A Guide to Magaluf

When you first step foot in Magaluf, the sheer intensity of the city can feel quite overwhelming. Like places such as Ibiza, this is a party hotspot well and truly. All you can do here is let loose, have a good time and make sure that you spend as much time as you possibly can here by having a wild time with your mates!

Getting to grips with Magaluf, though, can be tough. Here are some general questions and details that you might have wondered about coming to Magaluf answered and explained.

Is Magaluf dangerous?

Sadly, the wild element of Magaluf made it a bit of an odd place to come for a short period of time. However, local police have this well and truly under control. If you were to come to Magaluf now, you would feel no less uncomfortable here than you would in any party city.

With police offering a stern but secure presence, you can have a great time without having to worry about violence or anything else like that taking place.

The main danger that you will find in Magaluf is dehydration. When on a Magaluf booze cruise, be sure to keep your fluid levels high: mix up your drinking of alcohol with some water, and you should be more than ready to handle whatever this city has to throw at you.

Eating in Magaluf

Of course, one thing that will bring an end to your Magaluf booze cruise is not eating enough. Make sure that you get plenty of food down you, and you can make every night out a bit more enjoyable. Invest some time into trying out the local Spanish food while you are here.

You will also find all manner of fast food and takeout restaurants, from kebab houses to Italian and Chinese food stalls. If you want to make sure that you can eat a bit better, though, you will find plenty of cafes and the like serving more wholesome foods. When you come out from a wild night of partying, though, you’ll find that eating in Magaluf is just as easy as drinking!

Accommodation in Magaluf

You should be able to find a hotel or apartment setup that you would feel comfortable sleeping in without too much issue. If you want to have some fun when you arrive in Magaluf, then look around for reservations for the summer a few months in advance: prices often skyrocket during the summer, so this will help you to get affordable accommodation even when arriving during the peak months.

Starting off your Magaluf booze cruise

We recommend that you first head on down to the Wavehouse, otherwise known as the Paseo Martimo. This is a fine place to spend your time, and will allow you to just relax for a bit as well as take in some fun activities like the Waverider – a very fun water-based experience that everyone should try out.

This will help you to make sure that you can enjoy a bit of light-hearted fun before setting off to paint the town Roja. It would be foolish of you to not take in all that this amazing city has to offer outside of the party atmosphere, so start your Magaluf booze cruise off with a trip over to the Wavehouse for some fun, a few drinks and an easy way to get yourself in that perfect party mood.


Crete, the Greek revelation

Set in the south side of the Aegean Sea, the beautiful island of Crete is a unique destination where warm greetings of smiles and genuine hospitality welcome every tourist visiting the stunning island. Crete offers endless possibilities to discover cultural treasures as well as countless sites to visit.

Crete is considered one of the most popular touristic destinations in Greece with unique architectural, archaeological and natural heritage combined with an exceptional touristic infrastructure. Due to its strategic geographical position, Crete is a cultural crossroad with great historic importance characterized as the home of Minoan civilization.

The island is divided into four prefectures: Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion andLassithi. Crete combines mountains and sea, the new alongside with the old and ancient with contemporary history.

The incredible landscape provides exquisite architectural examples of Venetian and Ottoman rule in the old towns and ports of the main cities. Some of the most important cultural destinations worth visiting at the city of Rethymno are the imposing walls and battlements of the “Fortezza” (Venetian Fortress), the Historical and Folklore Museum, the picturesque Old Town, the Rimondi Fountain, the Venetian harbor, the Gate Guora and many other monuments and attractions. Heraklion, one of the most historic cities in Mediterranean presents the Venetian walls, the Loggia, the central market, the great fortress of Koules, the Archeological museum, as well as Knossos, Phaistos and Archanes archeological sites.

The Cretans are famous for their nutritional habits and the Cretan diet is one of the most nutritious ensuring good health and longevity. The consumption of Cretan products is greater on local olive oil, pulses, fresh vegetables, honey, wine, fresh fruits and cheese.

Enjoy the sounds of the Cretan lyre, a glass of authentic Cretan distilled spirit traditionally known as Raki or Tsikoudia or a glass of wine by the specialists in wine-making.

Crete is the largest island of the country and the 5th biggest Mediterranean Island which lies in the southern frontier of Europe. To the north the island meets the Cretan Sea, to the south the Libyan Sea, to the west the Myrtoon Sea and to the east the Karpathion Sea. It has an exquisite thousand-kilometer-long coast line dotted with numerous coves, bays, and peninsulas with endless sandy beaches as well as numerous sites of interest waiting to be discovered by the adventurous explorers of holiday treasures.

The stunning Cretan landscape includes spectacular beaches, historical monasteries, beautiful gorges, picturesque fishing villages, ponds and rivers as well as dozens wilderness paths and exceptional natural settlements.

Accommodation is crucial in such a wonderful place like Crete to fully enjoy your stay. Aquila Rithymna Beach, Aquila Porto Rethymna and Aquila Elounda Villageare three of the top hotels in Crete that have been honored with the prestigious Gold Travelife Award. As your probably know Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme. It is a non profit organization that supports an efficient and cost-effective introduction of sustainability principles regarding tourism.Aquila Group is also proud to have received one more distinction for its environmental consciousness and ethics. The Green Key Award which requires the implementation of numerous ecological criteria which all the hotels of the group successfully established at their premises.

TheAtlantis hotel is open all year round offering to its guests several choices of cultural activities, entertainment alternatives and leisure facilities.Experience the stunning and newly renovated downtown meeting facilities at Aquila Atlantis Hotel, exceptionally equipped for any type of conference, convention or event.

Aquila Hotels & Resorts have the reputation of turning moments into precious memories for both leisure and business travelers.

Whether you visit Crete for relaxation or to explore and discover the many well-known and countless hidden treasures of Crete, you will not be disappointed by its diversity.


What is to know about hiring a yacht holiday service

You love the arrival of those 15 days or that month of vacation youhave been waiting for all year because holidays are the weakness of all people and you started thinking about them from the first day youstepped on the job where will you go and with whom? How much will it cost? Will it meet the expectations? The above are the questions that most resonate in your heads when you started thinking about organizing your vacations.

Thanks to the yacht rental Dubai, approximately miles of breathtaking coastline to explore and more than hundreds of unique marinas, it is obvious that Dubai is an unrivaled paradise for sailors of all levels. Imagine navigating your own boat through the crystal clear sea, stopping on the way to relax on the captivating beaches. Then there are various regions which are definitely worth exploring or anchoring to see the many impressive cultural attractions. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice sailor but with a little planning you will experience a yacht holiday that you will never forget.

Sailing destinations for beginners

Dubai is the perfect destination for novice sailors. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination and that have a number of boat rental companies that cater to visitors who do not have much experience in navigation, sailing in the vicinity of the entire area to enjoy exceptional views, its most impressive monuments including the famous Burj Khalifa. You will also want to take time to visit the Marina to enjoy a delicious meal and then sunbathe on one of the beautiful beaches.

Thanks to the party yacht rental Dubai service, now you can enjoy the party blasts with your friends in any moderate climate of almost all the year, the zone is ideal to sail. Sailors must navigate to different coasts line to the region. Due to the flat landscape that does not obstruct the wind and the climate bathed by the sun throughout the year, the breezes are ideal for sailing. There are many incredible places along the coast for sailors who appreciate sailing out of the ordinary.

Conclusion: Plan to follow

There are several beaches to spend the day and at sunset you can return to the port and enjoy a wonderful meal followed by a night full of party in the yachts. Most regions are ideal for sailing between May and October. However, if you plan to rent a yacht in July and August, you must book your charter at least months in advance to make sure you have access to the yacht or sailboat of your choice. If you book your yacht during the winter for a summer vacation, you will discover that some charter companies offer discounts. Also, make sure you have all the necessary documentation in advance and rent a yacht or sailboat that fits your budget. On the other hand, you only live once, so if it is feasible and there is nothing like exploring the magnificent coast of Dubai on a luxury yacht.


Why you should pay a visit to Vipava Valley?

If you are in Slovenia, or plan to pay a visit to the country, we suggest you to take a trip to Vipava Valley. It is one of the must-see spots in the area with a fine treat waiting for you. Throw away your boredom and take a ride to Vipava, which would take around an hour from the capital city of Ljubljana. But why you should spend some hours of your valuable time in reaching out the valley and exploring it? Well, below are the reasons.

Scenic beauty

Whenever tourists are going to a place, they look for the spots that are gifted by nature and provide amazing scenic beauty. Vipava is a destination that is blessed by nature and you will find it a great location which will make you feel closer to the environment and nature. There are vineyards, orchards, and steep slopes for you to discover and you can end up capturing some really amazing pictures on your visit to Vipava.

The windiest location

Vipava is a valley that is considered as the windiest region in Slovenia. It receives the winds known as Bora or Burja, that has ability to reach the speed of as much as 180 kilometer per hour! It is very helpful in drying the prosciutto and keeping away the fogs and clouds from the area. When you reach there, you will find that the roofs of the house are covered with stones which assure that the tiles won’t blow away. However, it can cause some traffic issues if blowing at a good speed.

Here is a great insight to one of many things said about the Bora Wind. According to the legend, this was a decisive factor in a battle in 394 as it helped in making the Christianity the only religion all across the Roman Empire.

What else

Apart from the above, you get to experience the local culture and see the life of individuals living in valleys in Slovenia. Get your hands on the delicious local cuisine or be a part of the annual grape harvesting event that takes place every September.


Discovering Mt. Rainier National Park

This is easily one of the top parks in the country due to its majestic views, abundance of amazing activities, and the sheer natural splendor of the land. For anyone considering a motorhome hire trip through the Northeast, you should most definitely consider stopping here in the home of the Cascades Mountains which is one of the most uniquely beautiful areas in the country. Of course in the middle of the park you have Mount Rainier which hovers over everything, plus there are lots of outdoor activities, wildlife spotting, and more to keep you occupied during your stay.

Check Out The Wildfowers

If you visit Mount Rainier National Park during the summer, especially from about mid-July to mid-August, you will see the land come alive with the vivid colors of wildflowers. The rolling meadows in the Paradise region are particularly stunning with their abundance of purple lupine, red paintbrush, pink penstemon and white avalanche lilies. There are a series of paved nature trails that will allow you to get right up close with them, and the contrast between the meadows and the mountains will be like nothing you’ve seen in your life.


Visiting Mount Rainier during the winter means experiencing an epic winter panorama with deep pure blankets of snow, white-tailed ptarmigan, and snowshoe hare running back and forth on the surface. This is one of the highest levels of snowfall in the country which of course attracts multitudes of skiers and boarders and innertubers at one of the many resorts, and cross country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities as well.

Ride A Train

Mount Rainier Railroad lies just south of the park in the small mountain town of Elbe. From here you and your fellow travelers can embark on a steam train ride that passes through miles of deep forest, past scenic rivers such as the Upper Nisqually River, and small towns such as Mineral, where the train stops at a museum where you can check out exhibits including a comprehensive collection of steam logging locomotives and hear about the pioneers of railroad logging camps in the early 20th century. After spending all those hours in a motorhome hire, it will be refreshing to sit back on a peaceful old time train ride through the country.

Camp Out

It is highly recommended that you take at least one night during your stay to sleep out under the stars. There are a number of campgrounds throughout the park that allow this opportunity, giving visitors the chance to spend the night in some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable. Many of the sites are connected by a series of trails that are a joy to explore throughout the day before heading back to your camp . From June through September the weather for camping is great in the region, so take advantage if passing through during this time.

Lake Tipsoo

Tipsoo Lake is a longtime favorite place for photographers and artists, and you’ll see why the second you lay eyes on the tranquil, clear waters and the mountain ranges reflected off of them. There are a number of hiking trails in the region, so make sure to take advantage of them since this region is gorgeous. Check out a sunset here and witness one of the most spectacular visas you will see in your days of traveling.

Sunrise Trails

These trails, known as the Sunrise trails, are situated at well over 6,000 feet in elevation and have been providing visitors for years with jaw dropping views of the mountain and a number of other peaks and volcanic ranges of the Cascades including the legendary Mount Adams. There are 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. Plus, you can drive all the way to the top, making this one of the highest elevated roads in the country and world. There are two hiking trails as well, with Sunrise Nature Trail going through meadows with spectacular Mount Rainier and the Cascades towering in the background. The Sunrise Rim Trail takes in all of this scenery with the added bonus of Emmons Glacier views which can be seen from two notable overlooks. This is easily the best way to get a true feel for this spectacular park.

Rainier is a natural wonder that offers a potent combination of fantastic views, an abundance of activities, and some of the best skiing in the country. There are few spots in the US better than this for a motorhome hire journey, and you won’t soon forget it no matter what time of the season you visit. From its colorful wild summers to its winter wonderland cold months, this park offers drop dead beauty at all times. Located right in the heart of the Cascade ranges, there are few places as uniquely wild and gorgeous as this.


How to Make Most Pleasant Tour of Rome

The Eternal City as it is broadly respected makes an awesome place for an occasion. It isn’t just wealthy in culture, engineering, and workmanship yet in addition nature holds, parks, and astonishing gourmets made up of pizzas, gelato, pasta and coffee espresso. It is unmistakably, outstanding amongst other refers to you can visit in Europe with such a great amount to offer all through your remain. For you to have an astonishing visit here at and the best of recollections, you should be available to all that it has sitting tight for you and below are a few features to enable you to do only that.

Tip 1 – Apart from investigating Rome’s most prominent features, set aside your opportunity to likewise appreciate the shrouded diamonds of Vatican City amid your visit. The Colosseum St. Diminish’s Square is an absolute necessity visit and you might be fortunate to get week-by-week addresses here by the Pope. A guided voyage through the Vatican is the most ideal approach to appreciate all that it brings to the table and to comprehend what the grand structures are about.

Tip 2 – Try your fortunes at the well-knownTrevi Fountain. Tossing of coins to draw in fortunes is a standout amongst the most celebrated exercises you can take part in at the fountain. The custom includes tossing a coin into the water and making a desire; it is trusted that the desires made here to be sure worked out so for what reason not attempt your luckiness? It can become extremely busy at the fountain as individuals rush to finish the custom to ensure your visit of Rome Tours with Private Guide is all around arranged so you arrive when you can appreciate most without the disappointment of excessively numerous individuals.

Tip 3 – Treat your taste buds by getting a charge out of mouth-watering nourishment at eateries found in the city and extinguish your thirst at the curious wine bars if you are searching for some night excitement. With such huge numbers of shows on offer most circumstances, you finish your night with one or move the night away in one of the various clubs situated here.

Tip 4 – Learn the history and culture of the area by visiting the captivating craftsmanship exhibitions and historical centers. Galleria Borghese is among the most prevalent galleries you ought to think about visiting amid your visit. It is housed in a seventeenth century manor that is in itself a bit of exemplary Italian engineering.

Tip 5 – Buy things to bring home and appreciate some neighborhood indulgences by visiting the Campo Dei Fiori Markets. It is an exceptionally renowned road market and you can purchase a wide range of stock here and appreciate a splendid market day. Most markets have an inclination of opening just toward the beginning of the day hours thus it is, along these lines, fitting to pick a visit package that obliges your necessities. It is additionally useful to get comfortable with any current market tenets to have a charming background doing your rounds in the business sectors.

Tip 6 – Have the climate as a top priority when voyaging. Rome is cool in winter and snowy in January and summer months are quite sweltering. In case you are searching for dazzling warm days, at that point Spring and Autumn are the best travel seasons.


Prettiest Spots to Take Wedding Photos in Utah

There isn’t a better place to take outdoor wedding and bridal pictures than Utah. From snowy forests and mountains to scenic lakes and parks to the red rock desert, Utah offers the most naturally photogenic backdrops for wedding photos. So if you’re up for a day trip, here are some of the prettiest spots to take wedding photos throughout the state.

Park City’s Main Street

Park City is known for its countless restaurants, cute boutique shops, swanky art galleries and energetic nightlife. But Park City’s historic Main Street isn’t just for tourists or locals wanting a fun night out. The colorful, historic buildings lining the street give that perfect historic urban feel to photos. And after your photo shoot, you have tons of restaurants to choose from to celebrate surviving your photo shoot with a delicious meal.

Temple Square

If you’re wanting outdoor and indoor shots without having to drive to two different locations, Temple Square is your one-stop wedding photo spot. For warm-weather weddings, you can’t beat the colorful scenery of the spring and summer flowers covering the 35 acres of Temple Square. The Salt Lake Temple and reflection pool provide great photo ops as well. And with numerous buildings on site, like the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Lion House Restaurant, you can get some indoor photos featuring all the beautiful architecture, history and elegance of these buildings.

The Great Salt Lake

Did you grow up a California beach girl? Are you longing for romantic ocean-view pictures but can’t make the trip back home for them? Even though Utah isn’t near any oceans, it does have the Great Salt Lake, with various locations providing those beautiful beach scenes—complete with white sand, jagged rocks and gorgeous sunsets over the water—you desire.

Bonneville Salt Flats

For bridal sessions that will look out of this world (seriously, you go there and feel like you’re on a different planet), head to the Bonneville Salt Flats. With mountain backdrops and the water giving a ripple mirror effect of light and colors, each picture taken at this Utah location is simply magical. Just be prepared to get your feet and dress a little wet and come home covered in salt.

Thanksgiving Point

Two words come to mind when Utahns think of Thanksgiving Point—botanical beauty. You can pose in a rose garden, in front of the largest manmade waterfall in the Western Hemisphere, underneath charming arches or with fountains and thousands of seasonal flowers surrounding you.

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Nestled up American Fork Canyon, the Tibble Fork Reservoir is a go-to wedding photo spot for several Utah photographers because the landscape is astonishing year round. You can get photos with Mount Timpanogos in the background, as well as add gorgeous greens from the area’s lush evergreens surrounding the lake. The reflections of the trees surrounding the lake are pretty cool, too. And don’t shy away from this spot in the winter. It’ll be cold, but the snow covered ground and trees are a sight to see.

The Provo Orchards

The Provo Orchards are simply stunning. With an apple orchard that is breathtaking in the spring when the trees are in full bloom and in the fall with all the eye-catching fall colors, as well as the Provo Castle and Amphitheater, it’s no surprise why it’s a great location for engagements and bridals.

Arches National Park

Getting married under a flower arch will make for pretty wedding photos. But if you’re wanting jaw-dropping wedding arch photos, take your bridals at Arches National Park. The most well-known arch is Delicate Arch, but this park is home to more than 2,000 arches you can include in your photos, along with dozens of colors and textures showcasing Southern Utah’s red rock desert landscape perfectly paired with blue skies. It’s a hair-raising sight to see in person and in photos, which is why Arches is such a draw for outdoorsy couples.


Awesome destinations in Canada

Studies have shown that there is no better or other way to experience Canadian culture without paying a visit to some of its most popular and historic places! While planning your next holiday and fun time, you might want to mark your calendar to visit these travel destinations in Canada that will make you fall in love with this part of the world.

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Niagara Falls

One of the country’s most impressive landmarks located between the most important natural and historical borders of Canada and the United States of America is the Niagara Falls. The fact that you’ve read about this does not mean you aren’t going to meet a whole new experience when you get there since the Niagara Falls is known to be seasonal. The summer period comes with varieties of excellent attractions which include the Maid of the Mist boat tours and the Clifton Hill SkyWheel. You might need to go along with a raincoat because the boats will drive you so close to the falls. You shouldn’t go to the Niagara Falls without climbing up to the Skylon Tower where you’ll get to enjoy a clear and amazing view of the falls coming together. The winter period brings an entirely different package! You get to see the frozen falls.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Are you a fan of ice hockey? Then get in here, because you’re about to enter into the “Great Hall” to see all the major NHL trophies for real. Not only that, you’re going to catch a lot of fun in the Play Zone, where you can either go against a programmed goaltender or be a hockey goalie.

CN Tower

The first touristic venue to check out as you arrive in Toronto is The CN Tower. At 553.33 meters high, the CN Tower has remained the tallest tower in the world for a long time, and of course, it remains the city’s most famous landmark. You can make your way to the tower quickly before sunset, so you wouldn’t miss the city’s beauty as it lits up at night and also projection at daylight. That’s not all, if you’ve always dreamt of having a meal “in the sky”, the time has come! The 360 Restaurant provides delicious meals to get you going and enjoy your tour.

The Canadian Rockies

Get on a train or pick a cab to British Columbia to visit the Canadian Rockies, an amazing and magnificent place with lakes and wild nature that are as blue and beautiful as the sky. From cruising with a boat on Lake Minnewanka to hiking in Yoho National Park, there are varieties of activities to enjoy every minute spent at the Canadian Rockies.


Why Your Next Destination Should Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth country in population in the world. The amazing country has over 17,000 islands which have unique things for every traveler. If you have been traveling to other areas without the experience of the charm you were looking for; then your next destination should be Indonesia. While many tourists may prefer visiting Bali, you will get full enjoyment when you visit various places. The good thing is that there are a lot of things that you can do in these places and they are all unique. Read to know why you should plan a trip to Indonesia.

Borobudur and Prambanan

The time that suits best to visit Borobudur and Prambanan is in the morning when it comes to sunrise. You can consider hiring a travel agency in Bali that can guide you to these destinations. The tour can begin early in the morning. It can start in the morning of 5 am and by 6 am you will have arrived in Borobudur hence getting the opportunity of exploring the temple for about three hours. After your exploration in Borobudur, you can then consider visiting Prambanan temple. Here you can use you two hours doing an exploration of the temple.

By visiting here in the morning, you will get the view of the beautiful sunrise. To ensure you successfully get the best view, you need to be ready by 4 am where you can head to Setumbu Hill first instead of heading to Borobudur. Here you will get the best view Borobudur at this time wrapped in mist, and it will be a great experience. You need to know that Borobudur and Prambanan are huge and they are also sophisticated, and it will be fun walking and exploring the temples.

The Komodo Dragons

Komodo National Park is found in Indonesia, and the park is named after the Komodo Dragons that live there. The park also houses the largest lizard on earth. These fierce dragons are amazing, and you will have the best experience when it comes to the wildlife. When visiting here, you need to be careful and always walk with the rangers for protection because these dragons can be dangerous.


In Indonesia, there are coral reefs, and you can be sure to experience the best scuba diving as well as snorkeling. If you are just a beginner, you will experience many opportunities, and there will be lots of things that you can rent such as gear rental shops. There are also a lot of shipwrecks that are near the shores, and here you can experience wonderful diving activities. When you visit Indonesia, you must get your feet wet.

Therefore, if you are looking for a full trip, you must consider Indonesia as your next holiday destination, and you will get the best experience you can ever imagine. If you do not want to waste your time looking for guide and transport, you can consider hiring The Seven Holiday which will help you throughout your stay in Indonesia.


5 Alluring Places to Visit in Anuradhapura

From ancient mythology to beautiful natural life, Anuradhapura is a place of mystery and allure. One can get a great accommodation in Anuradhapura, and backpack across the region to truly explore the sights and sounds of the monastic city.

You can start your journey in Sri Lanka by searching for a great Dehiwala Mount Lavinia accommodation near the beach, and then take a drive to Anuradhapura to explore its magic. Yoho Bed is proud to help you out in all your accommodation searches in Sri Lanka.

Here are 5 alluring places that Anuradhapura is famous for –

Anuradhapura World Heritage Site:

The heritage site is a wonderfully preserved ancient site with a rich collection of architectural wonders. The city was built around the enlightenment culture in the ancient era. The heritage site is a homage to Buddha’s legacy and his stories and tales while dealing with various kings to disseminate his message. Some of the relics here date back to 3rd century BC.

Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba

This is a huge heritage spot and has monks from all over the world visiting here year over year. As you first arrive here, you’re blown away by the charm and ecstasy of the locale. The area is a sacred ground for the Buddhists, as legend has it that it has been developed in 150BC. Many millennia ago, this place was the holy site for enlightenment and achieving nirvana. Its charm and mystique make it one of the more alluring sites at Anuradhapura.

Isurumuniya Vihara

One of the most alluring temples in Sri Lanka, the Isurumuniya Vihara has a history that’s both rich and mired in allure. This beautiful rock temple was designed during the era of Devanampiya Tissa (r 267 BC), and is set around a lotus pond that symbolises the lotus chakra in the body. The central temple has murals and paintings that depict the story of the Buddha and his journey through space and time.

Royal Pleasure Gardens

When you’re in the land of the spiritual masters, you must take a pleasant walk down Royal Pleasure Gardens. There is no better feeling than knowing that you’re blessed, when you’re by yourself and in peace. These gardens are more than 2000 years old and have been known as the park of the goldfish. They span an area of 14 hectares and have a deep history in time.

Thuparama Dagoba

This is the oldest temple in Sri Lanka! The Thuparama Dagoba was made by King Devanampiya Tissa as early as in the third century BC. The temple is said to have enshrined the right collarbone of the Buddha. The craftsmanship, the design and the feeling of tranquillity at the Thuparama Dagoba is second to none.