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The most important essential requirement for camping and trekking with family and friends is a perfect shelter or commonly known as a tent. Whether camping solo or with your family and friends the most widely preferred are the dome tents. These are not only used for the purpose of sleeping but also give you the scope of enjoying other routines like sitting and enjoying the weather outside, reading and sipping coffee to name a few. The tents come with extra room and space than the normal ones and therefore are suitable for such activities. There are various websites that offer consolidated information on various types of dome tent with porch. Buying such a tent is worth all the investment that you make and can increase your camping experience by many folds.

Advantages of Dome Tents

These types of tents are characterized by a dome like structure that is based on poles that arch over the top in semi circle. This is a preferred choice among most campers for the ease of set up and good head room as compared to the A frame tent design. The dome tent with porch has ample space to store all your camping essentials inside the tent protecting from the outside weather. Some of the main advantages that these types of tents offer are

  1. There most important characteristic is their strength and stability. The tents are designed in a way to withstand winds provided you are opting for one with superior quality.
  2. Most of these can be set up easily with the assistance from a second person. So even if you wish to travel solo these could be an ideal option.
  3. Many of them are designed with an additional porch section which act as the additional space for storing all your camping essentials
  4. Another important advantage of using these is there free standing ability. These can be easily assembled without the use of any kind of guy ropes or tent stakes.
  5. Due to the freestanding feature of these tents they facilitate easy cleaning and can be moved from one place to another without the need for dismantling it.
  6. These are the most versatile type of tents available as they come with a wide range of functionalities. There are designs that are ideal for solo as well as group camping trips as they come with an option of 2 to 4 rooms with additional porches.

Tips to choose the perfect Dome Tent

There is more than one variety of dome tents available today hence choosing the right one to suit your needs is very important. Therefore there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind before making a purchase decision.

  • Depending on the number of persons choose the tent. As these come in various sizes and can accommodate up to 4 persons.
  • Choose one with vestibule if there is a requirement of additional storage space.
  • Last but not the least one should always prefer buying tents from reputable manufacturers.

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