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Mobile, Alabama is a historic place with beautiful squares, lovely old homes, and a cultural scene that is so vibrant. You can also find the USS Alabama Battleship, one of the main attractions of the port city. Tourists can visit and wander to many places like museums, beaches or the historic districts of Mobile. If you are located abroad and plans to check Alabama, then prepare your ESTA Visa and check out these places in Mobile!

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

If you are looking for an interactive science display, then the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center is the place for you. It also has an IMAX theater intended to educate and entertain young minds. If you are traveling with your kids, they can enjoy the interactive life science lab where they can do their experiments while learning about health and biology.

There are also topics about the Gulf of Mexico which includes human interaction with nature and the ocean life, where they can go on boating or fishing. Toddlers can also safely explore for there’s a play-learning area set aside for them. If you want to relax and watch, you can enjoy science-based films in their IMAX theaters throughout the day.

Fort Conde

The fort built by the French on 1702 to defend their colony, and rebuilt after the flood on 1723, serving as the primary defense point in the area until 1820. By 1823, they removed all the fort’s building making way for downtown Mobile, which includes Royal street, present-day Theater street, and Government Boulevard.

Tourists can get a glimpse of life during the 18th century in the fort which opened in the celebration of the nation’s bicentennial in 1976. You can enjoy many fun activities here like a shooting gallery, colonial-themed photo gallery, and a photo set complete with props and colonial costumes.

What are you waiting for, prepare your USA VISA and head to Fort Conde? If you stop by the Trading Post, you can get a free self-guided tour of the museum and grounds.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

The USS Alabama Battleship nicknamed the “Mighty A,” is a BB-60 Battleship launched in 1942 and after World War II, was decommissioned, making it the new veteran’s memorial park in 1965, the centerpiece of Mobile.

You can tour the USS Alabama’s decks, mess, berth compartments, turrets, and the captain’s cabin to name a few. You can also check the USS Drum, a historic submarine, which you can take a tour too. If you are a fan of aircraft, then you’d like to visit the park for it contains WWII-era craft like the Boeing B-52 bomber and a Red-Tail P-51, and A-12 Black Bird, a Cold-war spy plane.

 The park is a dedication for the Alabama veterans who served from World War II to Operation Desert Storm. You can also check other historic military equipment in the area which includes weapons, tanks, and other stuff from this era.

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

GulfQuest is the home for a wide variation of educational and interactive exhibits, which explores every facet of the Gulf of Mexico, from weather and natural habitats to its reputation as a maritime trade center. For the young tourists, they can enjoy the Junior Mariners play area, which inspires imagination with props, costumes, and gears that your kids can use to turn that kid-sized ship into any vessel.

You and your kids can also enjoy Mobile Bay’s full mural, featuring movable boats and sea life, which they can create their scene. Your family can also enjoy numerous interactive displays like navigation game, steamboat station, and even get a chance to operate a container ship.

Get your ESTA  to visit GulfQuest, and enjoy discovering shipwrecks and coral reefs in a submersible simulator and the Take the Helm exhibition, which allows a visitor to pilot a boat via simulation to navigate Mobile Bay. The museum provides multimedia presentations on the history and marine life of the area.


There are many places that you can visit in Mobile, Alabama. If you are looking for a place full of history with a mix of modern technology, then Mobile, Alabama is the place that you’ll surely enjoy. You and your family will get to enjoy the sights and the story behind it. If you don’t have a USA ESTA, you can visit to help you get one.

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