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An umbrella is a folding canopy, which is supported by metal or wooden ribs. It usually stands on a pole made of wood, plastic or metal. The Umbrella helps by protecting us against sunlight or rain. The parasol is a word, which may be synonymously used in the place of an umbrella. Generally, the term ‘umbrella’ is used to refer a tool, which protects a person from the rain and the word “parasol” is used to refer a tool designed to give protection from the sunlight. The difference between both of them is the material, which is used to make the canopy. Parasols are used to protect from the sun, so some parasols are not made waterproof. Flexible plastic or fabric may be used in the canopies of the umbrellas. Parasols are generally handy portable devices; they are made for personal uses.

It is said that the basic umbrella was used more than four thousand years ago and those umbrellas were mainly designed to get shade against the sunlight. It is also said that Chang Li Hua had invented the basic umbrella. Basically, a person needs to be dry and under the shade and umbrella serves both the purposes. Umbrellas may be divided into two groups. One group is fully collapsible umbrellas. The metal pole, which supports the canopy of this type of umbrella, retracts, which will make the umbrella sufficiently small to fit in a handbag. In a nutshell, fully collapsible umbrellas are handbag friendly. The second group of the umbrella is the non-collapsible umbrella, in which the metal pole does not retract but the canopy of the umbrella collapses. There are two more categories of umbrellas. One is manually operated umbrellas and the other one is spring-loaded automatic umbrellas. In the case of the latter one, the umbrella opens with a press of a button.

Umbrella is an essential device and it is available in a range of prices. Price differs with quality. From regular use inexpensive umbrellas to impressive quality, expensive umbrellas – all types of umbrellas are available in different stores or at online. On a sea beach or in an outdoor, larger parasols are used to keep them fixed or as a semi-fixed on the ground. Sometimes, parasols are referred to as sunshades. Umbrellas are used since ancient times and till now, it is regarded as one of the most important accessories in today’s life. Now a day, it is essential to carry one umbrella to protect oneself from harmful sun rays, dust etc. Umbrellas are also available in a variety of sizes and multiple colors. Automatic, fancy, windproof, multicolor- the list is very big.

The quality of the umbrella often depends upon its sunlight absorption power. So before purchasing, the quality of the umbrellas should be verified. Umbrellas can also be used as a home decorator, leak cover, back scratcher, walking stick, photo shoot prop, a self-defense tool, and so on. Umbrellas have been really a good companion of human being for a long time.

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