Holiday Destinations For Your Retirement

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After you retire from your work, it is time for you to enjoy your life by travelling and exploring various parts of the world. It is a treat that you can certainly give to you for the hard work that you did for the past years in your life. So, from where you should start your journey?

How about starting your holiday after your retirement with a Nile cruise? Oh! It will surely be an experience that you will remember for a long time. There are so many incredible places that you can visit while cruising on the Nile River. Here are some of those destinations.

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is one of the iconic sites to visit after retirement and while cruising on the Nile River, you will be able to do that. It is among the largest religious sites when it comes to the ancient world and it will surely be a once in a lifetime experience when you visit here.

Luxor Temple

It is the ancient temple built by Pharoah Amenophis III. Within the vicinity of Luxor, there are 6 ancient temples which are found. Amenophis III built this temple to worship three Gods; Mut, Chons, Amun.

Giza Pyramids

When you are on a Nile cruise, the one place that you just cannot afford to miss is the iconic Giza Pyramids. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it represents the ancient Egyptian civilization which is a massive reason to witness this iconic place.

Djoser Step Pyramid

Egypt is the home to many pyramids and Djoser Step Pyramid is one of the more important sites of the pyramid that you should visit. Built during the 27th BC, it is situated in Memphis which is also remembered as the capital city of the Old Kingdom.

The Egyptian Museum

Egypt is a country that can make you overwhelmed with its rich history and culture. If you want to know about Egypt and its history, then visiting The Egyptian Museum is a must. You can witness that largest collection of Egyptian artefacts here.

Dahshur Pyramids

Another important Pyramid site in Egypt is Dahshur Pyramids. The Pyramids here was built from 2613 BC to 2589 BC. It is one of the must-visit locations in your Nile trip. It is a major tourist attraction in Egypt and so, you must witness this unique pyramid once.

Finally, these are some of the destinations you should look to visit after your retirement with Nile cruise. You can rest assured it will be a fulfilling experience that will be rich in history and memorable encounters. You will be delighted to take the trip and will not regret to witness some of the greatest creation of human civilization.

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