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Yogyakarta, a popular tourist destination in tropical country, offers a lot of nature tourist attractions. The activities and tourist attractions that involved nature highly depend on the condition of weather on certain time. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the time of your visit to Yogyakarta. In this article, we will described about what to do in Yogyakarta that can be done regardless of the weather.

There are a lot of things that you can do during your vacation in Yogyakarta. Some of the most interesting activities are listed below:

  • Visiting Rencang Kencono Cave: this cave offers stunning and beautiful sceneries with its red and blue glow. This was the place where Mataram troops create formation to rebel against Dutch, back in the era of Dutch imperialism in Indonesia. If you explore further, you will find narrow corridors and chambers that was once used by ancient monks to meditate. In those chambers, the oxygen level is very low and the humidity is very high. Normal human being would not last for more than 10 minutes inside the chambers.
  • Going to Timang Beach: this Yogyakarta beach is situated approximately 35 km at the south part of Wonosari. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of waves crashing against the cliffs and coral stones. If you want to pump up your adrenaline, you can try to ride a cable cart that will bring to Watu Panjang Island, a small island separated from the main island. This cable cart is created from mere fabric rope, which surely give you a thrilling experience. It was originally used as a transportation for local fishermen to search for lobsters, but become popular among tourists who love adventures.
  • Watching Sunrise at Borobudur: Borobudur is the major tourist attractions that you should visit during your stay in Yogyakarta. This temple is one of world’s largest Buddhist temple. Back then in 9th century, Borobudur was a significant place for people in Java to preach the values of attaining the Nirvana. As one of the most visited place in Indonesia, this place is surely crowded. To avoid to many people, you can visit this temple in early morning while enjoying the sunrise basking the temple and give you the unforgettable sceneries.
  • Visiting Sri Gethuk Waterfall: this waterfall is believed to be the origin of a traditional music instrument of spirits that protect the region called Kethuk. You can get to the waterfall from the parking lots by rafting up to Oya River or walking through a forest of Jati woods. Once you reach the waterfall, prepare yourself for a breath-taking view of water falling into rock formations below. You can also swim in this waterfall and get to feel the freshness of the water.

Those activities that are described above are some of the things that you can do on your holiday in Yogyakarta based on Yogyakarta travel advisors. There are more things that you can find in this city, and short vacation probably is not enough to cover all of them. But nevertheless, this city is indeed worth to be your vacation destination.

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