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Glamping is the merging of two words – “Glamorous” and “Camping”, It is a form of camping that involves accommodation along with the facilities that are more luxurious than those related to traditional camping. Glamping is a new world for a new kind of travel.

Why Should Glamping Be Your Next Family Vacation?

Glamping is a new vacationing form that will take a family trip to new a height. It is a completely different experience of your holidays. Glamping ensures your family will have adventure fun in the outdoor with all the amenities that has in a luxurious hotel. It makes your vacation like a more than a vacation; no matter it is in a tree house or in between the range of mountains overlooking a valley. If you will experience some days in glamping, it will turn those days into lifelong memories that all the members of your family will cherish.

Solution of Glamping1

In addition, all the glamping resorts are eco-resorts as their locations ensure to preserve the land by taking precautions for nature, guests, and wildlife. In many glamping, they use solar power for energy and electricity that is completely an eco-friendly source. Most of the glamping properties are located in privately owned forests, beaches, land, national parks and mountains that have breathtaking views and experience. Each location gives fresh air, panoramic beautiful views, and peaceful serenity. They bring back guests to nature in the most modern ways. Most of the glamping properties offer accommodation along with luxurious and unique lodging, fastidious food and plenty of activities that glampers enjoy their every moment. Since guests are not staying in hotels or urban areas, all the properties are pet-friendly so that you do not require leaving your pets at home; you may take them with you on your vacation. There are many glamping tents providers in the town as well as on the internet, but GlamXperience is a way ahead. In the following section, we will understand why their services are unique.

How is GlamXperience different from others?

GlamXperience is very well known in the field of glamping. They have gone a step further as a supplier of glamping tents. They are not the only provider of glamping tents but they also design according to the requirements of the tourist. They have a wide collection of amenities that meets every tourist’s need. If you are a BBQ’s or Spa’s lover, they will enhance your experience by adding this facility as well. Their every glamping tents are made of the best durable materials and they have the low carbon footprint. They provide each and every facility that a luxurious hotel does have. Their comfort bedding, kitchen facility, air-conditioning rooms till bathroom and all wellness facilities are enough to enhance your glamping experience. Their every piece of wood is PEC and PFC certified and their every furniture is made from Scandinavian plywood. Their some products have a social label that ensures quality interior.

If you want a single glamping tent or a complete resort, GlamXperience will guide you every step of the way.

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