Long Flight

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Most people love to travel as often as possible because it gives them a chance to see and experience new things. Of course, most of us can only afford to go on holiday once or twice a year, but that’s a good enough reason to make them as fantastic as possible. Some people return to the same destination every year just to enjoy the sun and sand while others prefer to head somewhere different every time to broaden their horizons. There are many reasons why you should encourage children to enjoy travelling from a young age, but that doesn’t mean travelling with kids is easy.

Let’s face it, most people don’t particularly enjoy long-haul flights because it means sitting in the same seat for hours on end. However, as adults, we can put up with the long journey because we know what to expect, but kids can become restless rather quickly. If you want to ensure your kids won’t be pests while travelling, you need to make sure you have enough things to keep them entertained for the whole journey. Plus, of course, you need to choose an airline such as BMI that’s earned a reputation for excellence.

As long as you choose a reputable airline, you can feel confident there will be more than enough entertainment to keep the kids happy. Most long-haul flights offer free food and a personal TV with plenty of kids programmes, but a TV alone might not be enough for young children with a short attention span. Keep reading below for a few top tips on how to keep your children occupied for the entire duration of the flight.

Don’t Let Kids be a Nuisance on Planes

You can hardly blame kids for getting restless when they’re stuck in the same seat for many hours, but there are some things you can do to help keep them happy and occupied:

  • Order the kid’s meals before flying – As we all know, kids can be very fussy eaters, so it’s worth choosing their meal before flying to ensure they get something they’ll enjoy. Also, even though kids shouldn’t eat too much junk food, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few tasty snacks in your hand luggage to eat in between meals.
  • Fly during the night – If your child can sleep just about anywhere, you might consider booking a night flight so that they won’t even be awake for most of the journey.
  • Load up a tablet with your kid’s favourite programmes – If you choose a reputable airline, there will be plenty of kid’s programmes for your little ones to enjoy. However, it’s worth uploading their favourite programmes to a laptop or tablet just in case the plane doesn’t have anything that appeals to them.

A Good Airline Can Offer a Helping Hand

Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget to pack kid’s essentials for the plane, but a reputable airline will have everything you need on board to keep the kid’s happy. However, it’s worth remembering the tips detailed above to ensure your child has everything they need to get through a long flight.

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