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George Lex is a traveling journalist who started their journey five years ago. They travel the world and do it from the most beautiful places to the hardest places in the world.

When some folks travel, they want to go to a place that has a fun and exciting experience with the nightlife. Whether that means the best bars or dance clubs, the cities we talk about today are full of exciting things to do when the sun sets.

West Hollywood, CA

No list can ignore the party life of the West Coast. While West Coasters are known for being casual and laid back, their nightlife is chock full of excitement. While some areas of California are famous for their shopping or beaches, you will have no problem finding things to do in West Hollywood. Sunset Strip is one of the most popular spots to hit up any night of the week. You may find yourself near Hollywood royalty at famous places like The Viper Room or Bootsy Bellow. Are you in love with the 80’s rocker era? Rainbow Bar & Grill should top your list of places to visit.

Miami, FL

Miami is known as Magic City and is perfect for the lovebirds looking for a thrilling time away. Miami has a large Hispanic community that is known for their upbeat music and sensual dancing. You could take salsa dancing lessons while there to brush up on your moves before hitting any number of their clubs. Mango’s, on Ocean Drive, is known for its colorful environment and home to many professional dancers that salsa or cha-cha to inspire you to take a chance on the floor. Of course you will need to refuel after all that dancing and we suggest you visit Bodega. A taqueria offering inexpensive food and stiff drinks to help you fill your bellies and find your liquid courage to hit another club for the evening.

Las Vegas, NV

New York City may be known as “The City That Doesn’t Sleep” but Las Vegas nightclubs certainly keep things going until dawn. You can find plenty to do in Vegas that will keep you excited and moving.  There is a wide variety of music from techno, pop, to ethnic flavors. Jewel is rated as a top nightclub to visit because of the aesthetic alone. 1OAK is the place designed to keep you on the dancefloor, literally. Unless you pay for a VIP table, there are no places to hang out by the wall and watch the dancers. Marquee is another top pick because they keep the beats bumping and the liquor flowing. When you get tired, you can move to other rooms that allow you to be a little more casual and out of the way of serious dancers.

New York, NY

No nightclub destination is complete without a mention of New York. A popular city that is home to a wide variety of nationalities and ethnicities, you are sure to experience anything you could possibly imagine. Did you miss Burning Man this year? No worries, House Of Yes has got you covered. Lavo’s is home to EDM, house, pop, and hip-hop that is not for the faint of heart. Once you enter, you could find yourself swept up on the dance floor. Mehanata is a Bulgarian night club that not only features fantastic music but a Vodka ice room! There is nothing better than breaking a sweat and then cooling down with some smooth Vodka.

No matter where you choose to go, we advise being adventurous and checking something that sounds out of your ordinary. Traveling is all about experience and if you visit some of these clubs, you are sure to have an amazing experience!

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