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Planning a vacation to the Western country Ireland can make you feel worried about food. Fortunately Irish restaurant and street food includes vast varieties of delicacies. You can visit Dublin food tour website to know what Irish people eat.

For vegetarians & allergic sufferers

The Irish supermarket has abundant of food options for both allergy sufferers and vegetarians. Packagings are well-labeled with allergy warnings. Restaurants include vegetarian options on their menu. Customers with need to discuss their allergy problems, while booking their Dublin food tours package.

Traditional Irish food

Ireland grew potatoes in abundant and was a popular ingredient in their dishes. Today, Irish palette has broadened a lot because of foreign influences. You will enjoy hearty dishes, well-prepared and served at tourist destinations.

Irish breakfast

Full Irish Breakfast includes –

  • Fried or scrambled eggs
  • Toast
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • White pudding

Vegetarian Irish breakfast includes –

  • Yogurts
  • Cereals
  • Fruits or fruit salad
  • Cakes or pastriesimage2 3

Irish Lunch

When you visit a popular Irish restaurant with guides from food tour Dublin then the menu will typical include –

  • Homemade veggie soup
  • Filled tortilla wraps
  • Chowder prepared from local seafood
  • Caesar salad
  • Homemade burger served with French fries
  • Cottage pie
  • Chicken breast in curry sauce

Irish Dinner

Gourmet scene has altered a lot in Dublin areas. You can click here to gain information about the exciting and trendy restaurants, which will make tourists and locals happy.

What to eat?

  • Meat lovers can enjoy fresh, juicy lamb and beef.
  • Ireland is an island nation, which offers fresh seafood on majority of menus.
  • For fast food lovers, there are good quality beefs served in burgers of local brand SuperMacs.
  • New Irish generation has turned coffee-lovers, so you enjoy cafĂ© culture here.

Ireland pubs serve tasty food for lunch at good rates. Do visit them and enjoy tasty dishes of the place.

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