Maui for Travelers

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Hawaii is the home to many of the best islands in the world. This beautiful country harbors some of the best barrier reefs, oceans, tropical beaches, and volcanoes. One of the many is the Island of Maui. Maui is one of the many islands that are an attraction for the tourist and whoever visits Hawaii cannot leave without going through those beautiful places.

Aside from being home to the home of the beautiful ocean and national parks, Maui also has some fun facts of its own that you might not be aware of.

Are you one of them who is going to visit Maui for vacation? Then before visiting this beautiful island why not have a look at some of the most important facts about Maui:

1. The Largest Dormant Volcano Is Present Here

Yep, the most important fact about this beautiful island is that this one harbors the world’s largest dormant volcano. Mount Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano you will find on the island of Maui. Although this volcano was quite active back in the seventies now this one is not. A lot of the tourists take a good hike towards the mount Haleakala summit to view this gigantic landscape and to catch a beautiful glimpse of the sunset and sunrise.

2. Second Largest Hawaiian Island

Yep, this beautiful island is the second-largest island in Hawaii. So you will find all kinds of activities and travel destinations here. Whether it is snorkeling through water, learn scuba diving on Maui, hiking for volcano viewing or attending festivals. You can do all of this on this island.

3. Harbors the Largest Tree of the US

Well, you might find a tree a very attractive tourist spot. But when the tree is 142 years old and occupies almost half of the city then you might be interested in seeing what it is. The banyan tree, the USA’s largest tree, is located in downtown Lahaina.

4. Road Trips Through the Thick Forests

You will find some of the best road trips spots here. The 52 miles Hana highway is the best gateway for road trippers. Passing through the thick rainforest and waterfalls you are going to have one heck of a road trip. And that’s not it this curvy road will lead you to some even more beautiful destinations during the road trips that you will be forced to stop and have a good view. And be prepared to pass through a hell of a lot of bridges.

5. Unique Sand Beaches

Well, we see that same old sand every time we visit a beach. But in Hawaii you get a view of some of the unique shores you will ever find in the world. One such example is the black sand of the Kaihalulu beach… Made up of lava pebbles, this beautiful beach has rustic black sand giving your eye a unique and magnificent view.

6. Home to the Best Banana Bread

Well if you are a bread enthusiast and like to keep on discovering new tastes of this delicacy then you need to visit the outskirts of Kahakuloa. You definitely would not want to miss some of the best banana bread out there. This bread is made up of fresh local bananas and is sold on a wooden stand on the roadside. Although you might have to face some bendy roads but this treat is worth the drive.

7. You Can Be as Casual as You Want

Now the best part about Hawaii is that you do not need to pack some fancy cocktail dresses or gowns. All you need to pack is casual. Hawaii is all about casual. No strict dress codes, you can wear whatever you want that might be even some simple flip-flops or cotton pants. Casual is all that you need for a trip to Hawaii.

Final Words

Here are some fun facts that you should be aware of about this Magnifique island and we hope that you were able to understand more about this island. So now it’s time to board the plane and have a blasting trip on Maui.

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