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Maria Cobb offers the service of Five Star Vacation Rentals, which is a part of luxury vacation rental properties business run by Maria Cobb and Kevin Cobb for nearly 20 years. The exceptional services offer five star experiences to the customers with the help of well-planned operations and high quality services. Maria while travelling with Kevin, visited many locations and stayed at various places during their journey. She had faced many different situations and she had practically experienced many difficulties as a traveler. With the help of Kevin, she decided to offer better travelling and staying opportunities to people who love to travel and visit various places during vacations.

Enjoy Vacation at Five Star Vacation Rentals

Maria decided to offer high quality rentals at the New Port beach. The rental services offers five star experience to the customers who come and stay at the places offering outstanding experiences. Most of the people love to go to different places with friends and families during vacations, to celebrate New Year during Christmas vacation. It is the time when people like to begin the New Year with lots of excitement, which includes celebrations, parties and even greeting each other with new resolutions. Maria knew that people always love to celebrate even by booking a romantic weekend online. The company offers various easy-to-use customized apps, which encourage the guests while making plans for exciting vacations.

Well-equipped Places & Most-modern Amenities

The luxurious rental properties offered are well-equipped with most modern amenities and well-structured designs. The relaxing and chilly atmosphere always bring smile on the faces of the travelers and make them enjoy the moments of life forgetting all their worries. Mostly the services are offered to the group of people who travel with friends and families. There are various estates to choose from, while deciding the destinations. The guests can choose the activities which they want to enjoy the most. The outdoor activities such as golf courses, ski slopes, green mountains allow the visitors to have fun and offer hot water tub in the evening, which diminish all the body pain making them hale and hearty again.

Most Luxurious Accommodations for the Guests

Before starting to invest in the luxurious property and the condos on the New Port beach, Maria along with Kevin have travelled and lived as guest at various locations exploring the destinations. Both of them decided and planned to offer most luxurious accommodations to the guests. The well-designed estates have private spa, well-resourced kitchen, relaxing open areas, fireplaces and can easily accommodate about 15 guests at a time. The arrangement can be used on sharing basis, which helps in splitting the expenses between the families. The properties that Maria offers to the customers include seaside villas, palatial resorts and award winning restaurants. The accommodations also offer night life, bars, eateries, live musical shows, dancing floors and intimate spots. Even world-class spas offer choice of massage which helps in releasing stress and getting back in action.

Maria Cobb has a dream of making the visitors happy and to have best of services, which they will remember for long. Five Star Vacation Rentals makes her dream come true by offering excellent rental properties and amazing experience.

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