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Looking to have a Caribbean adventure but aren’t sure which island to visit? You should consider holidaying in Barbados. Visitors will have a piece of their own tropical paradise enriched with colonial history and traditions. If you’re still sitting on the fence, here are a few reasons to choose this island for your next vacation.


Few places in the Caribbean present luxury as well as Barbados. From the high-end resorts lining the tropical coastline to the charming barbados rental homes around the island, you’re sure to get the best travel experience ever. Expect large swimming pools surrounded by sun loungers under the shady palm trees and banana plants. Not only will you feel like you’re in a paradise, but the staff will also always give you a five-star treatment. This makes Barbados a prime location for luxury retreats and honeymooners.

The Weather

Barbados experiences endless summers with temperatures always suitable for wearing t-shirts and shorts. Regardless of the time of year, you’re almost guaranteed to have excellent weather. Visit in the dry season between November and May,and you can expect cloudless skies against the white sand beach and theazure Caribbean Sea. And if you come in the wet season, downpours tend to come in short bursts before quickly drying up again.

Swimming with Turtles

Just imagine going out into the warm Caribbean Sea and swimming among the turtles. Can there be anything more magical than this experience? This is a once in a lifetime for anyone regardless of their interests and ability in diving. You can join a tour group that provides all the equipment and takes you out to the water. Just remember to bring a waterproof camera to capture the magic on film.

Free Access to the Beaches

Unlike other countries around the world and some of its Caribbean neighbourhoods, all the beaches on this island are free and accessible to the public. Under Barbadian law, private companies aren’t allowed to buy up stretches on the beach. What this means for tourists (and locals) is that every centimetre of the coastline is freely available for tourists. And with more than 100 kilometres of beaches stretching around the island, there’s always going to be a few perfect places to unwind.

The Snorkelling and Deep Sea Diving

After relaxing on the beach, you can head out onto the water to enjoy snorkelling and diving. The abundance of marine life swimming underneath the surface includes turtles, tropical fish of all colours of the rainbow and untouched coral reefs. If you’re a licenced diver, you can head a little further away from the shore and explore one of Barbados’s many shipwrecks. Rental equipment and tour guides are widely available.

Bajan Food

Caribbean foodin general is delicious with a blend of different flavours, spices and cuisine. Head to Barbados,and you’ll find a mouth-watering fusion of Caribbean, West Indies and African flavours to create a unique style located only on this island. European influences are slowly beginning to gain more popularity here too. And not to mention theabundance of seafood and lobsters freshly caught in the Caribbean Sea. No matter what type of meal you’re looking for, it will be readily available in Barbados. One of the must-try snacks is the fish balls. Vendors often roam around selling these tasty snacks,and they’re worth trying at least once.


Did you know that Barbados is the birthplace of Rum? Almost four hundred years ago, the Caribbean’s favourite drink was born in the Mount Gay Rum distillery. From then onwards, the golden liquid made from sugar cane has gainedpopularity around the globe. If you visit Barbados, you can find the cheap drink sold in almost every bar, restaurant and hangout along the beach. Connoisseurs can head to Mount Gay and sample some of the island’s oldest and most exclusive types. Whether you’re a fan of the drink or not, be sure to taste the local Bajan rum punch at least once on your trip to Barbados.

Crop Over

Barbados’s most famous festival takes place every summer and attracts thousands of partygoers. Dating back the late 18th-century, the festival signals the end of harvest. Street parades and a Carnival-type atmosphere similar to those in Brazil and Trinidad are the norm. Local Bajans of all ages don their finest costumes and parade down the street as the truck blasts out the latest Soca music. Different parties are held around the island,and Rihanna usually makes an appearance at some of the events. Everyone from all walks of life and nationalities are welcome to take part in the festivities and attending this event is a great way to experience theBajan culture.

The Natural Beauty

The Island of Barbados is a tropical paradise. White-sand beaches surround the hilly centre filled with lush tropical rainforests and jungle. Within an hour of the capital Bridgetown, you’ll be out in the midst of nature with a range of hiking trails to choose from. Some lead up to impressiveviewpoints whereas others take hikers to hidden waterfalls. The good news is that unlike other islands, Barbados is free from poisonous snakes and other nasty critters. Visitors have two choices: Either you can rent a car or take the bus to the trails or join a guided tour. The first gives you more flexibility whereas the second provides a context for what you’re seeing and experiencing.

Why Should You Visit Barbados this Year?

Barbados makes the ideal vacation spot for its beaches, weather, snorkelling and diving opportunities combined with a relaxed culture. The luxury, natural beauty and festivals are other reasons that give holidaymakers an incredible experience in this small Caribbean Island nation.

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