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London is the capital of England and United Kingdom. It is a 21st century city with its history stretching back to Roman times. It is not only the capital of a developed country but also has a charm of its own. If you have plans of visiting London make sure you have detailed idea about what to do and where to stay etc. to help you on this can provide the best guidance.

What is it?

It is a travel blog. It has all necessary information regarding London. This blog is amazing. It has almost every feature of London. It is a collaboration of so many things at one place under the only name of the city. It stands out from other blogs describing London as it has covered so many topics about it and provided the most number of detailed features. It has lists of every possible thing. They include things like Shopping destinations, hotels, night out spots, tours over the city, education details, amusements, florists, restaurants and so on. The list is like a never ending one. Once you check the blog you will understand how much it has in its scope.

Features Of The Blog

The blog writer has excelled in gathering all sort of information about London. To mention a few topics it covers among the numerous details here is a short compilation I could make:

Fashion shops: London is known for its high standard fashion. There are so many designer brands and shops all around. Paul Smith No 9 Albemarle Street tops the chart by being a craftwork space by one of the finest designer of UK today. But there are lists of shops to suit even tight budgets.

Events in London: it encompasses events and shows in London all around the year. From musicals to laughter shows they have them all in their list.

Universities to study Arts: They list down the best universities that you can apply for with detailed information about them so that you can make your choice and approach them easily.

Restaurants: Food can never be overlooked and they know it. Romantic restaurants to themed ones they have included many.

Night clubs and bars: London is noted for its night life. Make sure you know about the best one to grab a drink and shake a leg before drafting your check list.

It is impossible to include all that they have enlisted. If not anything do go through their list of London attractions if you are a tourist.

Visit The Blog Today For Availing Its Advantages

The blog is constantly updated. You get the most recent information of everything about London. It is a city of dreams and beauty. The blog can give you best of what you need. Also you can subscribe their page and follow them on social media for more. You can get in touch with them with more queries of yours. Plan your trip with best guidance.

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