Types of Timeshare ownerships

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Everyone needs a holiday. But everyone’s holiday needs are different. As timeshare has evolved, so has its flexibility, recognising the importance of meeting the needs of everyday people. The original model confined timeshare owners to a specific week and location. However, over time the timeshare model introduced ‘floating weeks’, allowing members to choose from a window of weeks throughout the year, providing them with greater choice of when to take a holiday.

With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Classic Holidays has recognised the need to provide a range of membership options to suit all family groups, budgets and needs, and has adapted their membership offering to better reflect the changing desires of the modern holiday maker.

Resort Owners typically own a traditional timeshare week at a Home Resort managed by Classic Holidays. They have the choice to use their week, send a guest, exchange their week for a different destination or bank it and use it another year without losing the entitlement to that week. By paying an annual levy to their resort, Resort Owners receive a free membership to Classic Holidays’ ‘Exchange & Play’ benefits program, giving them access to holiday exchange worldwide, Bonus Time specials as well as the option to bank and save their week for up to three years.

Types of Timeshare ownerships

Seeing a rapidly changing marketplace and consumer holiday patterns in the early 2000s, Classic Holidays developed the revolutionary Classic Escapes membership program. A club managed by Classic Holidays, Classic Escapes gives its members the opportunity to choose the length of their membership and pay a small annual fee with no levies. By accumulating points, they can then be used as currency to book priority holidays at member only prices. As part of their membership with Classic Holidays, Classic Escapes members also have free access to an additional ‘Points & Play’ membership, with benefits including 7 night holiday exchanges worldwide and Bonus Time – cut-price, last minute accommodation specials at Classic managed resorts.

Moving away from the traditional week model, Points ownership has begun to take hold as one of the most flexible and valuable ownership types in the timeshare industry. By purchasing an allocation of points in the club, Points owners are credited with the amount of points they own each year. Paying an annual fee to the club, Points owners have all the ownership benefits as well as the ability to trade the points for holidays at member only rates. They get access to all the benefits of the ‘Points & Play’ membership and the option to use points to book experiences such as golf, cinema tickets, theme park tickets and much more.

New to Classic Holidays is an unprecedented membership level, Aspire, providing a premium points-based membership with added value unlike anything seen before in a timeshare membership. Through Aspire, timeshare owners can enjoy all the benefits of the ‘Points & Play’ membership including the added bonus of a 20% discount on Bonus Time specials and a free holiday exchange fee on worldwide holiday exchange bookings. Along with a personalised concierge service and dedicated toll free number, Aspire is the epitome of timeshare members for those who love to get the most out of their travel.

With decades of expertise in timeshare, travel and holidays, Classic Holidays are dedicated to giving their members the freedom to choose what works for them while providing a service that takes the time a stress out of planning a holiday.

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