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The airport lounge opened in New York was built for promoting the airport services. But now there an Airport lounge is a facility which available at many airports. These are managed by airlines and some private companies. Airport lounge access ​are much comfortable and hence are opted by many first class and business class travelers.

What are the types of lounges?

First Class Lounges: These are offered for first class passengers and the amenities are far better than the business class lounges. Having a first class lounge means you also have an entry to business class lounges.

Business Class Lounges: These are accessible not only to business class but to first class passengers also. Will sometimes have less facilities compared to the first class lounge.

When would you use an airport lounge?

  1. If you arrive early at the airport and you are waiting for your next flight.
  2. You can also book the airport lounge just to relax before taking your flight.
  3. We all know, there are those who would like to try all the amenitites included in the ticket fare rather than buying them.
  4. You could also use Airport lounge accessafter a long journey to get refreshed.

Why would you use them?

  1. Environment: It has a peaceful environment with many facilities which would include basics like comfortable seating, wifi, newspaper, food and drinks. If not for this, it’s a place to relax if you are waiting to catch your next flight.
  2. Work: It is a place where meeting rooms, phones, etc are available. SO if you have got time in between your flights, it would help. Or you can just relax and check your emails and other gadgets.
  3. Good option after a long journey: Some lounges offer beds, shower, body massage etc which will be a great thing after a long journey. The business class and first class passengers would receive the passes to the lounge at the airport.
  4. Relax: Some lounges offer hot and fresh snacks, good food and variety of drinks including beer and whisky. So you could just wish to relax!

How to buy access to lounges?

Different countries and places have different ways to offer the entry to lounges. Some ways to get best deals are:

  1. Pay per use: These lounges are set up private companies and any one can use it irrespective of the class of travel and the airline. Like the name says, you pay for it as you use it.
  2. Lounge membership: You can buy the yearly membership in western countries. Best suited for those who prefer flying in a particular airline. With airline club membership they can also get access to clubs which will be good if you are traveling internationally.You also get offers and discounts on membership and if you book it directly through the airline.
  3. Buying member ship through vendor: With this type of membership, you can access many lounges worldwide with the same annual fee. You even have options to choose the package based on how much you travel.
  4. Some passengers get the entry to lounges if they are using high end credit cards provided they are associated with airline services.

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