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When it comes to the inspiration of a trekking adventure in Asia, there are certainly many choices from tropical forest trails to thrilling Himalaya challenge. Besides the calling of Everest Peak, this continent still has so much to offer for every adventure minded travelers and these are simply some of its most stunning inspiration:


Hoang Lien Son National Park, Vietnam
The park covers three far north provinces of Vietnam including Lao Cai, Lao Chau and Yen Bai therefore it boasts not only great contrasts of landscape but also a vibration of ethnic culture. Trekking is undoubted the most impressive way to appreciate this diversity. You will immerse into the cascading waterfall, tropical forest trail, lush rice terraces, fascinating villages and verdant local plantation.
To escape from tourist crowd, we recommend you to embark a Sapa Trek the trail from Lai Chau side, passing the secluded valley of Sin Ho. The remote back road trail from Ban Khoang to Ta Giang Phin is truly worth an experience also.

Mt. Fuji, Japan
The iconic mountain of Japan, the Fuji offers one of the most spectacular mountain escape with wonderful view. The trek is gentle yet very rewarding and beautifully, you are offered a large number of hiking trails which can fit not only amateur but also the professionals. The surrounding area of Fuji Mountain displays a rich heritage of temple and photogenic gardens which can colorize your trek more than you expected.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
If you fancy an authentic trek of Thailand then you will firstly consider Chiang Mai and its national park. What travelers really enjoy in Chiang Mai is you can choose different trek routes ranging from 1 to 5 days either pure nature or combining with cultural interaction. The very first highlight of your trek here is the learning of local flora and fauna with through reserved area. The next advantage is probably the encounter to elephant and many other animals in their own home. Lastly, Chiang Mai trek provides treasury views that no so many parks can offer.

Putao, Myanmar
Listed as one of the most desiring Myanmar Tours, Putao trekking reveals the most amazing part of Myanmar where Himalaya range touches the land of this Golden Country. The nature here is extremely wide and on most of the trekking adventure, you will be given a chance to walk through the wilderness like no other, swimming in the pristine pool and even spot the wildlife.
Adventures in the area are plenty to choose as well: whitewater rafting, snow-capped mountain safari, elephant trek and if you have chance, do not miss the Hari…. ,the highest peak of Southeast Asia

Bohol, Philippines
Blessed with some of the most extraordinary sea landscapes in Asia, the … island embodies all core draw that captivates trekkers worldwide: tapestry of rain forest, breathless sunset viewing points, incredible mountain backdrop, untamed private beaches. Your trek in Bohol is definitely a matchless experience.
Along with Bohol, the Philippines also treasures the most amazing islands of marine adventures so make sure you plan at least 10 days here to delve into the core charm of the country.

Chadar, India
The Zanskar – another name of Chadar is remarkable with Himalayan range. It is a great challenge that no trekker can deny. Imagine you are walking on the thick ice sheet during the winter, crossing the frozen rivers and meet the unlike Buddhist temple in some of the most inspiring places in the world… it is Chadar.
The best time to explore Chadar is from January to February.
We highly recommend you to book a tour package to conquer Chadar since you will need further support to carry camping gears as well other baggages.

Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia
Exposing three distinctive volcanic lakes, Mt. Kelimutu is the jewels of Flores offering the unrivaled views to any other treks in Indonesia.
For all three lakes, they have different colours from blue to brown and interestingly they change themselves seasonally.
Trekkers should prepare for an early departure since it is pretty foggy in the morning and to capture the entire views of sunrise or sunset, good preparation is a must.

For ecologist, Mt Kelimutu also is a top choice to observe the biodiversity where hundreds of bird species and mamals.

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