Key West

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Key West has attractions for everyone, but it’s the first choice of adventure lovers who want to explore their talent and take an exam of their abilities. It’s not wrong to say that everything in Key West supports adventure and boosts the passion of the player. Blue and green water, shallow and deep water, natural beauty and the supportive crowd are some basic reasons which take the excitement to the next level. Here are some top active adventures you can do in Key West and enjoy the life at its peak.

Key West


Snorkeling is the most famous and popular adventure in Key West. There are various adventure organizing companies providing training and let the person access the nature’s most marvelous realms. You see the subtropical marine life in the crystal water everywhere in the Key West. Dolphins, parrotfish, turtles damselfish, and yellowtail snapper is found in the sea while the canyon-like reef astonishes the every viewer.

Jet Skiing

Make waves in the water of Key West with jet skiing and tour the whole island in the minimum time. It’s one of the best ways to see the beautiful sights, marine life and your favorite places. The Cold War submarine bunker is the best place for jet skiing where water is deep and dark and the person feels like he or she is floating on the blackish cavity.


It’s a thrilling and stunning adventure which lets you view Florida Straits from the height of 300-feet. It’s like a kitting activity in which a person is towed and behind a vehicle and he enjoys the takeoff and landing in the deep and blueish water of the ocean. Even if you don’t want to practice it, you can enjoy the other tourists and professionals performing parasailing at the commercial level.

Self-guided bike tour

The trend of self-guided bike tour is increasing day by day as people love to travel the town and offshore by this manner. The traveler plans the routes, point out the longest and easiest way to travel and mark the places where he can stay. Similarly, the luggage transfer and every other thing are the responsibilities of the traveler. Tall palms, cottages, narrow and wide streets make the Key West the most suitable place for the self-guided bike tour. After the availability of the rental bikes, the adventure has become more comfortable while many guest houses also provide bikes to their guests.


Kayaking is the most appropriate option in the shallow water of mangrove island. However, it’s quite different from the canoeing because of its number of blades present on the paddle and the sitting position of the paddle. Sandbar Beach and mangrove beach both are best for the kayaking and snorkeling.

Fishing Charters

Half day, full day and multi-day key west fishing charters are available in the Key West in different packages. The companies provide a full guide to fishing and the best places for it. The arrangements made by the companies are suitable for every age group.

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