Most important things to know before you travel anywhere

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Travelling is fun but there are some things that you can overlook that can cost you dearly. Some of them are basic and you may tend to ignore them. It is important that as you travel around the world you pay attention to detail. Ignorance might cost your life.Most important things to know before you travel anywhere

Most Important Things to Know Before you Travel Anywhere

Have your valid Passport in your pocket
This is basic knowledge but as mentioned earlier a few people can be taken in by all the excitement of going to a new place and only end up stuck at the airport.

You should also ensure that you renew your passport immediately after it expires. This is a simple task but several travellers forget to check the validity period of the passport.

Check for any health requirements
Some countries have a requirement that you immunize yourself against any diseases that are prevalent. For example, some countries in Africa require you to be immunized against Yellow Fever. When travelling to China or Eastern Europe, you need to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B.

Most countries need a Visa before you can get in. This can be an uphill task especially for Western Europe and the United States. The process is usually tedious if you are not prepared with the required documents beforehand. A few countries will also need your most recent bank statement.

You cannot do without a cell phone if you are planning an extended stay in a foreign country however, the price for roaming can be prohibitive. In a few remote countries there might be no roaming agreements between your home mobile network and the visited network. If possible do some research in advance on any prepaid services that are available? This will be more affordable for communication.

Check the exchange rate
If you are travelling to a different country, it is a smart move to check the exchange rates for the foreign currency. In some cases, it is cheaper to do the exchange in your home country rather than when you have already travelled. Do not be afraid to seek advice from friends who may have more experience in the country that you want to visit.

Carry small change
Once you have exchanged your cash in a bureau, make sure you have change. This will be vital when bargaining for souvenirs in the market. It will also help with buying small items that you might have forgotten. This especially applies when you are going to Asia or Africa where open-air markets are very vibrant.

Maintain your hygiene
Always ensure that you have hand sanitizers and alcohol based wet wipes whenever you are travelling particularly with children. This will prevent you from any infection especially before you eat any food.

Check for driving licence requirement
If you plan to do any driving on a rented car then there are a few countries that need you to have an international driving licence. This saves you the process of trying to get a foreign provisional driving licence.

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