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If you are planning for a holiday tour of more number of days with family or friends, then visiting Thailand is going to be the best option for you. You get the option for performing a number of activities and places to roam that you enjoy doing in Phuket which is one of the famous cities of Thailand. Phuket evidences a number of beaches where you can have well spent time and can enjoy activities like boat riding, fishing tours, more. Listed below are some of the best things to do in Phuket.

Spend a day in Phi Phi Island: It is one of the famous islands in Thailand which will surely give you a memorable experience if visited here. This island has been in most movies and is the topic for conversation for many travelers and local residents.

Roam across bangla road: If you want to enjoy drinking cheap bears and have a fun night, then bangla road should be your first stoppage. This 400m long road is restricted for the entry of vehicles and the road is decorated with neon lights, cheap bear and with loud music. The entire bar and club owners compete with each other for customers.

Big Buddha in Phuket: Make sure to see the fine architecture of the Phuket engineers from very close in the form of big Buddha statue. Tourists from different nations visit the place to enjoy spending the peaceful time here. It is admired as the important landmark in Phuket. The Buddha statue is constructed of 45m of height that can easily be seen from Phuket towns and beaches.

Visit best night markets: If you love shopping then surely visit the night market which starts during night time. Chillva market, Phuket weekend market, and malin plaza Patong are some best markets where you can visit doing shopping for local clothing of Phuket. Enjoy having delicious foods sold along the streets.

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