t225 safari leopard 4pack 1

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The Safari 4-piece Spinner Luggage set is by Travel Concepts. It is made up of hard shell luggage. It is great to travel with. When you are at the carousel, you can be extremely fabulous and attractive. You can easily find the set and you will know that they are yours.t225 safari leopard 4pack 1The set comprises of 4 different bags namely the 30 and a half inches expandable, 26 and a half inches expandable, 20 and a half inches expandable and deluxe cosmetic bag.
The safari 4-piece spinner luggage has the lightest luggage in the world.
Each bag has full of surprises. Each has an ergonomic design handle made up of aluminium. The luggage is made of polycarbonate. It can easily pop back into its original shape. It is virtually indestructible. It is a foul wheel drive technology that will give you the ease and mobility. You can move in any direction. It also has oversized number 10 zippers. It has the rubber edging.
In the interior of the bag, you can see ballet straps, It also has extra ultra thin nylon in mesh.
When you bend the luggage in any way, it will definitely pop back into shape. Each bag has identification card and security lock.
Don’t miss out on the Safari 4-piece Spinner Luggage set. You can also get a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy today. You will not regret this.

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