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Known as the ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune retains a lot of its historical charm while presenting a global outlook as well.

Whenever most people book a holiday to Maharashtra, they make a beeline for Mumbai. But it’sequally interestingneighbour Pune, is worth making a pit stop in. Book flight between Delhi and Pune for a fun and educational vacation, comprising:

1 Eat, drink and everything in between

Not many people coming to Pune for the first time are aware of just how much the city loves to eat. Punekars are extremely fond of their nosh, and they have quite adventurous tastes as well. This explains why so many new hotels are always springing up all over the city, and why so many international restaurant chains are making a beeline for it. Whether Indian or Italian, you are sure to find the cuisine of your choice in Pune.

2 See the sights

Pune has a rich history and it occupies pride of place in the history pages outlining Maharashtra’s historical past. However, it had a thriving educational and cultural scene, and it continues to be the city with the best schools and higher education centres. Meanwhile, it has old wadas and remnants of the famous Shanivar Wada, where the Peshwas lived. Plus, there’s the beautiful Sinhagad Fort, the Buddhist Karla Caves, and the Osho Ashram. If you like history, book your Delhi to Pune flightnow!

3 Catch a musical concert or play

Punekars have an abiding love for theatre and music, and there is always a good play or concert to catch. Unlike most other cities in Maharashtra, theatre groups are keen to perform and stage shows in Pune all year round because they are sure to draw in the crowds. The city has also witnessed a burgeoning stand up comedy scene in recent years, apart from book readings and street plays.

4 Do the Doolally!

This is a fun thing to do when you’re in Pune; Doolally is the city’s first microbrewery. It was started by Oliver Schauf, a German brewing expert. The brews are changed every month, but they keep their excellent food menu intact. Sample some authentic German fare like Sauerkraut and frankfurters. There are also some Indian dishes available. After a tour of the facilities, you can take a bar stool and kick back with delicious beer and food.

5 Explore its old corners for great bookshops and shopping ops

Pune still has some old districts that still retain their old-world charm. Not much has changed in terms of the small bookshops and lending libraries there, either. Then there are the little stores that sell traditional Paithani sarees and cotton dress material, ideal for gifting to friends and family. You will also find little stalls selling little silver and brass Ganpati idols.

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