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Want A Union With Nature? Come To Himachal Pradesh!

If you are a big fan of snow clad mountains or anything covered with dreamy-white snow, then you may be enthralled to come to Himachal Pradesh. The term Himachal, which means the land of snows, is sufficient to make you feel like paying a visit at this wonderful state of mountains, rivers and beautiful people. This state, located in the western Himalayas, is famous for the beautiful scenery it is surrounded with. And talking about the beauty of the land, it’s simply breath-taking and matchless. Shimla, oneof the most famous hill stations in India, popular across the world, happens to be the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. If you are here, or are planning to come to this mesmerizingly beautiful place sometime soon, then don’t forget to pay a visit at the 11 amazing tourist destinations dished out below-

  1. Kullu– One of the most popular tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh, Kullu, is always alive with tourists from near and far. Situated on the bank of river Beas, the name of this place is often taken with Manali, another famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Formerly, Kullu was known as Kulanthpitha, which means ‘The end of the habitable world.’ Now, isn’t that something out-and-out awe-inspiring? Well, why not! You will be glad to know that Kullu is also addressed as the ‘valley of gods.’

Starting from paragliding, skiing and white water rafting to angling, trekking and mountaineering, you can engage in a number of adventure activities in Kullu.

  1. Manali– When you are in Manali, the view of beautiful snow-capped mountains around leaves you absolutely overwhelmed. Perched at an altitude of 2767 feet, this famous hill station is a feast to your visual senses. Besidesbeing mesmerized by the beauty of the place, you can engage in a lot of sports activities here.
  2. Shimla– Another major tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. Shimla is so beautiful thatthe British, during their colonial rule in India, got mesmerized by its beauty and declared it the summer capital of the state. If you want to treat your eyes with majestic views of snow ladenmountains, then Shimla is the place where you should be. With greenery everywhere and a number of lakes, Shimla beckons tourists from across the globe. The place has so much on offer for its tourists, that they don’t mind its temperature falling below zero during winters.
  3. Chamba– If you are a hard-core nature lover, you simply can’t say ‘no’ to this beautiful place called Chamba. Situated on the bank on river Ravi, and at an altitude of 900 metres, this place happens to be one of the most sought after holiday destinations for people in India as well as abroad. With numerous important forts and temples, Chamba caters well to the needs of travellers with religious and historical inclinations.
  4. Dharamshala-The most interesting thing about Dharamshala is its location, which seems extremely strategic. While on three sides, it’s surrounded by mountains; on one side, it has a beautiful valley. And since the mountains are high here, mostly above 4000 m, they make for a splendid view no matter from which place in Dharamshala you choose to look at them. In case, you love greenery then this place has plenty to offer you. Tree gardens and pine trees everywhere makes the entire ambience in Dharamshala lively. A lot of tourists throng this place to witness the multicultural populace here. The presence of a large number of Tibetan refugees here offers the culture of Dharamshalaa Tibetan undertone.
  5. Dalhousie– Dalhousie is a place in Himachal Pradesh that got its name after Lord Dalhousie, a 19th century British governor. And it’s not just the name of the place;the entire landscape has this colonial influence. Spread across five hills, this place attracts a lot of tourists every year. Starting from deodar and pine to oak, you can find a variety of vegetations here.
  6. Kangra– Kangra has great historical significance! If you are looking to spend your holidays in a place that has plenty of temples and forts, then Kangra is the option for you.With nearby places such as Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, Kangra happens to be the favourite of a lot of tourists. Two of the best things to visit in Kangra are Brajeshwari Temple and Kangra fort.
  7. Kasauli– Located at an altitude of 1927 m, Kasauli is a place worth paying a visit at. Reflecting colonial influence, Kasauli has a lot on offer for tourists who love to become one with nature. You can enjoy a laid back vacation here amidst beauty and serenity. If you want to explore the whole of Kasauli, you must plan a day-long trip.
  8. Hamirpur– Hamirpur is a warm place, considering its low altitude. The terrain here is a combination of high and low lands, which offer the place a rugged appearance. If you love trekking, then you can do it in the hill ranges here.Hamirpur happens to be the most literate district of the state of Himachal Pradesh.
  9. Parwanoo– If you are head over heels in love with hilly terrains, thenParwanoo is a must-visit tourist spot for you. It’s a town that is surrounded with greenery and hill ranges. And because it is near the Haryana border, you can also visit other interesting locations nearby.
  10. Solan– Solan is also known as the ‘City of Red Gold’ or the ‘Mushroom City of India’ owing to the fact that tomatoes and mushrooms grow in plenty here. Located amidst beautiful mountains and forests, Solan is a place you must visit if you are in Himachal Pradesh. Starting from food to scenery, this place is popular for a lot of reasons. For all nature loving people, who are also interested in trekking, Solan is the place to be in.

These are only a few of the places that Himachal Pradesh is famous for; the state has a lot more in offer. If you want to be sure you are visiting all the important places here then make sure you opt for the best Himachal Tour Package for your trip.

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