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iKamper Rooftop Tent Buying Guide

Are you a camping enthusiast in the market for a quality roof-top tent for your 4WD? If so, you have come to the right place. Even though roof-top tents have been around for decades, they hit the scene in a big way only about 6-8 years ago. That’s because some innovative companies decided to make roof-top tents to suit all occasions.

Roof-top tents are actually sleeping quarters that could be mounted on top of your 4WD or any other vehicle. It’s similar to the tent that you camp in, but it sits on top of your camping vehicle. The tent has a built-in mattress and is elevated off the ground. There is a ladder to access the tent when you want to use it. When not in use, the tent can be folded up into a small package similar to a roof-top cargo carrier. This iKamper rooftop buying guide will let you choose the best roof-top tent for your camping vehicle.

With so many roof-top tent products on the market today, choosing the best product isn’t easy. Your research plays an important part when picking the best tent for your vehicle. There are many things to consider in this regard. Here are some of the most important things to look for when choosing the right roof-top tent for your camping vehicle.

The first factor to consider is whether you should choose a hard-shell or soft-shell tent. The hardshell tent is much quicker to set-up and offers additional protection. But they are heavier and more expensive. The softshell tent is lighter and cheaper. But they are not as sturdy as the hardshell tent. They won’t weather the elements as a hard tent. The next factor is the size of the tent. The sleeping area and the space the tent will take when stowed on your vehicle are two of the most important aspects to consider when deciding the right size of the tent. If you have a small car, you shouldn’t opt for a massive tent as it’s a waste of your hard-earned money.

The weight of the tent is another factor to consider. It should be 100% safe on the roof or rack of your vehicle. The weight of the tent should be less than the dynamic weight rating of the vehicle. A lighter product is easier to handle, especially when you have a small vehicle. The construction quality, ease of setup, ventilation, accessories, and price are the other factors to consider when shopping for the best roof-top tent for your vehicle.

iKamper Rooftop Tent

The iKamper Rooftop Tent is one of the best products on the market today. The iKamper Skycamp 2.0 is a hardshell tent that sleeps up to 4 people. The company advertises the product as having a one-minute setup. The tent lifts up and to about a 45-degree angle when open. The tent accompanies a king-sized mattress with one of the largest sleeping areas in the rooftop tent market. The construction quality is great with a lot of stainless steel, strong hinges, and a sturdy ladder. The annex option gives you extra space under the extended floor of the tent. All in all, the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 is one of the best rooftop tents on the market today.

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Enjoy your island holiday

For many people, when they think of a holiday, they think of basking in the sun on an island. Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that has numerous beautiful islands. In these islands, many people enjoy wonderful holidays and you can be one of them.

Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy on an island holiday in Indonesia.

Cruise over the Indian Ocean

Any island holiday is not complete without enjoying a cruise on the lake or ocean that makes it an island. Indonesia islands are surrounded by the Indian Ocean. For a holiday in one of their islands, you will enjoy a cruise on the Indian Ocean.

One of the most popular cruises is from the island of Labuan Bajo to Komodo by Ayana. This is a three-day cruise that takes the holiday goer to different enjoyable sites. One of the highlights of this cruise is visiting the Komodo National Park.

In this park, you will get an opportunity to experience the endangered and largest lizard to walk the earth, the Komodo Dragon from which the park derives its name.

Enjoy unique colored beaches

For most people, the beaches are white. In this region, however, you will get an opportunity to experience and enjoy different colored beaches.

One of the beaches that you get to visit during your island holiday is the Pink Beach. It gets its name from the color of sand on the beach. The world over there is just about ten beaches with pink sand.

You will also get a chance to visit a black sand beach. As a result of the active volcanoes, the sand in this beach is black and is a great and different experience to bask in the sun on the black beach.

Enjoy delicious seafood cuisine

For an island holiday on any of the islands in Indonesia served by the Ayana hotels, you are in for a culinary treat.

The Ayana hotels go out of their way to ensure that you indulge in the popular local dishes. Being right next to the ocean, most of the dishes are seafood. The seafood is delicious and uniquely prepared from fresh ingredients by professional chefs.

The hotel also offers classes to their guest so that they can learn how to make a meal of available seafood just like their professional chefs.

For this class, guests get to enjoy a visit to the nearby markets to purchase fresh ingredients and interact with the local community. From the market, the guests are then taken back to the hotel kitchen where they get a lesson on making delicious seafood.

Learn more about the ocean’s flora and fauna

Besides the three-day cruise, the Ayana hotels also organize daily educational trips for its guests and numerous clients.

The boat that takes clients into the ocean for this excursion has a glass bottom. Through the glass bottom, those in the boat can enjoy beautiful views of life in the ocean. You will get to see a variety of fish species and other flora and fauna under the ocean.

Enjoy high-quality five-star hotel standards

Ayana Hotels is a leading five-star hotel brand. It provides high quality and professional hospitality services. It has numerous hotels all around the country.

At any of the Ayana hotels, you will enjoy the same award-winning service that they provide. You will get to stay in beautiful rooms that let in natural light through the large windows. You will also have spectacular vies depending on the hotel you are in. For the beach hotels, you will enjoy panoramic views of the ocean while for city hotels, you will get a beautiful view of the city.


Whenever you think of an island holiday, always think of the Ayana Hotels. They will give you an experience that you will never forget. With events ranging from cruises to seafood cuisine classes, you will have the time of your life on the island.

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Adventures in Zion National Park

Deep in southern Utah lies one of Utah’s mighty five national parks that both locals and tourists enjoy yearlong: Zion National Park. Due to the park’s relatively mild temperatures hovering around 50 degrees in the winter months, 60-80 degrees in the spring, and a high of between 90-110 degrees during the summer, it makes this destination a great place to visit any time of the year.

But it isn’t just the climate that makes Zion National Park a place worth visiting. With its majestic landscape consisting of towering red rock, slot canyons, rivers, streams, and even pine forests throughout, a trip to Zion may very well be a trip of a lifetime — that you’ll want to do again and again.

If you plan on visiting Zion National Park, here are some adventures that you should no doubt add to your to-do list:


One of the simplest and most rewarding ways to experience Zion National Park is by foot. Depending on your level of expertise and physical ability to do so, the park has several different hikes to meet your need.

There are simpler hikes like the paved Pa’rus Trail, the 1.2 mile Lower Emerald Pool Trail and the 1-mile Grotto Tail near the entrance of the park. There are more moderate hikes like Upper Emerald Pool Trail, Kayenta Trail, and the Canyon Overlook Trail that range from 1-2 miles with a bit more technical footing. And then there are hikes for the more experienced, particularly, Observation Point, The Narrows, and the iconic Angels Landing trail.

No matter the hike, you will be able to experience the magic of Zion.


If you like climbing on walls, being in tight spaces, and seeing places that aren’t visible to most without doing these things, you may want to try canyoneering. In fact, according to the national park’s website, canyoneering is perhaps the fastest growing recreational activity in the park and surrounding areas.

And just like hiking trails, there are canyons for beginners that are easy to descend through, and others that require technical planning, a fair amount of training even expert guides (some of the best ones are at East Zion Adventures) to navigate through. If you choose canyoneering as your adventure, you won’t regret it.

Horseback riding

Experience Zion like the early settlers did by going horseback riding. Ride through the trees of Pine Grove while spotting wildlife and experiencing a view of Checkerboard Mesa and the Kanab Plateaus. Take your horse up switchbacks as your ride to the Pine Knoll viewpoint for a stunning view of Zion National Park, Checkerboard Mesa, Grand Staircase, the Kaibab Plateaus, and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

There’s nothing quite like taking in the sights at a slower pace as you ride horseback, engulfed in nature.

Go for a Jeep ride

Perhaps you want to go canyoneering and would like an expedited, scenic trip there by someone who knows the park well. Maybe you just want to sit back and enjoy the seemingly endless miles the park has to offer with someone else behind the wheel — of a Jeep. These rugged vehicles are designed just for tackling such a landscape like Zion National Park, and you can easily book a ride or tour to help you experience the park the way you’d like to.

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A Puneri season: 5 things to do in our very own Oxford

Known as the ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune retains a lot of its historical charm while presenting a global outlook as well.

Whenever most people book a holiday to Maharashtra, they make a beeline for Mumbai. But it’sequally interestingneighbour Pune, is worth making a pit stop in. Book flight between Delhi and Pune for a fun and educational vacation, comprising:

1 Eat, drink and everything in between

Not many people coming to Pune for the first time are aware of just how much the city loves to eat. Punekars are extremely fond of their nosh, and they have quite adventurous tastes as well. This explains why so many new hotels are always springing up all over the city, and why so many international restaurant chains are making a beeline for it. Whether Indian or Italian, you are sure to find the cuisine of your choice in Pune.

2 See the sights

Pune has a rich history and it occupies pride of place in the history pages outlining Maharashtra’s historical past. However, it had a thriving educational and cultural scene, and it continues to be the city with the best schools and higher education centres. Meanwhile, it has old wadas and remnants of the famous Shanivar Wada, where the Peshwas lived. Plus, there’s the beautiful Sinhagad Fort, the Buddhist Karla Caves, and the Osho Ashram. If you like history, book your Delhi to Pune flightnow!

3 Catch a musical concert or play

Punekars have an abiding love for theatre and music, and there is always a good play or concert to catch. Unlike most other cities in Maharashtra, theatre groups are keen to perform and stage shows in Pune all year round because they are sure to draw in the crowds. The city has also witnessed a burgeoning stand up comedy scene in recent years, apart from book readings and street plays.

4 Do the Doolally!

This is a fun thing to do when you’re in Pune; Doolally is the city’s first microbrewery. It was started by Oliver Schauf, a German brewing expert. The brews are changed every month, but they keep their excellent food menu intact. Sample some authentic German fare like Sauerkraut and frankfurters. There are also some Indian dishes available. After a tour of the facilities, you can take a bar stool and kick back with delicious beer and food.

5 Explore its old corners for great bookshops and shopping ops

Pune still has some old districts that still retain their old-world charm. Not much has changed in terms of the small bookshops and lending libraries there, either. Then there are the little stores that sell traditional Paithani sarees and cotton dress material, ideal for gifting to friends and family. You will also find little stalls selling little silver and brass Ganpati idols.

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Learning to Sail with a Disability: It Is Possible

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) did an awful lot to expand the number of opportunities available to people with disabilities in everything from employment to accessing public services. It also helped change the way people with disabilities see themselves. They began to see themselves as capable of doing anything they want to do, with adaptations made for their disabilities. Sailing is a great example.

If you are someone without any personal experience with physical or mental disabilities, you may not view sailing as an activity that disabled people would be interested in. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sailing is one of only a small number of sports that allow people with disabilities to compete on a level playing field against more able-bodied sailors. Any adaptations made to accommodate a disabled sailor in no way give him or her an advantage over able-bodied. Adaptations simply level the playing field.

The Benefits of Sailing to the Disabled

People living with disabilities often feel like they are abnormal. In reality, they are just different. Getting involved in something like sailing drives that point home. Disabled people have their own abilities that manifest themselves in ways that are different. No matter how they manifest themselves, the abilities are still there. Learning to sail makes that clear.

People with physical disabilities can learn every aspect of sailing alongside more able-bodied sailors. They can learn how to trim sails and tack. They can learn how to navigate both on the open water and in a harbor setting. They can even learn the various crew positions on larger vessels, then fill those positions with the right kinds of adaptations.

All of this is good inasmuch as it allows disabled sailors to push themselves to their own limits. It allows them to excel and compete. Nothing boosts confidence in a disabled person more than these kinds of opportunities.

People with learning disabilities can also learn to sail as well. Indeed, there are sailing schools around the U.S. that specialize in teaching developmentally disabled kids and adults alike. Sailing instruction is used as both an educational and a therapeutic tool. Some of the best sailors among them go on to be competitive sailors.

Starting with Online School

If there is any disadvantage the disabled experience in learning to sail it is the fact that not every school in America is equipped to help them. That’s changing, but there is still a long way to go before adaptive sailing is mainstream. That means disabled sailors have to be more selective in the schools they choose.

The good news is that they can use online sailing courses to get the book work done prior to beginning hands-on training. NauticEd, one of the largest and most recognized online sailing schools in the world, offers a full litany of courses that any sailor can take to prepare him or herself for on-the-water training.

Studying online affords disabled sailors the opportunity to complete their coursework on their own time, in whatever location makes them comfortable. They can study at their own pace, too. The disabled sailor can take as long as he or she needs to finish a course, pass a test, and move onto the next one. Only when the person knows he or she is ready will he/she move on to hands-on training.

Thanks to the ADA and a growing awareness of the challenges those with disabilities face, sailing is becoming a sport that more disabled people are taking up. The boat doesn’t care whether a disabled sailor is on board, so why should sailors? They don’t. And that’s a good thing.

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Hua Hin Resort, The Best Luxury Beach Resort By Devasom

Hua Hin Resort is a Luxury Beach Resort by Devasom has a charismatic aura around it. It is a beautiful place to relax and catch fun. It will also bring you closer to the ocean and avail you the opportunity to play on the sand if you so desire. The hospitality offered here is top class, and their clients will have a good value for his or her money.

The natural beauty of this environment is one unique feature that sets it apart from the crowd and makes it an outstanding place for your short or extended vacation. If you want to visit Thailand and you have not concluded on the hotel where to lodge, you can give this hotel a try, and you will never regret it. They have all the amenities to make your stay in Thailand an interesting and pleasant one.

The hotel was opened to the public in 2010. It has received several awards over the years and has become one of the most outstanding outlets in Thailand. Today, it is highly ranked among all the best small luxury hotels in Thailand.

Furthermore, the hotel is located close to the beach and gives you direct access to the beachfront. It has up to 69 guestrooms, and each of them is highly spacious. The beachfront pool villas offer the perfect comfort and privacy. If you are a private person that does not like to be disturbed or you just want to be alone with nature as your companion, one of these villas will be the perfect place for you.

The staff members at Luxury Beach Resort by Devasom are professionals and offer some of the best services you can ever come by. They are top class performers in hospitality.

Furthermore, the villas are built with the opulence of the 6th and 7th centuries in mind. Consequently, you can access the pleasures of the ancient and modern times all at once in each of the villas. The architecture and breathtaking archaic arts of the lost civilization featured in the rooms are simply unique and transform the entire hotel into a world of pleasure.

The hotel is located close to Phuket. Its tranquil, unspoiled beach has a natural vibrancy to it, and the numerous attractions and landscapes make this place heavenly. It stands out as one of the best beach destinations in Asia. A drive from the hotel to the Phuket International Airport will only take about one hour and a quarter on a smooth road with the countryside lying on either side of the road.

Each room is fitted with air conditioning system, and lodgers will also have access to free internet in their rooms. Few of the other services available are:

  • Free internet
  • Packing
  • Restaurant and bars
  • etc
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Jaisalmer Desert Camps – Royal Adventure Tour

The Jaisalmer Desert Camp trip as a part of the Jaisalmer Rajasthan Tour Package is sure to keep you thinking about the trip long after you have returned to your normal life post-vacation. But to make the tour successful and enjoying, you need to plan really early. With Royal Adventure Tour, your planning sees a proper direction. We take you close to the culture and heritage of the Golden City, Jaisalmer in a planned and organized way. Besides sightseeing of the monuments, havelis, temples and the fort, the Desert Camps in Jaisalmer are most sought after.

However, it is advisable to be prepared for the desert camps so that the vacation is not ruined by any undue issues resulting in the failure of the adventure trip itself.

Step by step guide to the Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Preparations before the desert camp

Tourists need to be prepared for the arid and dry weather conditions in Jaisalmer. The days could be very hot even in the winters. So baggage should have proper cotton full-length clothes for the days and warm clothes for the nights. Sunglasses, long hat, sunscreen, scarves, etc should also be there with you. Carry a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. And yes! You cannot forget your camera.

Camel safari

One must have the experience of the camel safari in the Thar. Due attention should be paid throughout the ride as any negligence could toss you off the camel. The camel rides are done either in the mornings or in the evenings. You can book for the camel ride for the full day or even for half a day.

Tent accommodation

Quality tent accommodation is provided to our tourists in the desert camp. The tents are furnished and have required amenities to give you a comfortable stay. You are however suggested to carry your personal essentials as well.

Cultural programs

The cultural programs are held in the evening till 8 pm and sometimes 10 pm. These are organized around the bonfire outside the camp. This is a nice way to socialize with the other tourists in the desert camp.

Taste of Rajasthani Culinary

The cultural performances are followed by food. We provide healthy food prepared in hygienic conditions in buffet style. You get the taste of Rajasthani culinary here. But you still have to take care of the food you are allergic to or have issues with.

With Royal adventure Tour, you get the professionals working to make your Jaisalmer desert Camp trip successful. And you go back with the promise to visit soon.

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Main Types of Indian Railways Trains

Indian Railways is a humungous organization, carting several millions of passengers daily. In fact, it counts as the 4th largest train network in the world.

The first train of the Indian Railways was launched in 1853 by running between Thane and Mumbai. Both these places are located in the Western coastal districts of Maharashtra. The current railway network is a result of the gradual development of technology.

Nowadays, it runs thousands of local passenger and daily express trains. The Railways has categorized such trains as per the number of halts en-route and average speed of the train. It is possible to check train live running status using modern technology.

The following are the major types of trains on the Indian Railways network:

Metro Trains

Such trains are equipped with latest facilities and technology. They run in a few metro areas of India like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. These metro trains are in much demand, and the Indian Government is mulling over the prospects of extending their services to other metro areas.

The metro trains do not issue PNR number on their tickets as seats on such trains cannot be reserved. Such trains have moderate or mild speed and usually run on schedule.

Suburban Locals

These trains run only in select big cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. Even in these trains, reservation of tickets prior to journey is not permitted. So, one cannot get PNR number on tickets. The trains are divided into fast locals and slow locals. The difference is that slow locals stop almost at all stations while fast locals stop only at major, important stations in the route.

Passenger Trains

Even these trains can be classified into fast or slow passenger trains. They run on routes touching most major cities separated by small distances. The slow passenger trains stop at all stations on the route while fast ones do only at major stops. Even, in these trains, tickets cannot be pre-booked, so their tickets lack PNR numbers.

Super-Fast and Express Trains

These trains run much faster than above trains. They ply across long distances, and it is possible to reserve tickets beforehand. Since reservation of tickets is possible, tickets feature unique, 10-digit PNR numbers, in order to identify passengers. When tickets are not confirmed, the status of PNR number can be ascertained through websites, mobile apps or SMS.

Jan Shatabdi and Shatabdi Express Trains

These are high speed trains connecting major stations separated by short distances. They lack sleeper coaches and have only seats for sitting journeys.

The major difference between Jan Shatabdi and Shatabdi trains is that Shatabdi has only air-conditioned coaches while Jan Shatabdi trains have both AC and Non-AC compartments. The seats in both trains can be pre-booked, and tickets do feature PNR number.

Garib Rath

Such trains have AC 3 tier coaches. Their ticket price is much cheaper than other air-conditioned trains. PNR status can be checked in person, online or via mobile apps.

Rajdhani Express

These are completely air-conditioned trains and links major cities of India. These are trains with high priority, and usually, run on time. They have limited stoppages on their routes. It is possible to reserve tickets on these trains. PNR status can be checked on their websites.

Duronto Express

Such trains are source to destination trains launched by the Indian Railways. This means they don’t have any in-between stoppages.

These are some of the major trains in the Indian Railways.

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Why Cruise Ships Are Amazing

Many people think about going on a cruise, but there is always something holding them back. ‘I’ll get see sick’ or ‘I won’t like being stuck on a ship’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These massive cities of the sea insure that you don’t even feel the ocean, even on the windiest of nights, and as for being claustrophobic, no way. The sheer size of these ships means that you can go in the pool, take in a movie at the cinema or go play a little pitch and putt and there’s still loads more to do.

Great Value.

A cruise will save you a lot of money and especially so for families. The food, rooms, entertainment all day and all night long and transportation between countries provides great value for your money. On some cruises, kids get to travel free or at reduced rates when they share with mum and dad. Other cruises offer even more and depending on the cruise you book, alcohol, soft drinks for the kids and on shore excursions are also included.

Unpack Once.

When you arrive on the ship you unpack once and that’s it. This massive ship of fun sails to many cruise destinations and so takes you from county to country and city to city and you never have to take your luggage off the ship. You go on shore, explore, have fun and when you are ready, you just come back on board. When you fall asleep at night, you wake up the next day in a completely different destination.

Something For Everyone.

Cruises are suitable for all ages, from the very young to the older generation and there are many activities for everyone to enjoy. There are cabaret shows for the grandparents, pools and bars for mum and dad and lots of play areas where the kids can play video games and generally have a lot of fun. Most ships have kids clubs which allow mum and dad to spend some quality time together and these clubs also take place at night, so there is no way anyone can get bored.

Amazing Activities.

Many cruise ships provide amazing things to do like rock climbing walls, movie theatres, water slides that extend beyond the ship’s deck and some have the Seuss at Sea programme, where all the popular characters are featured and you get to meet them. There is even the green eggs and ham breakfast which the kids will love and they also get to meet the cat in the hat. There are comedy shows, sports bars, dance lessons and the list goes on and on.

The number of people who go on a cruise is rising every year and with a choice of over three hundred ships and over two thousand ports of call, there really is a cruise to suit everyone. You get to experience different cultures, different people at every new destination and you only have to unpack your clothes the one time. You get to see the world, dance, watch movies and make lots of new friends. Now, tell me again, why you don’t want to go on a cruise. There is no reason not to.

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Pisa airport Taxi Help You to Reach Airport On-time

Many business men depend on airport transfer on a daily basis. They must have the most time efficient method from one location to another in order to be successful. From past experiences, they have their stash of transfer services ready and on call to ensure for a smooth business day. Recently, most people who travel are requiring transfers as well. They look for a service with safe and up to date vehicles.

The vehicle should be fully insured and the company should have appropriate license. They are not afraid to ask questions about the training and screening of the drivers. The drivers should be familiar with the flight times and the airport layout. They should be personable yet professional. Many vacationing people are being lured to more secluded locations that require airport transfer services in order to reach the hotel. Some places are even including it as a part of their meet and greet service included in the package.

Some places will give a choice of transportation such as a van or a corporate limo bus. Their concern is to provide a worry free service anywhere you need to go. Some places specialize in wedding limousines or wedding party transportation to or from the airport. Some foreign countries will spoil you with a private limousine service with beautiful Mercedes Benz and an English speaking driver. Some cities do not have direct transportation from the airport to the city. A direct coach to the city is a super time and money saver. They are quite luxurious nowadays with comfortable seats, air conditioning, bathroom, TV and VCR. This is the most cost effective answer for someone who has to travel often and is on a budget.

The friends and family will appreciate not having to make the trek back and forth to the airport on a regular basis. Any holiday location provides an airport transfer with experienced drivers. The driver should be polite, help with the luggage and transfer you in the comfort of a clean car. These services build their businesses on affordable and quality service. There are many airport transfer services. Some have unique specialties. In order to remain competitive, each one strives for total customer satisfaction by offering their best service. Look for the one who shines in every detail. Book the one that will give you peace of mind. Some will take your booking at the click of an email.

Looking for airport transfer service when you arrive in Singapore? They provide punctual and convenient airport transfer service in Singapore. Get more information here. Feel free to publish this article on your website, or send it to your friends, as long as you keep the resource box and the content of the article intact. Pisa airport taxi help you to catch flight on-time. People can hire there services via online. You can also make pre-booking via call. You can enjoy the best luxury rides at an affordable charges. So, don’t delay, book their services today.