River Cruise Tours

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If you visit London, then you must not miss out going on a Thames River cruise. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the land, while cruising on the river. Many of the James Bond always have been shot on these cruise ships.

Land parties are common and almost everyone of us might have experience them. Partying in the cruises is a different experience and thrill altogether. It is also an excellent way to spend great time with friends, for even for celebrating birthdays with near and dear ones.

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty from the river:

River Thames flows through the southern part of the country, and the cruise ships will take you across some of the historical towns like Reading, Windsor, and Oxford. You get the experience of taking a mesmerising journey through the history of London, while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the places, right from your dining tables.

These waters are also very popular among tourists for different types of water-sports like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, rowing, and swimming. There are many companies offering all different types of cruise services to the tourists. You will need to choose one of the best Thames River Cruise dinner according to your preferences and requirements.

These cruises offer you an amazing experience, while checking out the spectacular grandeur of Millennium bridge and the Tower Bridge. The beautiful reflections of lights on water is something that cannot be explained in mere words. You will have to be there and experience it yourself, from your own perspective. Those memories will simply never fade away from your memories, and you will cherish them for many years.

These cruise packages are inclusive of drinks, dinner, and entertainment. Some of them also have live cabaret, dancing, and live music for entertainment. These cruises last for about 3 hours, where you will be sailing across many of the best tourist attractions of London, like the cannery war, O2 arena, and lots more.

Different cruise choices for enjoying dinner on River Thames:

Some of the cruises are well known for the dinners they serve, which is usually a 4 course meal. When you enter the cruise ship, you will be welcomed with sparkling champagne or wine. By the time you finish your drink, the night will simply turn magical. The cool river breeze, music in the air, and the ambience of the cruise will give you the kind of feel that you can never experience anywhere else.

You can choose showboat cruises, sightseeing cruises, or the high speed cruises depending on what you like. Also, you can choose the cruises depending on the areas that they cover. These cruises are also available with different types of dinner options like the 2 course meal, or the 4 course meals, etc.

If you are not a night person, then you could probably opt for the day cruises like the afternoon tea tours, or the sunset cruises. If you want to make it more thrilling, then you could also try the Airline cable car tours.

Make sure you check out the ratings of these cruises, so that you are able to make the right choices that perfectly suit your requirements and tastes.

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