Luxury Beach

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Hua Hin Resort is a Luxury Beach Resort by Devasom has a charismatic aura around it. It is a beautiful place to relax and catch fun. It will also bring you closer to the ocean and avail you the opportunity to play on the sand if you so desire.  The hospitality offered here is top class, and their clients will have a good value for his or her money.

The natural beauty of this environment is one unique feature that sets it apart from the crowd and makes it an outstanding place for your short or extended vacation. If you want to visit Thailand and you have not concluded on the hotel where to lodge, you can give this hotel a try, and you will never regret it. They have all the amenities to make your stay in Thailand an interesting and pleasant one.

The hotel was opened to the public in 2010. It has received several awards over the years and has become one of the most outstanding outlets in Thailand. Today, it is highly ranked among all the best small luxury hotels in Thailand.

Furthermore, the hotel is located close to the beach and gives you direct access to the beachfront.  It has up to 69 guestrooms, and each of them is highly spacious.  The beachfront pool villas offer the perfect comfort and privacy. If you are a private person that does not like to be disturbed or you just want to be alone with nature as your companion, one of these villas will be the perfect place for you.

The staff members at Luxury Beach Resort by Devasom are professionals and offer some of the best services you can ever come by. They are top class performers in hospitality.

Furthermore, the villas are built with the opulence of the 6th and 7th centuries in mind. Consequently, you can access the pleasures of the ancient and modern times all at once in each of the villas. The architecture and breathtaking archaic arts of the lost civilization featured in the rooms are simply unique and transform the entire hotel into a world of pleasure.

The hotel is located close to Phuket. Its tranquil, unspoiled beach has a natural vibrancy to it, and the numerous attractions and landscapes make this place heavenly. It stands out as one of the best beach destinations in Asia.  A drive from the hotel to the Phuket International Airport will only take about one hour and a quarter on a smooth road with the countryside lying on either side of the road.

Each room is fitted with air conditioning system, and lodgers will also have access to free internet in their rooms.  Few of the other services available are:

  • Free internet
  • Packing
  • Restaurant and bars
  • etc

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