Hiking and Camping Spots

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If you want to go to a beautiful place, Nevada is the place to go. The southwest is a place where adventurers go to see the great outdoors, but they also know that you must be careful. One wrong turn and you can easily take a half day trip and turn it into a whole evening trying to find your way back.

You have to prepare yourself for the day ahead and also bring enough for just in case you get lost. Prepare for up to 72 hours in the wild. Know your first aid so that you are prepared if anything happens, and make sure that you have some form of shelter as well.

Make sure your phone is charged as well so that if you do need to make an emergency call you can. You make not be able to get a signal, but search and rescue may be able to find you if you need it. These are just a few tips, now let’s look at the best places to go hiking and camping in Nevada.

Hiking-Red Rock Canyon

Nature is what draws hikers and campers to the outdoors for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Turtlehead peak is an excellent choice if you want to do some hiking, and while it is challenging, it’s still a place that hiker of all abilities can go.  Plus the views are something that can’t be beat. Just know where you are going because if you make a wrong turn you will be going 13 miles just to get to the start point. For these long hikes, using hiking sticks are a great help and help reduce fatigue.

Hiking/Camping-Cathedral Gorge Trail

Located outside of Caliente will get you the long hike that you want if you are looking for a days’ worth of walking. Its 6 miles round trip and it will be beautiful surrounded by bentonite clay. There are cave like formations and a beauty of volcanic disruptions. Many people camp along the way, so if you plan on making an overnight stop, bring a tent and sleeping pad to keep you off the ground.


40 minutes from Vegas, you can camp and enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. While at the campgrounds you can hike, ride horses, and drive through the desert oasis. There are two trails for mountain biking as well. For camping there are single, double, and triple campsites with grills and tables. So it’s the ideal place for the family if that is what you are looking for, maybe a little less rugged.

Nevada is the perfect spot for camping and hiking because you can go to Las Vegas one day, and work off the extra calories the next day while hiking through some great mountains. It’s the perfect weekend or week getaway where you are close enough to the city to party but yet close enough to nature to just relax and enjoy the quietness.

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