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Studies have shown that there is no better or other way to experience Canadian culture without paying a visit to some of its most popular and historic places! While planning your next holiday and fun time, you might want to mark your calendar to visit these travel destinations in Canada that will make you fall in love with this part of the world.

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 Niagara Falls

One of the country’s most impressive landmarks located between the most important natural and historical borders of Canada and the United States of America is the Niagara Falls. The fact that you’ve read about this does not mean you aren’t going to meet a whole new experience when you get there since the Niagara Falls is known to be seasonal. The summer period comes with varieties of excellent attractions which include the Maid of the Mist boat tours and the Clifton Hill SkyWheel. You might need to go along with a raincoat because the boats will drive you so close to the falls. You shouldn’t go to the Niagara Falls without climbing up to the Skylon Tower where you’ll get to enjoy a clear and amazing view of the falls coming together. The winter period brings an entirely different package! You get to see the frozen falls.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Are you a fan of ice hockey? Then get in here, because you’re about to enter into the “Great Hall” to see all the major NHL trophies for real. Not only that, you’re going to catch a lot of fun in the Play Zone, where you can either go against a programmed goaltender or be a hockey goalie.

CN Tower

The first touristic venue to check out as you arrive in Toronto is The CN Tower. At 553.33 meters high, the CN Tower has remained the tallest tower in the world for a long time, and of course, it remains the city’s most famous landmark. You can make your way to the tower quickly before sunset, so you wouldn’t miss the city’s beauty as it lits up at night and also projection at daylight. That’s not all, if you’ve always dreamt of having a meal “in the sky”, the time has come! The 360 Restaurant provides delicious meals to get you going and enjoy your tour.

The Canadian Rockies

Get on a train or pick a cab to  British Columbia to visit the Canadian Rockies, an amazing and magnificent place with lakes and wild nature that are as blue and beautiful as the sky. From cruising with a boat on Lake Minnewanka to hiking in Yoho National Park, there are varieties of activities to enjoy every minute spent at the Canadian Rockies.

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