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If you have never experienced a day’s yachting in the stunning Solent, but would like to try your hand at sailing, there are special yachting schools with courses from beginner level right up to Yacht Master. Alternatively, you may already have a degree of sailing experience and would like to pick up again where you left off. A short refresher course would be needed to review your yachting capabilities, then, with the right vessel and supervision, you can continue your mastery of sailing.

Advanced Sailing Courses

With expert RYA sailing courses in Gosport, you can tailor the tuition to your current skill levels, and with a personal one-on-one learning environment, your sailing ability will improve. After a short exploratory sailing session, the Yacht Master would assess your skills and then prepare a course that is based on your current level.

RYA Competent Crew Courses

Designed to help you attain a level when you can become an integral member of a yachting crew, RYA Competent Crew courses are ideal for the person who has a little sailing experience and would like to take it to the next level.

RYA Day Skipper Courses

Once you have completed the competent crewing course, you can learn valuable skills for skippering a yacht, which includes:

  • Navigation
  • Crew Delegation
  • Interpreting weather forecasts

Whatever your current sailing skills, book a sailing course today and take your sailing abilities to the next level. Courses are always available, and after an introductory session to evaluate your abilities, the Yacht Master can recommend the right course for you.

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