricket scores resting on the comfortable lounges while your food gets prepared. The widespread buffet is another unique feature of this eatery where the menu covers most of the global cuisines and might make you confused about which to choose. But if I had to choose it for you, I would definitely recommend their North Indian delicacies. You must try their delicious murgh tikka and Sarson da Saag that will take you to a different world with its taste. Apart from that, there are many other North Indian delicacies that you can choose to try for an incredible food experience.

Little North

If you love vegetarian North Indian food, then visit Little North. This is considered to be one of the best eateries in Chennai and is a great option for both the locals as well as tourists to dine after a hectic day of city exploration. You will find here authentic North Indian delicacies to enjoy with your family and friends. The delectable menu of this restaurant offers paneer lababdar, paneer tikka and other North Indian dishes that are tantalizing to the taste buds. Besides this, you can also try their palak paneer and Missi roti from their al la carte menu that is brilliant in taste. The buffet spread is equally palatable and there is an array of other food options where you can choose from. A pocket-friendly restaurant, Little North, attracts visitors for not only its exceptional dishes but also for its prime location in central Chennai. The wooden seating arrangement and elaborate designs on the pillars make it a grand dine-out with your near and dear ones. The soft lights and modern art pieces on the walls convey a contemporary appeal that is favoured by both senior citizens and the young alike. There is also a television with a large screen fitted on the wall where you can catch up with the live cricket scores while savouring your favourite dishes.


Bhangra is one of the favoured places in Chennai for visitors and locals owing to its charming ambience and trademark dishes. It is a must-visit place if you want to try some lip-smacking North Indian delicacies in both spicy and mild-spicy forms. The ambience is classy and the interior decoration resembles the North Indian style. The menu offers various kinds of dishes that include chicken Kathi roll, traditional chole bhature, succulent and tender chicken malai tikka and many more. Besides, they also have refreshing lassi options to end your meal perfectly. The place is famous for its signature dish that is chicken lasooni tikka.

The best thing about this city is that it has retained the heritage of Indian cuisines to date. From the first bite till the last, each dish here speaks of the rich history of this incredible city and how it has adapted to different food cuisines and variations over time. So, if you want to learn about how Chennai adapted North Indian dishes in its restaurants and more about how the chefs prepare the meal, then do not step back. Plan your food sojourn here on weekends and have a great time savouring and simultaneously learning about the North Indian cuisine in Chennai in great depth.

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