San Francisco

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San Francisco is a must-see city, especially if you are traveling through California in an RV rental USA. It’s a beautiful place with incredible places to see, historical sites, and a fun and welcoming vibe. From outdoor activities to great gourmet food, there is always something to do while visiting San Francisco.

The great news for those who are on a budget is that San Francisco also often has fun, free things to do on a regular basis. To help you plan your visit, check out the following top 10 free things to do in this beautiful city:

  1. Visit a free art gallery. From museums to art galleries, San Francisco has many places where you can go to admire art for free. Some places that you may want to put on your SF list of things to do are Museo Italo Americano with free admission, as well as the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the DeYoung Museum which both have free admission on the first Tuesday of every month.
  2. Catch a show at Café Royale while enjoying a coffee or drink.

While you’ll need to pay for your drinks, there aren’t that many places where you can catch great free shows like you can at Café Royale. If you are looking for an affordable and fun thing to do while in town, go catch free live music at Café Royale.

  1. Go jog, bike, or simply take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yes, everyone does it, but it’s definitely an experience that you want to have while in San Francisco. Go visit the Golden Gate Bridge for beautiful views and a fascinating experience. If you can make it on a day where the sky is clear and blue, you’ll be rewarded with an envy-inducing setting for great pictures. Make sure that you also take the time to cross the Golden Gate Bridge—the views from the bridge itself are incredible.

  1. Observe the abundance of sea lions that come to visit Pier 39.

If you’re traveling in an RV rental USA and choose San Francisco as one of your stops, don’t hesitate to visit Pier 39. If you want to do something exciting while traveling with children, sea lions in their natural habitat is the way to do it. Not only is it fun, but it’s also an educational experience for the little ones.

  1. Learn how to dance at Golden Gate Park on Sundays.

Travel can teach you a lot and what could be better than learning how to swing dance while on a road trip? Since you should definitely visit the Golden Gate Park during your trip, make sure to go on a Sunday morning for dance lessons.

  1. Take a stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts.

A beautiful landmark where you can go to relax and read a book or have a bite to eat with a friend while watching the swans go by, the Palace of Fine Arts is a charming bit of architecture that you can admire for free while in San Francisco.

  1. Enjoy the views from the Land’s End Trail.

Quite possibly the best place for running in Land’s End Trail, this spot is a must for those who love nature, breathtaking views, and an exhilarating run. From views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean, it’s a must-do for running fanatics.

  1. Enjoy BYOB and free music outside at the Stern Grove Festival. Just make sure that you visit in the summer, as this is when the festival takes place. Go with some friends and have a great time.
  2. Observe the city from the Young Hamon Observation Tower.

So, you’ve been to the Golden Gate Bridge and saw fabulous views of the city from afar. If you want to get panoramic view from a bit closer, go to the Young Hamon Observation Tower, for free. It’s a great spot for pictures while in the City by the Bay.

  1. Skatin’ Place is for those who aren’t afraid to be kids at heart.

Whether you’re traveling with kids or traveling alone, you should still pull out your skates and have fun skating on Sundays at Golden Gate Park. It isn’t that big of a space, but the ambiance is fun and welcoming.

If you are considering a trip throughout the country in an RV rental USA, San Francisco is a must-visit destination for you. There are plenty of free things to do, as well as affordable outings that you should consider. It’s a beautiful city where you can find great views of the ocean, great food at local restaurants, and enjoy events at parks throughout the year. If there was ever a California city that deserves to be visited, it’s San Francisco.

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