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The name of Orlando may bring to mind various images of theme parks, Disney World filled with tourists but what you may not be aware of is that its business climate is also booming for more than just the tourism industry. As per CNN Money, Orlando has been listed among the 10 fastest growing cities and Biz2Credit rates this among the top 25 best cities to start a small business. Although Orlando is best known for its amazing tourist destinations and traditional business, nowadays the place has a strong medical and technological base. Orlando is a big service economy here but with the University of Central Florida, Orlando is way more than just entertainment and tourism.

If you’re someone who is eager to test your commercial fortune by setting up a business and starting it in Orlando, read on to know some tips.

  • Utilize local organizations for resources and help: If you want to know more on the business landscape or Orlando so that you can accordingly prepare your business for launching it, you need to seek help of some local organizations. The National Entrepreneur Center offers coaching for business, seminars on entrepreneurship, business toolboxes and many more such helpful things through 11 organizations based on business development in a single location. You can even get help from the Orlando Economic Development Commission for information on permits, taxes, licenses, incentive programs, funding opportunities and also properties.
  • Stay aware of the city’s business vibe: Due to the warm climate, Orlando is more of a casual city and the general attire for the majority of business community is pretty casual and informal. This casual business look might turn off a businessman who has come from conventional business centers from colder climates like New York and Chicago. The lack of 3 piece suits although doesn’t reduce the seriousness of the business owners in Orlando. The budding entrepreneurs should embrace cultural rules while hiring people, marketing business and attracting customers.
  • Embrace all opportunities beyond the Disney World: Very soon there’s going to be a campaign called “Orlando: You don’t know half of it”. The reason behind starting this is that there are a large number of tourist attractions to this city and what people don’t realize is that there’s a life beyond tourism here. However, beyond the likes of Universal Studios or Disney World, the top two booming industries are medicine and technology. Orlando is located at the middle of Florida’s High Tech Corridor connected through 3 research universities like University of Central Florida, University of Florida and University of South Florida. All of these strive to develop the technology industry of Florida.

Therefore, if you’re still not aware of the Orlando facts related to the business field, you should know more on this city which has much more to offer than tourism. Take into account the tips mentioned above before starting your business in Orlando.

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