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Many people think about going on a cruise, but there is always something holding them back. ‘I’ll get see sick’ or ‘I won’t like being stuck on a ship’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These massive cities of the sea insure that you don’t even feel the ocean, even on the windiest of nights, and as for being claustrophobic, no way. The sheer size of these ships means that you can go in the pool, take in a movie at the cinema or go play a little pitch and putt and there’s still loads more to do.

Great Value.

A cruise will save you a lot of money and especially so for families. The food, rooms, entertainment all day and all night long and transportation between countries provides great value for your money. On some cruises, kids get to travel free or at reduced rates when they share with mum and dad. Other cruises offer even more and depending on the cruise you book, alcohol, soft drinks for the kids and on shore excursions are also included.

Unpack Once.

When you arrive on the ship you unpack once and that’s it. This massive ship of fun sails to many cruise destinations and so takes you from county to country and city to city and you never have to take your luggage off the ship. You go on shore, explore, have fun and when you are ready, you just come back on board. When you fall asleep at night, you wake up the next day in a completely different destination.

Something For Everyone.

Cruises are suitable for all ages, from the very young to the older generation and there are many activities for everyone to enjoy. There are cabaret shows for the grandparents, pools and bars for mum and dad and lots of play areas where the kids can play video games and generally have a lot of fun. Most ships have kids clubs which allow mum and dad to spend some quality time together and these clubs also take place at night, so there is no way anyone can get bored.

Amazing Activities.

Many cruise ships provide amazing things to do like rock climbing walls, movie theatres, water slides that extend beyond the ship’s deck and some have the Seuss at Sea programme, where all the popular characters are featured and you get to meet them. There is even the green eggs and ham breakfast which the kids will love and they also get to meet the cat in the hat. There are comedy shows, sports bars, dance lessons and the list goes on and on.

The number of people who go on a cruise is rising every year and with a choice of over three hundred ships and over two thousand ports of call, there really is a cruise to suit everyone. You get to experience different cultures, different people at every new destination and you only have to unpack your clothes the one time. You get to see the world, dance, watch movies and make lots of new friends. Now, tell me again, why you don’t want to go on a cruise. There is no reason not to.

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