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Sailing offers everything you could ever wish from a vacation – all completed in one package. With your very own yacht for the trip, the list of things to do and see are pretty much endless. Visiting some new and laid-back islands, bays, even stopping for a hiking on some beautiful trails – can you imagine all these wonderful activities combined in a single holiday?

If you are already daydreaming about this type of holiday, Turkey is the perfect destination for you. The Lycian Coast, Turquoise Coast, Turkish coast – name it as you like: it’s a magnificent area full of traditional Turkish villages, rugged cliffs and lots of touristic cities that rise in it’s popularity each season.

For an ultimate vacation experience and wandering to places you didn’t even know they exist (some of them are not found on the maps, either), yacht charter in Turkey and get to experience the chicest summer adventure ever.

Start the holiday on a yacht properly: Raki, Doner and a Turkish delight

Among the countless beauties of Turkey, sailors of all the parts of the world always find a time and place to try the iconik drink of the Turkish people – the so called ‘raki’, an anise taste drink that usually comes as an aperitif served before a meal. Raising the glass before trying the tastiest doner kebab – the national’s specialty and finishing the multi-course meal with a piece of ‘baklava’ is a proper start that you should go for without any doubts. Besides these Turkish specialties, you will easily become addicted to the variety of seafood that tastes different, still lovely – in every local restaurant you get to stop and enjoy. Don’t forget to ask the locals about directions to the best restaurants around, as hospitality is one of these people’s best traits.

Choosing the yacht and the starting anchorage before you get on board

<>Chartering a yacht in Turkey can be both demanding and a pleasant task to finish before you go on further planning your holiday. Choosing Book2Sail.com, the best booking engine where chartering is made fun, fast and user-friendly is a wonderful place to start from.

When it comes to choosing the yacht – just do as your guts tell you, as the first yacht that you can imagine yourself on – sailing with your chosen company, usually is the best choice.

Defining the anchorage is probably the most important choice you must make – as it will be the beginning and the end of your unforgettable Turkish adventure.

If you are a beginner and a first-timer in Turkey, starting your sailing trip from Fethiye, Marmaris or Bodrumis anadvice you will probably get from every experienced sailor in this area.
Whichever route you choose to explore, this wonderful sailing destination will bring you nothing but great memories and a plentiful of beautiful moments.
Wishing you a wonderful trip!

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