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Planning an event so special as a wedding requires a lot of work. If the couple decides to plan everything on their own, they have to consider very minute things. Even if they hire a wedding planner, they have to go through the tedious, yet crucial process of choosing details like the theme, the design of the invitation, the colour scheme, the décor and the seating arrangements.

Most couples are opting for unconventional wedding venues to make their party memorable. However, for those couples who haven’t been able to choose something exotic, there is still hope. Here are some of the most creative ideas to transform your hotel wedding venue.

  • Create a feeling of outdoors, indoor

If you weren’t able to book an outdoor venue for your wedding party, there is no need to get disheartened. With the right décor, it is possible to recreate the magic of outdoor weddings inside a commercial wedding hall. The decor for this purpose should comprise of a lot of foliage and tastefully done floral arrangements. Using vines and greenery on the lamps and around the tables can look truly beautiful.

  • Make use of lights

A generous inclusion of lights and lighting makes even the most boring rooms charming. Using coloured lights in hues of amber will lend a warm and cosy appeal to the room. Using pink lights will give an instant brightening effect to the room. The choice of lights should always be coordinated with complimenting décor otherwise this arrangement can fall flat. Another option is to hang light strings and chandeliers to give a regal look to the room.

The plus point of having lights in the hotel wedding venue is that this décor results in excellent photographs.

  • Include lots of candles

Candles have an inexplicable aura around them. They immediately lend a cosy and comfortable look to the room. These days, candles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be merged beautifully with many popular themes. A generous use of candles in your venue will create a magical décor.

  • Go quirky

Going quirky and unconventional is sure to give the wedding venue an amazing make-over. Ditch the usual plain and white china for some bold and printed replacements. Choose table runners, napkins and tablecloths in bold hues. Replace clear glassware with coloured ones. This will add a touch of personalisation to the party.

  • Back it up with a backdrop

Sometimes, a simple thing such as hanging a customised backdrop adds a lot of impact to the wedding venue. Some interesting ideas for this purpose are big fabric panels, a faux greenery wall or a backdrop with the initials of the bride and the groom. Not only will this add to the look of the venue, but also serve as a beautiful background for photo shoots.

There are plenty of creative ways by which a simple hotel wedding venue can be transformed into a unique and personalized space. Judicious use of various props and decorative items like flowers, green foliage, bamboos, ribbons, light etc. is sure to create the most amazing wedding venue.


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