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Hiring luxury limo for events and business parties is becoming trend, however, it can provide ultimate travelling experience as well. the great impression, it can lay on the guests, with your arrival in it, can never be the same with Uber or Lyft. Some people love it for luxury, while others adore comfort, in ensures!

Here are some key reasons, for which hiring chauffeured transportation is giving preference over hiring Uber or Lyft:

  1. Local and experienced drivers

There is no comparison between local drivers, motorista brasileiro em nova york and new drivers. With hiring luxury limo, you ensure, you are actually getting services from good and local chauffeurs, which are highly skilled and trained. In case, you get stuck among the traffic or getting late from your business meeting, they can always take alternate route which is not sure by Uber or Lyft drivers. This is because you never know, if you are travelling with local driver or the one from another city.

Why choosing limo?

  • Local drivers are better aware of the traffic patterns of the city, and therefore you can enjoy hassle-free journey with Limo instead of Uber or Lyft.
  • Looking for a limo service, with highly trained, professional and friendly drivers? Check out Paiva Tours as they are known for providing excellent services!
  • With Paiva tours, you can alwys mention the driver about the destination and time leftover, and he will ensure, you arrive on the destination before time!


  1. Premium and stylish fleet

When you are on a vacation, you love travel and living in the luxury. Even through, you may not have travelling in luxury limo before, now you can enjoy the best ride of your life, in your favorite limo through chauffeured transportation experience. Arriving at the airport with your family and don’t want to travel in public transport, you can now travel to your hotel in most comfortable and exciting manner through renting limo.

Why choosing limo?

  • With Uber or Lyft, they do have different vehicles; however it never offers luxury like in Limo.
  • You never know which car to arrive however through hiring limo from paiva tours, you are able to get the best car of your choice.
  • Make a never ending impression over your guests, through hiring white-classic limo for your wedding!


  1. Safety and peace of mind

Surely, there can never be safe and effective solution of travelling, none other than using Limo! Travelling late night with Uber or Lyft and car suddenly break down, you might risk your safety at such a situation. With luxury limo services, they always keep their vehicles in finest and maintained level, so that you can never face any situation of this sort.

Why choosing limo?

  • Ensure your family or friend’s safety through hiring limo instead of calling Uber or Lyft.
  • Travelling back from the party drunk? Well, you may compromise over your safety, however with private limo, the chauffeur ensures reaching you safely to your destination.
  • In any time shortages, you can remain stress free as chauffeurs, can make your arrival perfectly on time!

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