Planning a Holiday in Jordan

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Planning a Holiday in Jordan

Ever consider visiting Jordan for a holiday trip, but you don’t know where to go, what to eat, and what to do in Jordan in general? With all these questions in mind, here is a compilation of a full holiday plan in Jordan.

Best time to visit?

Every country has specific months or seasons during when they have the perfect weather; Jordan is no different. The months of April and October see the most amount of tourists in their country as the weather is just right during that time. During October the temperature is usually in the north of 20-degree Celsius. The nights however, are not as cold as it is in other Middle Eastern countries. So if you are planning to visit Jordan, it’s a good idea to book your flight during these months.

What to pack?

For starters, you will be needing any forms of hats or caps because the sun is always out. Make sure to pack sunscreen as well because, without it, you may return home with an unwanted tan. Take a pair of sunglasses too. Since Jordan is a Muslim country, it is wise to not wear anything that exposes too much skin. This applies for both the male and female. Wear full sleeved linen clothes and pants instead of the shorts that you’d normally wear on vacations during summer.

Where to go?

There are many amazing places to visit in Jordan. Listed below are just some of the places that are a must visit for first-time travelers.

  • Petra – Visit this ancient city that had been carved out in the mountains around 2000 years ago. To this day, Petra remains one of the most fascinating places to visit in Jordan and once you go there, you will understand all the hype around it. There are some great hiking paths in Petra so make sure you wear your hiking boots.
  • The Dead Sea – How many times have you heard about the Dead Sea and wondered what it really is? Well, if you visit Jordan then you can find out first hand. You will literally float all the time in the Dead Sea and tourists have been known to come to this place and spend an entire day here.
  • Wadi Rum – Moving away from the sea, we head to the deserts. You can travel across this amazing place via jeeps, camels or even hot air balloons. People can stay for a night at the Bedouin Camp and if you can, you should too. The sunrise and the sunset are the best things about the Wadi Rum as the entire region, including the mountains and dunes engulf into an orange blanket.

What to eat?

With all that running and exploring that you will be doing in Jordan, you will be building up quite an appetite. And this is where Jordan once again caters to their tourist’s needs. Jordan has a wide variety of delicious food that is bound to make you want more. Listed below are some of their top foods:

  • Falafel – This is the ultimate vegetarian’s food dream! Falafel is basically a fried ball of vegetable paste and they are usually eaten with sandwiches or with hummus. Trust me, it tastes much better than it sounds.
  • Shawarma – By now you might have tasted or at least heard about shawarma, no matter where you live. But in Jordan, you get the real authentic taste of this delicious food. Tons of meat chunks wrapped in flatbread pieces and covered with various spices.
  • Fattoush – Looking for something light? Maybe as a snack or as an appetizer? Try out the fattoush. It is an Arabic salad made up of lettuce mixed with different kinds of vegetables and pita.
  • Maqlooba – If you are really hungry and looking to stuff your face then try the Maqlooba. It is an Arabian word which literally translates to “upside down”. The dish is prepared by stuffing a big pot with layers of rice chicken along with lots of spicy vegetables. Once it is done the cooking, you flip it upside down to serve a mountain of food!

There are many things to do in Jordan, amazing places to visit and an array of delicious food to eat. So the next time you are planning your holiday, consider going to Jordan.

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