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Many people don’t know what to consider when deciding on the size of cruise ship for their New York dinner cruise. Mega-vessels are equipped with a larger number of amenities, but this comes with a small loss in intimacy and exclusivity of experience. This article weighs the pros and cons of larger ships, and how to ensure you get the best experience on them. For this discussion, 1000 passengers is the cut-off that defines large vessels.

  1. Number of people aboard

If you’re not disturbed by numbers, you can go for a larger cruise ship, which offers more anonymity (which is great if you’ve had a mishap). Larger ships have multiple facilities that you can explore over the course of your cruise to meet new people. Of course, the sellout is that such ships feel less intimate. Be sure to consider the layout of the ship, particularly if you’re bringing children along. You don’t want to lose someone and spend your precious cruise time searching for them.

  1. Dining

Again, larger vessels have more dining options. You don’t have to sit in a particular restaurant and then retreat to a particular bar for after-drinks. You can have your buffet meal or choose any other type of dining (Italian, Mexican, Chinese etc.), and then explore other areas, especially if you’re on an extended dinner cruise NYC. However, be prepared to spend a little more if you’re going out of your pre-arranged dinner plan. Also, book early if you want in on the exclusive dining facilities. You can read about the various options so that you make the best decision for you and your loved one(s).

  1. Entertainment

Naturally, there’s a lot more to do on a large ship compared with a small ship. You can get to enjoy anything from game shows and standup comedy to magic acts, movies and Broadway theatre. You can also enjoy special acts in your New York dinner cruise. As with the dining, be sure to book early, especially if you’re taking the cruise around a holiday, when everyone is likely to do the same. The downside is that having too many options can lessen your experience because there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it. In addition, certain events/activities may have an additional charge.

  1. Activities

A larger dinner cruise NYC is more ideal for adults-only fun. Unless, that is, you’re okay with going everywhere with the children. If so, there’s a ton of whole-family activities like skydiving, waterslides, rock-climbing and rock courses you can take part in. the good thing is that large ships have enough room to  provide something for everyone. For maximum enjoyment, be sure to plan every minute of your cruise, particularly if you have a multi-generational party. You can bring someone along to watch the children as you and your partner enjoy some of the adult offerings.


The importance of proper planning cannot be overemphasized if you’re cruising on a large ship. Because dinner cruises don’t last very long, you want to make every minute count by diving right in through your program. Otherwise, your time might be spent trying to weigh the options.


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