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For some people, traveling is all about eating croissants in Paris, hiring a gondola in Italy or taking photographs of Big Ben. For others, the best trips involve getting back to basics, soaking in the culture and going totally off-grid to discover long-forgotten landmarks.

If you’re the kind of traveler who revels in authentic experiences and adrenaline filled adventures, this list of four amazing adventure travel hotspots definitely deserves a place on your bucket list.

Adventure Travel

  1. Ice Hotel Experience – Sweden

Nestled in the gorgeous Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, you’ll find a truly unique winter experience. Refashioned every year (with the help of talented artists from around the globe), the famous Icehotel holds the impressive title of the first hotel ever to be made entirely of ice and snow. The Icehotel allows guests to spend a night in a surreal setting, on a bed forged from ice. If that sounds a bit too chilly, patrons can also cuddle up in a cozy Nordic chalet style room.

Once you’ve enjoyed the artistic experience of the Icehotel, you can make the most of dozens of unique day and overnight activities, from dog sledding to viewings of the spectacular Northern Lights.

  1. Fox Glacier Skydive – New Zealand

A recent post by LBF Travel reminded us just how many awe-inspiring skydiving locations we’ve yet to discover. If you’re looking for an adventure travel experience that’ll really get your heart racing, choose a location that’s as renowned for its skydiving as it is for its beauty.

Fox Glacier, in picturesque New Zealand, is touted by Lonely Planet as one of the most scenic skydiving spots in the world. The flight to altitude is taken at a leisurely pace, giving you the chance to view national parks, subtropical rainforests, enormous mountains and the largest glaciers in the Southern Alps before you make your descent. Just don’t forget your GoPro!

  1. Overland Adventure – Namibia

Warming things up a little, we’ve set our sights on Namibia, the jewel of South Africa. With dusky orange sand dunes and crystal blue skies, this massive desert landscape is truly humbling. Enjoy stays in luxury safari tents, beautifully situated hotels and traditional campsites while you tour local marketplaces for handmade souvenirs, visit the famous Himba tribe and hike along Fish River Canyon.

For true adventurers, the Swakopmund region is a must-see. There, you can explore the desert dunes on quad bikes, ride a camel or head out on safari for the day.

  1. Indian Escapade – India

India is a melting pot of sights, sounds and smells that every traveler should experience at least once. It’s impossible to pin down just one city, so travelers should aim to make their way down from the camel occupied Jaisalmer desert to the colorful, bustling Jodhpur bazaars. Stop by the Taj Mahal in Agra before heading to the tropical coast of Kerala to swap the desert heat for balmy beaches and canal cruises.

For keen scuba divers, Kerala’s Kovalam beach can’t be missed. The clear, calm waters make both diving and snorkelling a breeze. Water sports enthusiasts can also go canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, catamaran sailing and more in this tropical paradise.

No matter which fantastic adventure travel location you choose to tick off your bucket list next, be sure to talk to locals and tour guides to get valuable inside info on the amazing, lesser known sights and destinations hidden just off the beaten track.

Happy travels!

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