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Golf is a game enjoyed by millions all over the world, and this long-lived sport is as exciting for young children in the United States as it is for 90-year-olds in Australia. Golf is a global sport that absolutely anyone can pick up and enjoy, and there are few reasons why you should give it a try on your own this year. You could very well improve your quality of life on multiple levels just by playing casually, and any professional play could earn you serious awards including cash prizes.


Fewer and fewer people spend significant time outdoors as new and improved technologies give people more reasons to stay inside. Golfing could be your chance to get away from that and experience some of the world’s beauty while enjoying an exciting game with friends, family, or alone. Golf courses are well kept and often created by famous artists and architects to ensure each game is a challenge to overcome, although there are many courses designed to help beginners hone their skills.

Many new courses are designed to utilise the surrounding landscape to create unique natural elements, leaving you with the feeling that you are walking through a beautiful meadow in the middle of a forest, desert, or a beach. Fresh air, warm sunshine, and beautiful greens make this a sport worth enjoying at any skill level. You should see a significant improvement to your enjoyment when spending time away from the home, and there are many opportunities to enjoy unique courses.


Mission Hills golf tours are just one of the opportunities available to you. You could utilise this option to enjoy some truly unique and exciting holidays around the world. Visit China with its hundreds of courses and many other places as you grow your skills. There are even resorts specifically designed with golfing enthusiasts in mind, with many amenities and luxuries included in those resorts.

No matter if you love to play for fun or competitively, this is your chance to travel and meet people with similar interests. You could very well come home having made life-long friends and connections that will benefit your life in the long run. You should also see your game improve significantly by the time you arrive home.

Get Fit

Although this is more of a side effect of golfing than a direct reason to play, you do not often see overweight professionals in the golfing world. The mere act of golfing and walking the course can burn more than 1,000 calories! The more you play, the more you should see your lean muscles becoming stronger and more capable of driving the ball further down the course and closer to the green.

You deserve to have a great time while enjoying a game that is good for the mind and body. Spending time outdoors could also significantly increase your quality of life, which is another great benefit of playing golf. Whatever your reason to start playing, you are unlikely to want to stop after you return from that first golfing tour.

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