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Planning to visit Singapore this vacation? Singapore which is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries across the globe has much more to offer. There are many attractions in Singapore which pull people from across the sphere to travel this place. Singapore which is also known as the lion city or the garden city has bagged many respected titles. Some of them in the bucket are – “The most Advanced Technology ready place”, “The most convenient place to do business”. Served as a hub for business and trade during the British Raj in India, Singapore has evolved a lot since, then.


Let us now discuss on how a person can reach Singapore-

With the advent in the technology, things have evolved at a rapid speed, there are end numbers of people who have been booking tickets online and have installed applications which have all the important details that a person needs to know before booking. The counter system of booking is still available across all the airports across the sphere but, why waste so much of time and money while one can book a ticket in just seconds.

The new face of travel websites and applications-

The new face of these travel websites not only offer a good bargain on the prices and they also help in making a clear choice between 4-5 airlines and their prices simultaneously. The exact price and time is also mentioned as per your query.

Places to visit in Singapore-

Singapore Airlines, offer a variety of flights from India. One can choose from the different class and flights in order to reach here. The prices being low and seasonal discounts as well which are being offered have made travelling easier and cheaper. There is Singapore Airlines Web Check-In which allows you to book flights on the go. Below here is a list of places that should be seen in Singapore-

The Singapore zoo-

Have brunch at the most amazing place in Singapore. The Singapore zoo has been acclaimed by many people across the globe. There are people across the globe which travel miles to see the zoo and the animals here. With eating facilities, the zoo has much more to offer. Visit here to spend a memorable day with the family or your loved ones.

Singapore grand pix-

Held every year in Singapore in the month of September, the grand pix are for people who have deep understanding of machines and how they roll at 200 km/hr on the track. With enthusiasts present from across the globe, you should not miss the chance to be here if in case you are planning your travel in the month of September. Experience the most remarkable and thrilling experience your life. Be here at the Singapore grand pix this September.

National orchid garden-

Since the island has been a green place, there are a lot of efforts which are made by the government to keep it green and make it look even beautiful. A good amount of money goes out on the care of such parks and gardens. In Singapore you will find many gardens but the national orchid garden is worth the shot!

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